I Became a Blind Swordsman at the Academy chapter 199

199. Zeto is bad (1)

199. Zeto is bad (1)

After twists and turns, I was able to regain my daily life.

A cadet of Innocence Academy’s 1st year Class A.

This was my daily life.

Contrary to Zeppetti’s concerns, Eisel, Yuri, and Kaen’s reactions were normal.

Eisel with a sullen face.

For me, infinitely bright glass.

Kaen acting like an idiot.

There was no significant change from before.

‘If it’s not like that, maybe everyone is wearing a mask.’

But there was no time to pay attention to them.

The classroom was quite cluttered due to my return.

How was Seongguk, did you really meet Heneris, which artisan made the prosthetic arm…

Edward appeared in the classroom just in time and clapped his hands to get my attention back.

Edward, whom I hadn’t seen in a while, was still showing a sinister smile that I couldn’t tell what he was thinking.

After that, he explained about the east, which he would soon be leaving.

The expectations of the cadets were even higher as the schedule had been delayed considerably. He said that this trip to the East was a field trip for the purpose of a vacation and exchange to broaden his knowledge.

“Exchange? Is the exchange corridor different?”

Crank, who was listening to Edward’s explanation, turned around and asked the cadets.

At his question, the eyes of the cadets are pouring on me.

I think it was because I was the only one in Class A with black hair that could be said to be from the East.

“Zeto, do you know what exchange you are talking about?”

Eisel tilts her head to look at me.

Judging by her round eyes, she seemed to be really curious and asking.

Eisel, who was no longer a regressor, did not know what would happen after this.

“I heard that there is something similar to an academy called Hakgwan in the East. Isn’t it like interacting and hanging out with them…? I’ve never actually been there, so I don’t know the details.”

[ It’s called Cheonseonhakgwan. If you interact with Innocence Academy, that must be the place. ]

Then, Sierra, who, unlike me, was really from the East, gave me an explanation.

“It is called Cheonseonhakgwan.”

“It’s Cheonseonhakgwan… So, is it an opportunity to meet the cadets of the academy in the East?”

Amon nodded lightly.

Cheonseonhak Hall.

This is a school building that is said to have been created by a hermit called Cheonseon in the past.

Most of the people who made their name in the East came from the Cheonseon Academy, but in Sierra’s case, it seems that she did not go to a separate school.

She seems to have sparred with the best swordsmen in the wider world, so if I had to argue, she would be a special case.

“If you’re in the east, there must be a lot of food that you can’t easily find here. Jeto, would you like to go out to eat together?”

“Yes, what…”

To Yuri’s question, ‘of course.’ The moment I was about to answer.

“Why don’t you eat alone?”

Eisel, who was on the other side of the glass, came in.

“Zetto is going to be busy going out with me, right?”


Eisel and Yuri’s bright eyes filled with laughter were fired at the same time, and I kept my silence while smiling.

It seemed that neither of them should answer.

When faced with a thick wall blocking the way, jumping over the wall or breaking it would be a good idea, but it’s different when there are countless thorns stuck in the wall.

After a moment of silence, Edward’s explanation continued and luckily the topic changed.

“…Oh, and they said there would be a festival during our stay in the East. It’s a huge festival in the Eastern tradition that takes place every 60 years, so you can’t miss it. We plan to participate in that festival as well. No see.”

“A festival?”

“Does it look like a real vacation?”

“At least it’s better than the north or the desert. The weather seems to be normal.”

The cadets cheered at the sound of a festival, but I couldn’t help but laugh at the news.

‘Come to think of it, was there a festival?’

The future has changed. A lot of changes have appeared just because the schedule was delayed.

If it went according to the original schedule, the cadets shouldn’t have been able to experience that festival.

Cadets enjoyed the festival. ‘Isn’t it because the schedule was delayed?’ I was able to say something like that, but for me, the cause of the delay in my schedule, those words pricked my heart.

It’s nothing else, because a ‘Blood Bridge’ terror is scheduled to take place during the festival.

Blood bridge.

To briefly summarize the identity of this evil force, which only appears in martial arts, it can be seen as a criminal organization made up of blood mages.

Originally, it was an incident that could only be heard through news on the way back after going to the east, but the schedule was delayed and I was able to participate in the festival myself.

‘Is the level of difficulty a bit high?’

No one should have been hurt.

Since the schedule was delayed purely because of me, even if I couldn’t protect all the members of the festival, at least the cadets of the academy had to protect them so that they wouldn’t be harmed.

I could have had negative thoughts thinking that I had unintentionally caused trouble, but on the other hand, if I thought about it on the contrary, I could have seen it as an opportunity to lead it in a better direction because I was able to intervene.

‘Anyway, the terror of the festival is a trick.’

What the Blood Bridge is really aiming for is to make the main troops in the place where the kings of the East gather to escape to the place where the festival is taking place with their rampage.

For the smooth progress of the festival, it was an important festival in the East enough for the main troops to move, so they tried to draw as much attention as possible. Those who cause terror at the festival are, after all, outcasts.

‘The goal is to ensure the safety of the cadets and to prevent the arrival of reinforcements.’

Still, I knew what had happened there, so I thought I could stop it enough to stop it.

The future has already changed.

I didn’t mean to lament.

Just moving forward.


I had a lot of things to do after taking a short break.

I naturally nodded my head and secretly looked at Yuri, who was glaring at Eisel with uneasy eyes.

‘If this is the case, then the work of the Kingdom of Terrasia will be after going to the East…’

But Yuri didn’t say anything about it.

In the past, when preparing for the afterlife, it reminded me of Ray’s step forward, saying that he would solve the problems of the Kingdom of Terrasia himself.

I don’t know what he did, but should I say that Prince 1 has become quieter than I thought?

Or maybe Yuri was in trouble, but she was hiding it from me.

‘Anyway, lack of information…’

From noble mtl dot com

There is a lot of work to be done, but the lack of information makes me feel stuffy.

Even if I can’t, it seems necessary to find an informant to work for me before I leave for the East.

“Then let’s get ready for the next three days to go to the east. It’s going to be quite a long journey, so you’d better be prepared.”

With those words, Edward concludes the explanation of the schedule.

The given preparation period is 3 days.

‘I have to keep moving.’


Just as Jeto was preparing to leave for the East, apart from him, Eisel also had work to do in her own way, so she visited Blanc, the head of the southern branch of the Black Hand.

“Do you need information on Zeto?”

She didn’t even ask the question, but Blanc brought up the reason she came.

For Blanc, Eisel’s sudden visit was not something he had experienced once or twice, so she asked calmly as she was looking through her documents.

“Yes, it seems that troublesome things are attached.”

“The answers you seek can be obtained from Hakam.”


At Eisel’s question, Blanc put down her papers for a moment.

“This time, even in the Black Hand, I started to notice a person named ‘Zeto’. Hakam took charge of Zeto to collect information.”

“Where is he?”

“…Just passing over there. Hakam! Come in for a moment.”

Soon after, Blanc calls a man who was passing by the hallway next to the branch manager’s office to stop him.

At her call, the man turns his head, checks Blanc’s face, and walks straight into their room with a bright expression.

“Did you call? Branch manager.”

“It’s no big deal, can you recite the information he wants?”

Blanc chinned towards Eisel.

“If it’s the branch manager’s order, of course you have to follow it.”

Hakam readily accepted this.

Hakam, who has been in charge of Zeto this time and has achieved quite a lot, feels good no matter what she tells him to do.

“…Then you follow me.”

Hakam, who already knew her Eisel’s face, led her to his room right away.

Hakam’s room was in the corner of the guild building.

Eisel wondered if she could trust a man in such a remote corner. As soon as she entered his room, she knew why his room was in the corner.


As he opened the door, a bird flew across the room, scattering his feathers.

His room was full of colorful birds of all kinds.

“Ugh! Write…!”

Hakam stepped into the room waving his hand around the birds trying to cling to him, brushing off the feathers on the desk and sitting down.

“…Sit there.”

Eisel, who seemed to know roughly what an informant was like, sat down after receiving his guidance.

“Let me formally introduce myself. My name is Hakam, the bird of the morning.”


It was a tinnitus he had never heard of, so Eisel nodded roughly.

Hakam cleared his throat at her trembling reaction.

“Kuhmm, by the way… Are you Eisel Ludwig? I heard that you have a relationship with our branch manager.”

“I heard that you’re in charge of him, so it looks like you’ve done a pretty thorough investigation.”

“Izel-sama is one of the people around him. By the way, if there’s information you need to hear from me, not from the branch manager, it’s probably from Jeto-sama? What would you like to know?”

As Hakam, who was feeding the birds, got to the point, Eisel opened her mouth.

“I want to know the identity of the pesky leeches attached to him.”

“Annoying leech…”

Hakam, who spread the food he was holding in his hand roughly on the floor, continued.

“…Fortunately, that’s something I’m aware of. There’s a pretty big sum hanging around his neck.”

“You didn’t give him his information, did you?”

“I can’t believe it. You know very well that you and we are different, right? And if you had received the information from me, it would have been written with much more detailed information. From what I’ve checked, it’s written that everyone should know. Because Jetto has become famous in many ways.”


“Well, the identity of the leech is the Dark Church.”

“The Dark Church…? How could they have such a large sum…”

“I also find it strange, so I am currently investigating, but the source of the funds is not clear. But the important thing is that the money was definitely paid to the bank.”

Did the Dark Church have enough support to pay such a huge amount? Helgenas and the demons worshipers weren’t even that big.

“I don’t have any more information than that. If there are other leeches attached to him… There must be the leader of ‘Hwahwa’.”



It was the continent’s representative criminal group with the meaning of a flower that bloomed in chaos.

Befitting its name, it is full of maniacs who like to cause social chaos or chaos in various ways.

The leader of such a group is, of course, the most ‘madman’ among madmen.

“Yes, unlike the Dark Church, he didn’t seem to have any particular intention of killing him. Maybe Zeto’s dramatic story caught his attention…”

“If you have to argue, that’s a lot more troublesome.”

“…Yes, but a huge bounty can never be ignored. Excuse me, is Eisel trying to stop this?”


Eisel thought.

Mix, Dark Church.

Besides, there are many guys who are aiming for Jeto.

There will be more in the future.

Eisel’s desire to protect him has not changed. It was just a matter of method.

“It doesn’t look easy, but… I don’t really want Zeto to be in danger, so I, Hakam, will help you.”

“Because there is a lot of information that will become useless once Zeto dies.”

Eisel muttered as she glared at Hakam.


At her sharp point, Hakam smiled shyly and scratched his head.

However, Eisel, knowing full well that the situation would not change just by saying that, decided to ask Hakam for her cooperation.

“I’d like to know how much you know about Zeto.”

“I keep track of his relationships with the people around him and this and that. Other than that, his every move…”

As Hakam continued, he quickly changed the words he was about to utter at Eisel’s fierce gaze.


“Relationships with people around you…?”

“Shall I recite the information I researched? It should be considered the most valuable information, but… Well, it’s all thanks to the branch manager. I think I can tell it to Eisel-sama.”


Eisel was curious.

‘Then Cadet Zeto must have been the kind of man who could kiss someone he didn’t love.’

To be precise, what I heard from Kaen this time really bothered me.

Maybe it was a time when an objective gaze was needed.

Listening to Hakam’s words, Eisel thought that he had some understanding of his relationship with Zeto.

“Would you like me to recite first? Where do you come from or family ties?”

Hakam, who took out a small notebook from her arms, tilted her head and asked.

“…Girl relationships.”

Eisel’s determined voice.

“Ah… I see. You might be wondering about that.”

At this, Hakam let out a sigh.

After flipping through the notebook a few times, Hakam began to speak.

However, that first word was unusual.

“Jetto seems to be a very attractive man.”


“…According to my research.”

“Please continue.”

“First of all, this is Eisel Ludwig. He is the person who is presumed to be Zeto’s lover.”

“Did you do your research well?”

For the first time since Eisel entered the room, her expression brightened at the word lover.

“…Next is Yuri Clementine. The daughter of the Clementine family. My relationship with Jeto is…”

A normal friend.

Eisel expected that kind of answer.

“…Supposed lovers.”


“Next is Ms. Kaen. She’s an excellent prosecutor with an unusual history of skipping to class A before the main exam. Presumably, Zeto-sama’s… Lover…”


The corners of Eisel’s mouth went up in real time as Hakam’s words continued.

“And there is the innocent Saint Bernice. She too…”

Eisel did not respond at all. She

She followed She Because the words to be heard were expected.

“…I’m assuming that he is Jeto’s lover. Well… It’s not definitive to the end, it’s just my personal guess. Still, it’s a reasonable source of information, but…”

Hakam swallowed her saliva and looked at Eisel.

“…Mr. Hakam?”


“How did that happen…?”


I don’t even know that much.

I can tell at least that Zeto is a man with many sins.

That’s what Hakam thought as he closed his mouth and laughed bitterly.


Afterwards, Eisel’s mouth finally opens while quietly examining the cage in Hakam’s room.

“…Do you know where Zeto is now? I don’t think he’s in the academy.”


Of course, Hakam was aware of the location of my toe, but the smile reflected on Eisel in front of her eyes was somehow ruined, so the thought that I could tell her went through her head.

“…Do you know?”

Eisel tilted her head, letting her smile slip away again.

Hakam couldn’t stand the pressure.

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