I Became a Blind Swordsman at the Academy chapter 200

200. Zeto is bad (2)

200. Zeto is bad (2)

On the night Eisel, who created an eerie atmosphere with lifeless eyes, set out to find Jeto, Jeto ran out of the academy to find an informant, and at the end of the day, he encountered an unknown demon.

Because he wasn’t so free, he was thinking of ignoring at least one demon, but I don’t know which one was unlucky, but the demons were relentlessly chasing him, so Zeto decided to deal with it and approached. Will be.


In a quiet alley as if dead, the Demon could not do anything on his own, even swallowing saliva.

Because there was an iron hanging around his neck.

A chill colder than the morning frost.

It had a beautiful figure that could be bewitched by looking at it, but a drop of black blood leaking from the demon’s neck was permeating the red blade, which was more dangerous than the thorns of any flower.

This was Zeto’s sword, Sierra.

On the other hand, Zeto, who had reached out from the shadow of the wall where the demons were standing with their backs, and thrust a sword into the demon’s neck, couldn’t help but panic.

‘Is this guy… A demon?’

I tried to fill in the demons that would serve as the power source for the prosthetic arm that had already decided to deal with the demons, but the demons possessed were truly terrible.

However, the aura that was felt in his body was unmistakably that of the demons.

At that thought, Jeto moved his arm and was about to cut off the demon’s head.

“…Zee, Mr. Jeto…?”

His body stopped at the name the demon called out of nowhere.

“Isn’t that Zeto…?”

“…That’s right.”

Has the information been released to the demons already?

It was strange that he didn’t know about Zeto’s existence since he was a demon who was secretly following him in the first place.

“Can you help me…?”

“Why should I?”

“If you listen to me…”

“There is no villain without a story. However, there are two types of villains in this world. At least those who die telling their own stories, and those who die without being able to tell their stories.”

“I-I’ve been looking for Mr. Jeto all along…!”

“Isn’t that the same for other demons?”

Since he killed the right hand of the corps commander and was even revived by Heneris’ miracle, the demons must be trying to find him with their eyes on.

“No, it’s not like that… At this rate, Zeto-sama is in danger…!”


Jetto asked back.

Then he emerges completely out of the shadows. At the same time, Zeto, who was holding the sword held straight by the demon’s neck, opened his mouth.

“Tell me more about it.”

In response to his answer, the demon calmed down his trembling voice and slowly continued his explanation.

The explanation of the demon was as follows.

It was said that a huge amount of 50,000 gold was hung on Zeto’s neck, and all sorts of assassins and mercenaries with a broken back were aiming for him.

“Oh… 50,000 Gold. With that kind of money, I can understand why people rush after seeing my face.”

“Have you met…? Assassins.”

“I met them. I didn’t know they were trying to win a 50,000 gold lottery ticket.”

“So… Is that why you were wearing that ridiculous helmet?”

The demon pointed at his face.

At the tip of his finger, something embarrassing to even call it a helmet was wearing something with a bizarre design.

Its true identity was a doll mask.

“I was afraid people wouldn’t recognize me if I wore this.”

“That… It seems to stand out in a different way.”

“Is it that strange? Is it very strange? Master?”

Zetto stopped talking to the demon and asked Sierra.

[ Don’t worry, it’s not strange at all to the original girl. How can demons and the like understand human standards? ]

Sierra, who was responsible for choosing the doll mask, replied with a frown on her face.

She was just far from cute, and I liked the way she tilted her head with the face of a cute teddy bear.


The demon murmured as he watched Jeto ask a question into the air.

‘I don’t even know about Sierra’s existence.’

While watching the demon’s reaction, Jeto takes off the doll mask that was covering his face.

“The more questionable thing is…”

In line with that, the pure white bandage that is like his symbol is revealed. The inside of the doll mask was a little hot, but the jet-black hair that was reflected in the bluish moonlight was slightly wet.

“You recognized my true identity at once, despite my disguise. What is it? Who gave you what instructions? Commander? Staff?”

Jeto applied force and pressure to the hand that was holding his sword.

The demon closed his eyes tightly.

“If I had to argue… I’m under the staff.”

“Directly under the staff… You’re in a pretty high position compared to Magi, who doesn’t have much to do with it. Did the staff ask you to find out information about me?”

“…Yeah, there was such an order. But I wasn’t looking for Jeto on the orders of my staff. Believe it or not… I was deeply impressed by Jeto and came to serve you as my lord. “

“That sounds really unbelievable.”

Jeto tilted his head at the absurd rumor that the demons would serve humans.

“I don’t think I’m going to save you for saying that… Whether it’s true or not, what made you say that?”

“Because Zeto is the ‘Second Coming of the Nameless One’.”

“The Nameless One…?”

Muttered Jetto, who knew a little about him.

The nameless one.

In the past, he preyed on his own people and challenged the position of demon king.

I didn’t know anything about it except for that name.

“You don’t seem to remember it either.”

“You… What do you know?”

Jetto asked in a rather serious voice.

“It was when I was gathering information about the followers of the Nameless One on the orders of my staff…”

So the demons began to explain what they had been through.

Information about the nameless person found out while locating the followers.

The world he sought.

The goal he wanted to achieve.

I was able to find out what kind of demon the man with no name was and what kind of person he was.

The demons were gradually influenced by the idea of a nameless person in contrast to the cruelty and selfishness of the demons they experienced while following Murka, who was ordered by the corps commander to eliminate his followers.

There was nothing he could do about it.

At most, the location of the followers he had known in advance was hidden little by little so that Murka wouldn’t notice, so that even one more person could save his life.

From the point of view of the demons, it was an act of covering up a reactionary element, so that alone was a sin that would make their throats fly.

Locked in anxiety that he might be caught, he was ordered to watch over Murka, who had crawled into the land of men.

In the end, Murka came face to face with Jeto, and that’s how he met Jeto.

Zetto’s abilities were similar to those of the ‘Nameless One’ he knew.

He watched the battle and quietly supported Jeto, but the reason why he started doing this was the resurrection of Jeto.

The miracle of Heneris felt like a ‘revelation’.

“So you think I must be the second coming of the Nameless One… So you want to serve me?”

Jetto, who was rubbing his forehead at the unexpected dizziness while listening to the explanation, asked.

“Yes, that’s it!”

The demon, whose face brightened, opened his eyes wide and nodded his head.

“Specifically, what are the similarities?”

Because it is the Second Coming, there was something to be said for sacrifice.

Heneris mentioned earlier in his previous life, because I heard that there are demons among them.

“The fact that he handles the sword in reverse… And the spirits he works with must be the same. The description of the records I read was quite similar to the power of the spirits I saw while examining Zeto-sama’s battle. I didn’t know Shade of Shadow, the spirit of darkness… Was such a cute guy.”

“Do you see Shady?”

In response to Zeto’s call, Shady, who was casually scratching her ears with her feet at his feet, let out a loud cry.

“Shady…? Oh, you gave it a name. Yes, I can see it. Even like this, it’s a body that handles spirits… It’s a low-level dark spirit, but it’s a wonderful guy who serves as my eyes and ears.”

His demon smiled brightly as he recalled his spirit.

“Aside from that, it seems that you are very similar in that you value your comrades. It is said that even a nameless person cares for his comrades terribly.”

“A colleague…”

After that, Jeto slowly goes back to his explanation.

When I heard the story of the demon, he seemed to be an informant. It is also under the direct control of the staff.

This means that he is a very competent person as an informant.

‘It feels like borrowing the sight of a spirit to obtain information.’

I heard that among the demons, those who can handle the spirits are rare, and there are many people in this world who can’t even feel the energy of the spirits.

‘The battle with Murka, the existence of Shedi…’

He was already stepping into information that could never be easily figured out.

And Jeto was just about to find an informant. It was also a competent informant who could grasp the trend of the demons.

I didn’t know if he was a demon, that would be possible.

“So this is the end of the villain’s story?”

At last, Zeto tilted the sword that was thrusting into the demon’s neck.

I was seriously trying to slit his throat.

[Disciple, that guy… Although he’s a demon, I think he’s quite capable… ]

Then, embarrassed to be Sierra, she blurted out her words.

‘That’s why it’s a problem, Master.’

Even if the timing is good, it’s too good.

Jetto thought so.

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