I Became The Villain The Hero Is Obsessed With chapter 404

404 - Final Discord

404 – Final Discord



Right before leaving in the morning.

I sat at my desk, reading a book.

That book was my diary.

Or more precisely, the book where I wrote down this world’s secrets before forgetting everything.

…And to be exact.


It was the book I left behind for my comrades in case I died, so someone could protect this world even without me.

So from the beginning, I had the Vine Witch cast a special spell on my diary so no one aside from me could read it.

Or rather, the magic would only undo after I died.


So the diary I asked the Vine Witch to make so only I could read it along with a time-delayed unlocking enchantment once I passed away.

And the one thing I was worrying about was this.

“…Is this even necessary anymore?”

It was about the meaning of this book’s existence.

I made it thinking I might die midway, but I ended up living until right before the final battle.

That’s why most of the contents written here were about stopping the Moonlight Leader and dealing with the Sun God, so I wondered if it was even necessary now.

Its friend the diary already served its purpose and got sent away after I lost my memories.


‘…Well, just in case, it has some useful information.’

[What to do when a forest suddenly dies], [Solutions when someone loses their memories], [How to bring someone back from death], etc…

Although that information was rather too useful, to the point of being dangerous…

Yes. Never know what will happen to a person.

For now, I should keep it.

With those thoughts, I slid the book into the bookshelf.

“Alright. Shall we go?”

Muttering those words to myself, I encouraged myself and got up from my seat.

I had a lot to do. As much as I promised to meet Eunwol last time. And there was work to do with the Moonlight Stones I received. But most importantly…

‘…When should I destroy those relics?’

The 6 Sun God relics I had gathered with Celeste until now.

I was going to smash them to pieces right after getting them, but somehow felt I should leave them be for now. The relics didn’t seem to be going berserk either.

Yes. I’ll do that later.

With those thoughts, I left the room.

As I entered the living room, I saw them – bustling about busily.

“Yul, can you pass me that hair tie?”

“Yes Ms. Sehee. The yellow one right?”

“Yup. Thanks.”

“Aigoo… the old times were nice, having to go to work…”

It was our Egostream members, preparing to head out to work early in the morning.

Sehee, Yul, Jaya, Shinryong, Soobin, Eunwol – they were all busy.

My Egostream, each protecting a different region of Korea as part of the defensive force, per my request…

By the way, we gave the teleportation device technology originally created by the Haneul Group to Eesuhl Yoo’s Yoosung Group. And the Yoosung Group installed the astronomically expensive teleport devices they built in every regional association building across the country.

So this kind of commute was possible. Thanks to that, they didn’t have to move homes which was great. None of them seemed to want to leave this place either.

As I was thinking that and entered the living room.

Wearing a hoodie and letting down her purple hair, Jaya yawned sleepily but waved at me cheerfully when she saw me, flying over.

“Oh you’re up Dain. Yawn… I’m heading out. …But before that.”

…With that, smiling slightly, she floated up to me briskily and…


Naturally kissed my cheek before flying away.

“I’m really going now. Byee~”

“Hey… Ah, sigh, take care.”

…What do I do about that?

Well it was my fault. I still haven’t told them about my relationship with Stardust…

…But if I do they might actually kill me what do I do.

‘Dain… At this point, if you tell them now… With the Sun God as our enemy, civil war might break out.’


Since that counseling session with Eesuhl, I’ve been keeping my mouth shut. Yes. I’ll tell them someday, when it’s all over. I’ll talk then… then…

Anyway, our EgoStream members were all doing well.

And the world was the same.


Now there were 4 months left until the Sun God’s descent. 120 days.

Looking at the blue sky outside the window, I was lost in thought.

The world was enduring far better than I expected.

Maybe thanks to being so nervous about the 4 Phases and preparing thoroughly until now. It was so peaceful now, my anxiety seemed silly.




What is this unexplained, ominous feeling…

Remaining silent for a moment with that feeling, I soon shook my head and moved.

Yes. No big deal. If it goes according to the original work, it should continue this atmosphere.

So, let’s quietly keep working.

‘…I should go meet her for a bit today.’

I wonder how she’s doing lately, my Stardust. I should go see that she’s well.

As I was thinking about Stardust and putting on my coat.

I heard a voice call out from behind.

When I turned around surprised, Ms. Soobin was standing there smiling.

Ms. Soobin.

She was helping out at the association with Eunseo, and with her excellent judgement and leadership, she was the de facto person in charge of our EgoStream members scattered across the country.

If the EgoStream listen to Ms. Soobin’s words over the association’s…

“…Ha. I’m just heading over to check on the task force real quick. See if everything’s going smoothly.”

I said that while stealing glances.

“So Ms. Soobin, are you going to the association with Eunseo today…?”

“Ah. I was planning to, but Eunseo said she has things to do at home today.”

With another warm smile, she then said this:

“So. Dain, if you need any help with work, I’d like to go to the task force with you too. Would that be alright?”

“…Ha. You don’t have to come with me.”

From noble mtl dot com

“No, I’d like to go with you.”

I could only laugh awkwardly at her words as she insisted while deflecting mine.

…She probably noticed I was going to meet Stardust, and it’s affecting her mood…?

Anyway, that’s how I ended up going to the task force headquarters with Ms. Soobin.


Earth Task Force Headquarters for the Upcoming Invasion.

Created through an alliance between the Association and Cathedral, located in a tall building in the US built in just a few days.

You just need an ‘invitation’ made by Celeste to enter.

In that place where heroes and villains from around the world gather and cooperate with each other…

I looked around for Stardust.

Many people greeted me as I passed, and I greeted them back.

Finally, I found her – Haru, conversing with other heroes in front of a circular desk.

With her blonde hair let down, standing and pointing at a map on the desk with a serious expression, talking about something…

…Seeing her like that, I smiled briefly and decided to wait until the meeting ended.

“…It’s alright. …Oh? Egostic!”

After not too long,

As she walked out nodding at the person beside her, seeing me waiting, she smiled brightly and approached me cheerfully.

…Of course her smile froze into a stiff expression when she saw Ms. Soobin smiling next to me…

“…And Ms. Soobin is here too.”

“Yes, hello Ms. Stardust.”


She answered Ms. Soobin’s gentle smile with an awkward smile.

…They’re both smiling at each other but for some reason it feels like the temperature just dropped 5 degrees, is that my imagination…?

“So Egostic, what brings you here?”

Anyway, turning away from Ms. Soobin, Haru gave me a much more natural smile and spoke.

“Ha. I just wanted to see how Ms. Stardust is doing. So, how are things around the world lately?”

At my question.

Haru thought for a bit before answering.

“Not bad. The angels keep coming down from above but it looks like everyone’s getting better at dealing with them. And Celeste is handling the abilities runners rampaging, so.”

I nodded at her words.

The rampaging of ability users that started about a month after the Sun God’s prophecy.

As the Sun God drew nearer, some of those overflowing with power eventually lost their sanity and rampaged like human bombs.

Just like in the original work.


‘This can be fixed by Celeste.’

I had her instantly teleport and personally manage the rampaging ability users to cleanly prevent it.

The power to regulate other abilities that the Sun God gave Celeste to make ability users rampage – I had her use it conversely to calm down those rampaging.

It was also why the villains cooperated obediently with the heroes – the ‘power to make dreams come true’. Perhaps due to Celeste’s status from having a power bordering on creation, almost godly. With her personally healing the rampaging ability users, the villains’ morale also rose.

Only thing is, Celeste has seemed a bit unstable lately so I’m worried…

As I was thinking that.

Haru added.

“And. I heard on site recently that the angels seem to be getting weaker.”

“…What did you say?”

Hearing that, I

Snapped to attention and asked again.

“Oh. Since the number and power of the angels attacking from the sky is decreasing… So it’s getting easier to deal with them lately. I feel that too.”

At her words.

“…I see.”

My expression hardened.

The angels were getting weaker?

Good news. It was good news but…

‘That didn’t happen in the original work.’

What’s going on.

Why were the angels suddenly getting weaker.

“…Understood. But still, make sure to tell everyone not to let their guard down and prepare even more thoroughly at times like these.”

“Got it.”

Despite saying that.

I kept having an ominous feeling.

A feeling I could call intuition.

‘…Somehow, after coasting along easily the past few months.’


I had a foreboding that something bad was going to happen.

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