I Became The Villain The Hero Is Obsessed With chapter 403

403 - Angel's Disguise

403 – Angel’s Disguise

After the Association and Cathedral allied together with the goal of facing the Sun God.

The world, terrified by the gods’ declaration of destruction, had relatively calmed down.

…Of course, I knew this wasn’t the end.

“We must be thoroughly prepared from now on.”

A few days after my speech.

The first joint meeting of the Association-Cathedral.

On the left side of the table sat the Association members in a line, on the right sat the Cathedral members in a line. At this meeting held in America, I spoke while bringing up a presentation.

With the Association chairman and Celeste at the lead, major heroes including Stardust and top villains like Atlas all attended.

There, I pointed to the wall and said:

“According to the records I interpreted from the Sun God’s ruins, when the Sun God is enraged angels descend from the sky and his power goes berserk. It’s highly likely such an event will soon unfold.”

My new concept I came up with this time.

Pretending to be a knowledgeable intellectual who knows the world’s secrets.

…Well, it wasn’t pretending but the truth, but I couldn’t exactly say ‘It seems this world is actually a comic book and I read about it!’ so this was something I made up.

“…Angels descending from the sky. That’s quite a hard to believe claim.”

“Unfortunately it’s the truth. In fact, have I not already brought back one angel?”

“Wasn’t that staged?”

“…It was 100% real.”

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I sighed at the doubtful chairman then spoke.

Having to worry about Stardust and Celeste glaring at each other the whole time, this chairman had to say something like this too.

Anyway, I didn’t care much about the suspicious gazes.

Since as time passed, the truth would naturally reveal itself.

Then a few days later.

[B-Breaking news!!! Currently in the sky, monster-like beings in the form of angels have started invading the world!!! Citizens, evacuate to safety immediately… ]

Just as I predicted.

One day, angels really started descending from the sky.

With golden shimmering silver hair, dressed in white robes and wings. Murder weapons in angelic disguise.

…In the original work, with the Cathedral’s assault and the chaos of anarchy, their barrage brought immense damage.

But now was different.

“Ha! These things, way weaker than I expected!”

Zap zap zap zap!

A city in Gyeonggi-do.

There, Electra Choi Sehee grinned as she completely obliterated with lightning the angels that suddenly descended from the clouds.

The city that was about to crumble from the angel assault…

The angels that disappeared in a flash from Electra’s swift counterattack.

“What do you think? Going well?”

“Uh, i-it’s you! Egoistic!”

Seeing her victoriously gloating,

I landed by her side, fluttering my cloak.

“What brings you here?”

“Had some business. Dropped by on the way.”

“Uh-huh! No need to worry here! I’ve got this covered!”

Whirling her orange hair, Sehee gave me a thumbs up.

And it was as she said.

After the angel attacks began.

As planned, I sent the Egostream members in each of the four directions, assigning them each a region of Korea to be responsible for.

They were effectively the defensive line for the nation.

Except for Stardust, Eunwol, Sehee, Sejayoung, Shinryong and Desik were the strongest in the country after all.

Well, I raised them up myself. Hmm.

With the Egostream members each taking a region, and heroes formerly of Yuseong PMC placed under them in a hierarchy, Korea was being protected.

It was possible because knowing the angel assaults were coming, I had them train and deploy in advance.

…Now villains of Cathedral could officially participate, making this possible.

I heard villains and heroes around the world were similarly working together to protect the planet.

…Well, there were several internal clashes between them in the process, but it was cute compared to the original work.

Anyway, society was somehow maintained like this.

Though the angels still attacked during the day, and with each passing night the sense of impending doomsday I foretold crept closer, instilling terror… Well, what can you do.

Just have to stay alive.

Additionally, with heroes and villains now able to cooperate, unexpected scenes could be witnessed.

“Why’s the system like this?”

“Th…this is quite advanced surveillance…”

“Tch! Stop blabbering about these outdated relics.”

Occupying the central chair in the Association control center, wearing a hoodie and resting her legs on the chair while continuously tapping away at the monitor was the S-Rank villain Seoyoon.

With cooperation, Seoyoon who had never cracked the Association network before could now access Korea’s digital systems, grabbing them like a fish to water.

The side benefit was real-time nationwide monitoring through the Association control center.

Thanks to Seoyoon’s special system, any incident was instantly reported to the Association now.

Naturally by her side helping out was Ms. Soobin.

…While it’s true our country was far better prepared than others thanks to Stardust and Egostream, other nations were also holding out decently.

In the first place, in the original work these angels were overwhelming because they bombarded a world already being destroyed by all kinds of attacks, but now with the whole world armed to stop them, they aren’t that scary.


A week passed.



“Yes, yes. Please prepare accordingly…”

Ending the call, I let out a sigh and got up from my seat.

Night, it was a good time.

…Maybe living up to his name, the Sun God doesn’t act at night. The angels don’t come down either.

‘Come to think of it, does the Sun God really have anything to do with the sun?’

It’s just a name people randomly gave him that he likes using.

…Well, I don’t know. The Sun God must be a stickler for concepts.

He hates humans yet uses the name we gave him, I don’t get it.

Anyway, with the god quiet at night, everyone could rest.

Especially with the night-only hero Shadow Walker in charge of security in our country. Too weak during the day to even catch angels, gotta do this kind of job, huh.

Anyway, thanks to that the scattered Egostream members during the day could gather together at home at night.

“Ugghhh… I’ll live.”

“Ahh. I was assigned to India and evil clones kept ganging up on me…”

I could see them collapsed around the living room, drained.

Sejayoung was even sprawled limply on the floor, grumbling.

…I do feel a bit sorry.

“Here, want some ice cream?”

“Ungh. Feed me.”


Like feeding carrots to a rabbit, I fed Sejayoung a popsicle as I turned on the TV.

With the current situation, news came on immediately.

And coincidentally, a report on Stardust was airing.

[And onto foreign developments, our country’s S-Rank hero Stardust is making headlines evaporating angels, I hear? ]

[Yes, as you can see in the footage, the light around Stardust vaporizes the angels before she can even throw a punch. Overseas, there’s talk of Stardust being humanity’s hope with how she’s the natural enemy of the angels… ]


Watching the broadcast, I smiled contentedly.

Yes, it’s going well.

Recently Stardust had been traveling the world, dealing with other nations’ angels. I sent her, saying Korea’s fine with just us. And to raise her profile.

Anyway, everything was going according to plan. Good.

If this continued and Stardust naturally brought hope to all, that’d be it.

Because I’ve been feeling that even though society functions on the surface… an underlying gloom remains that can’t be erased.

With the prophesied god invasion ahead, everyone is putting on a brave face but still feeling anxiety.

I just have to appease them well until doomsday and have them endure til then.

[Stardust’s immense popularity currently… ]

“Hmph. I can catch angels well too, you know?”

As I watched TV, Sehee sitting up on the sofa saw and complained in a slightly sulky tone.

…I should change the channel before she gets mad.

“Yeah you did great zapping them with lightning?”

As I naturally switched channels, Sehee suddenly murmured curiously:

“But you know, the angels looked creepy and sinister at first so I was scared… Why are they weaker than expected?”

Looking inquisitive as she asked that.

At her words I swiftly turned my head towards the kitchen.


Halo smiling as she washed dishes next to Ms. Soobin, the woman with golden hair and white wings.

Seeing her, I quietly grinned to myself in my mind.

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Why do you think?

Because we kidnapped the angels’ boss.

‘…In the original work, clearly…’

The command system should have been with the first angel to descend, but I seized control of her.

Though in seizing control I seemed to have confiscated other authorities, as I couldn’t control the other angels through Halo,

“…Well, anyway.”

That’s that with the angels.

No time, have to immediately move onto the next stage.

I need to see Eunwol and process the moonlight stone…

And so.

Before I realized, two months had passed since the Sun God’s declaration of destruction.

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    Going from leading the angels of a god to being in charge of cleaning Ego, what a good development xD

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    Wish we had more character development for Halo since we didn’t get any. We don’t know anything about her.

  4. DuckButt says:

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