I Became the Villain of a Dark Fantasy chapter 143

I Became the Villain of a Dark Fantasy 143

Episode 143 .

Deden grabbed the bat and stepped inside the stall.

The one-eyed demon who had been watching it from the outside raised an eyebrow.

‘I thought it was a ballroom today, but what kind of rice cake is it? I’ll touch some gold coins.’

Even if it fell, a demon was still a demon. A few gold coins would be nothing to him.

The cheery devil shouted patronizingly.

“I won’t charge you for using my special tools! Take it and use it however you like!”

The guy pointed to the display stand. table set to the side. The ugly instruments were neatly placed.

Deden ignored the devil’s words and approached the human.

“hahahaha! The bat doesn’t kick! You know a little bit more!”

The naked human being shuddered. Wearing a Taekwang mask, he glared at Deden.

“Hey, you dirty devil. clearly spoke You won’t even hear the screams, so don’t wait.”

Dedden slightly bent down to meet him at eye level. said in a whisper.

“Don’t show off, and listen carefully to what I have to say from now on.”

The calm voice pierced my brain as if it had been frozen in time. It was dark and heavy, but it had the power to calm the listener’s mind.

The man stared at Deden. His eyes fluttered wildly.

“What, what…”

“Have you read the Bible? Answer with your head.”

What kind of bible is the devil talking about? As a man, it was difficult to understand.

“There is no time. hurry.”

should not answer The Bible circulates secretly among the Human Liberation Army, but no one ever divulged it.

The moment they get caught, the demons will turn on the lights in their eyes and search the mountains and rivers. A large-scale search operation will begin.

If it leaked, it was a betrayal. I’d rather bite my tongue and die.


Before he could finish his sentence, Dedden gently placed a hand on his shoulder. said calmly.

“Your martyrdom has reached the sky.”

A subtle, infinitesimal amount of divinity permeated the man.

It was so small that even the one-eyed demon next to it didn’t notice it, but it was also extremely dense, so someone who was sensitive had to catch it at first glance.

A demon roaming the night market tilted its head.

“······What was it just now? Didn’t you feel it?”


“That, why? The white one that humans use.”

“Divine power? What kind of bullsh*t is that all of a sudden?”

“Isn’t it… it was definitely stinging.”

“It must have emerged while resisting. Doesn’t that happen sometimes?”

True to his words, an ordinary human sometimes blossomed into a divinity.

The suspicious devil still had a doubtful look on his face.

“It was a little different. Like a guy who suddenly woke up, what to say, grasp! It didn’t feel like it was pouring out as if a dam had burst… Yes, a handful that I suppressed. What did you feel like?”

The group of guys let out a deep sigh.

“Even so. direction?”

“I don’t know. It disappeared in an instant.”

“Aren’t you drunk already? Alright, let’s go to hangover with eyeball soup.”

“is it. I did drink a little too much. Yes, let’s fill the stomach.”

Fortunately, they didn’t take it seriously.

It was different for men.

Taekwang’s divinity. That faraway state was circulating through the blood vessels throughout the body.

As spring descends on the snowfield, the body and mind warmly melted.

It was a strange relief.

This place full of malice was clearly in the middle of enemy territory, but Daemon and its surroundings were calm like the eye of a typhoon.

It was only one drop, but it was enough to bring the man to tears.

Dedden opened his mouth again.

“Have you read the Bible?”

He nodded.

“You know the white sheep.”


“It is in front of you.”

His pupils opened wide. In the retina, Iden’s true face was reflected.

It may be an illusion. I just wanted to believe that.

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“Can you handle divinity?”

He shook his head slowly.

“In a few days, a white sheep will appear here.”

It was right after the plan was finalized.

“Under it, pray.”

Deden made a small sign of the cross.

“I will respond directly.”

I was thinking of bestowing divinity.

Saying that, he pulled out a small seal.

“Come see me later.”

placed it in his arms.

“······Poetry, God.”

“We’ll see if we survive.”

Deden raised his upper body.

The one-eyed demon was looking at Deden with a puzzled face.

“Am I better?”

Deden turned his gaze to the succubus.


“Yes, Master.”

Quya smiled and touched the devil.

At the beautiful appearance, the devil’s mouth was wide open.

“······Kuhmm, the calculation is this year? I’ll come back with just one step.”

Dedden came out without answering. I was moving my steps past the one-eyed.

Cerberus followed.

The devil cried out in bewilderment.

“Hey, don’t you like it? There are a lot of other guys!”

Qiao gently stroked the boy’s chest. As a demon, it seemed like it would really be possessed.

Did you give me a gift? I don’t know what it is, but I just couldn’t stand it.

“Mo, I don’t know, come in first. My lower leg is sore…”

A sweet voice interrupted him.

“What is your name?”

It’s about Tongseongmyeong before the giant.

“I am the human hunter, Carl Byrne. You must have heard.”

“…Carl Burn. good.”

Kyuya nodded. Immediately after, a blue haze crawled out of her fingertips like a snake.

“I will give you a ban.”

Whoa, the snake instantly permeated into the guy’s prayers. I couldn’t even react.

Kyuya drew an arc line.

“If you breathe, your heart will stop.”

The one-eyed instinctively realized.

No kidding, it was really taboo.

not to breathe? It was a call to die one way or another. More than that, what was that year about? It was something only Godhead could do.

Kyuya made a surprised expression.

“Don’t open your mouth. Are you pretty smart?”

Even talking is forbidden. The process of releasing carbon dioxide is part of respiration.

Quya patted him on the shoulder and turned around.

“Then, I’ll go see you.”

The perplexed demon fully recognized the reality. My heart raced with tension. I gasped and wanted to inhale oxygen, but it was impossible.

His expression becomes increasingly dismayed.

After looking around, looking around, he ran out into the main street.

devil to help. but how? There is no way to even explain the situation. I grabbed a demon on the side of the road and went mad, but the reaction back was cold.

“What, what is this bastard!”

“go away! it’s crazy?”

“Come on!”

“Don’t let go?!”

increasingly panicked. He cried and turned white. After scratching my neck like that, I finally reached my limit.

Oxygen. If I could drink it even once, I would be happy to die.

I opened my mouth. Air seeps through the cracks. Just before reaching the lungs through the trachea, the snake moved.

The ban did not allow even a handful. snatched up oxygen

The devil died like that without being able to enjoy even momentary pleasure.

Suddenly, the fallen giant raised dust.

The demons gathered to watch the one-eyed man who couldn’t even close his eyes.

“Why are you here?”

“I don’t know. He fell over while yelling at himself.”

“You are sick.”

Taking advantage of the confusion, a blue snake escaped from the corpse. After being absorbed into the ground, it burst through the floor of the cart.

He tossed a bundle of keys on a display stand to a human and completely disappeared.

A group of Demons going away. The man stared blankly at them.

Could it be a dream? God was right in front of your eyes. It was lifted directly from the swamp of misfortune.

There will be no miracle like this.

The man chanted a small prayer.

“St. Valenstalga. Shine with your light, illuminate the world.”

Then back to reality. You have to reciprocate. must be able to survive

I unlocked the shackles with the key and pulled up the cloth behind me.

As I fumbled, I checked the floor and touched a piece of metal. It was a lock. When opened, a passage leading to the semi-basement was revealed.

Crawled right away. An iron bar was placed in the narrow interior. Five people in captivity. His sister was also seen.

As I cried at my brother, the man brought his index finger to his mouth.


Then he smiled.

“God has come.”

You will have to plan to hide or escape from now on. They might fail, but the possibility itself was a blessing to them.


On the way to the Baiken official residence. Dedden stared into space with a bitter expression.

Noble hypocrisy was growing. It must have been the reaction that saved the man.

As soon as we got out of the night market, Cerberus opened his mouth.

“Deden, why did you do that?”

I didn’t know if I could get caught. No, even if there was only one high-ranking demon in the place, it would have been exposed.

The Aiden that Paladin knew was not a person worth taking such a risk.

Deden doesn’t answer. Cerberus spoke again.

“To save a life, I almost screwed up.”

Deden shook his head.

“no. You must have saved everyone in the night market. The plan may have failed.”

It may have been. The moment his identity was discovered, Aiden would have slaughtered all the demons on the spot. Naturally, humans would have survived. If he took them out of Baiken, it would have been meaningful.

Of course, he couldn’t have killed Peter Sarkin.

Cerberus looked at Dedden.

“…Did you, by any chance, want to be discovered?”

Deden was silent. He, too, could not clearly explain his own psychology. Why? Do you still have a weak heart?

It was right to ignore it. I couldn’t.

If you ask me if I wanted to be found out, that’s not the case again. It might have been a way to leave it to fate.

It was sick. Deden bit his lip.

On the other hand, Cerberus drew an arc line.

“… His Holiness, he is truly different.”

“Don’t be vigilant.”

There was no one around, but you shouldn’t use honorifics or be respectful.

Cerberus barked.


said Deden.

“Don’t let this happen.”

“no. I like you now.”

Dedden looked down at the dog for a moment. Without saying a word, he turned his gaze back to the front.

Before I knew it, the mission was right in front of me. A tall stone building. It was quite huge.

As I was heading straight ahead, the front door burst open.

A familiar guy came out.

It was a demon I encountered during the day. His race was Bloodbone, and his name was Britten?

As soon as he saw Deden, he suddenly returned to the official residence.

The feeling was a bit odd.

Kyuya frowned.

“Annoyingly, see you again.”

“You can’t kill that guy. Be patient.”

One-eyed hybrids and blood bones are different. If a high-ranking demon dies suddenly, an investigation will surely follow. could have been difficult.

As Deden was about to turn the doorknob, Bloodbone opened the front door first.

just met

The boy smiled subtly. Because it was a skeleton, it didn’t show on his face, but the atmosphere was like that.

“See you again. Dedden.”

“Nice to meet you.”

“To check in…”

“you’re right. I’m busy.”

As he tried to enter, a black-barded dulahan stood in the way.

Blood bones grew.

“Grimoire-sama, this is the succubus I told you about.”

Dullahan grabbed the head of his head that was on his side with both hands.

Then he reached out and scanned Qiya up and down.

A chilling voice leaked from the lonely head.

“······Good. Peter Sarkin will be pleased.”

“you’re right. I persuaded Deden-sama.”

Bloodbone threw his eyes at Deden. If you help me, I will pay you back next time. Well, that seemed to mean it.

Dullahan walked over and said.

“Deden? remember it Hand it over.”

He was the captain of the guards of Decenteria, Duke of Baiken. Must look good all the time. Of course, it’s just the circumstances of the demons.

“What are you doing? hurry.”

things got messed up If it becomes a picture that is voluntarily given, the plan goes awry.

started going back like that.

Deden lowered his head slightly.

“It seems there was a mistake. Qiya is not a real product.”

Bloodbone cried out loudly.

“hahahaha! It’s too much of a joke. hurry······”

Dullahan raised one hand to restrain Bloodgol’s words.

He let out a threatening voice to Deden.

“Then, from now on, it’s a real product. don’t take me.”


The guy put his hand on the hilt.

Iden looked at it and felt a little dizzy. Why are you like this today? The whole situation was testing his patience.

If he hadn’t continued to invest in his mental strength, the holy ground would have been stained with black blood.

Iden took a deep breath. Dullahan aimed a black blade at his throat.


It will be a waste if you leave the place of patience and give it away as it is.


Dullahan’s face contorted like a bloody slaughter.

“Do you think you have a choice!”

baek! He kicked Deden in the stomach.

Dedden was blown away and pinned to the ground.

It was smoke. Pretty plausible.

Doulahan strides forward. He stepped on Deden’s chest with his black foot. He stabbed the tip of his chin with a knife and said.

“This is the last one. Will you be honest?”

Deden looked up at the black sky.

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“… that’s something I can’t do.”

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