I Became The Villain The Hero Is Obsessed With chapter 405

405 - Total Bombardment

405 – Total Bombardment

Time passed.

[Good news! The official announcement from the task force that the number of angels attacking from the sky continues to decrease!”]

Recently, this kind of good news could be heard on the news.

[With the angels’ offense reduced by over half compared to the beginning, people are finally gaining hope that we can win this war against God…]

Contrary to my worries, the word was that the number of angels coming down from above kept decreasing.

In this situation, the public’s expectations kept rising.

From ‘Has the Sun God’s power weakened?’ to ‘If this keeps up, we might really be able to defeat God!’.

The atmosphere was shifting towards optimism, but.


Only I…

Alone, I felt a vague sense of unease.

‘The angels’ numbers are decreasing.’


What exactly are they?

These beings conveniently called angels had the physique of small adults, silver hair, golden eyes. They descended from the sky with huge wings, wearing white robes, in a humanoid form.

…Of course, while they had a human shape, that didn’t mean they were intelligent beings. They only moved as commanded by the Sun God – they were basically monsters, though their insides were made of light.

Appearing in the skies in large numbers, wielding golden spears, tridents, swords and the like as they descended, each one had the fighting power of an A-rank hero.

As such, it was nothing short of a disaster whenever tens of these guys were created at once and invaded cities.

Especially compared to the tentacle monsters of the Moonlight Church, the fact that they resembled humans in some way made dealing with them quite difficult.

But fortunately, ability users had also grown proportionally stronger to be able to block the angels somehow.

Perhaps that’s why.



“But if you think about it, didn’t they say all these ability users’ powers were given by the Sun God?”

Around when the angels’ offensives began, Eunseo asked me this.

“Why did the Sun God give humans superpowers? If he hates humans, why did he give abilities in the first place?”


Faced with Eunseo’s sudden sharp question, I could only give a vague answer at the time.

…Actually, the reason the Sun God gave humans superpowers was simple.

‘It was to make them eliminate each other with that power.’

While the heroes and villains are united now thanks to me to block the angels, if you think about the original work… No, even before that, considering all the disasters I’ve experienced, most were due to villains with strong abilities.

And there were always far more villains than heroes in this world.

From noble mtl dot com

I wonder why that was.

‘In the first place, he only gave powers to those with flaws.’

I quietly pondered over that fact.

I don’t know how much the Sun God could interfere with humans, but he was probably able to bestow his powers on them somehow.

And among them, he could only give powers to flawed humans.

As a result, because he only gave powers to those twisted from the start.

This society was created where villains popped up everyday.

The precarious, devastated worldview of [Stardust!].

‘Even the heroes are…’

If you look closely, somewhere they’re all twisted too.

Eesuhl, Shadow Walker, heroes from other countries too… somewhere in each, there’s something off.

But despite that, they chose to protect this world.

…And most didn’t choose that, so they became villains.


Well, it didn’t matter now.

The powers given to make them oppose each other were now turned against the Sun God’s angels.

Maybe because they received powers too purely close to the Sun God’s essence. Although for some reason, Celeste couldn’t interfere with the angels.

Apart from her, all ability users worldwide could attack the angels, as if they could fight among themselves.

And currently, that angel offense, one of humanity’s sole threats, kept decreasing.

Things that never happened in the original work.


While I was very concerned about the sudden changes unlike the original work I knew through it.

Everyone else was simply happy without thinking.

And only I kept feeling an inexplicable anxiety.

Ah, but I wasn’t completely alone in this.

There was one more.

‘…Yeah. You’re right. I’ve been feeling off lately too.’


She had also said she felt uneasy lately, like something was about to happen. A ‘premonition’ that something was about to burst.

…But even so. There wasn’t much more we could do. Just stay vigilant to the end without letting our guards down.

Unlike our anxiety.

It was a day where the angels’ assaults kept decreasing.

“…I had high hopes but it’s disappointing.”

Under the blue skies, downtown Seoul.

Eunseo, Ms. Soobin and I were walking together.

Eunseo doesn’t go out much usually, but something I arranged came up so Ms. Soobin came along too.

…Of course, we didn’t gain as much as I had hoped so we were returning empty-handed.

“But it wasn’t completely fruitless right?”

“…That’s true.”

It wasn’t completely fruitless. She said they got a new program to apply association-wide.

And it was nice to get some fresh air too. People need to walk. Being cooped up inside all day isn’t good either.

So like that. Under the blue skies, the warm sunlight enveloping us.

Without others noticing with perception filters on, the three of us walked together.

…While doing so, Ms. Soobin suddenly smiled like she remembered something.


When I tilted my head at her, Ms. Soobin smiled and said to me.

“Oh, just walking like this reminded me of the old days. When the three of us used to walk together.”

“Ah… You’re right.”

At Ms. Soobin’s words, I also smiled and nodded.

Me, Eunseo, and Ms. Soobin. The early days when it was just us three, before EgoStream was formed.

…Feels like we had this conversation before, time has passed so quickly since then.

Eunseo who used to be so petite, her height now almost catching up to Ms. Soobin’s.

“You’re right! When was that again… We went to an ice cream festival and stuff too back then. Remember?”

“That’s right…”

As I became lost in reminiscence, Eunseo giggled and said.

“But now that I think about it, you’re still about the same, Oppa, from back then until now. I’m just a normal person so I wouldn’t know but… Didn’t you say all ability users were getting stronger lately?”

“Ha, that’s true.”

I smiled wryly as I said that.

The Sun God was getting closer but there was no real change to my abilities.

You’d think they’d get stronger since I have the power of stars, made to counter the Sun God’s power but… Right now I was still at the level of bleeding if I teleported or used psychokinesis a bit.


Lately, it was getting harder and harder to use my abilities, my chest felt tighter.

I didn’t know why but…


All I felt was unease.

“So what! It doesn’t matter, Oppa! You can just sit still. We’ll take care of everything!”

Next to me, Eunseo waved her white hair and said cheerfully.

“And after we defeat the Sun God without anyone getting hurt, we’re all going to a festival together!”

“Our EgoStream, and Yoosung PMC, …Well, the heroes too if they say they’ll come! Everyone together. How about it?”

Seeing Eunseo chatter excitedly like that.

I smiled wryly and stroked her head.


It’d be nice if that day came.





Soon I erased my forced smile.

With a hardened expression, I looked up at the sky.

What was this ominous feeling I was sensing strongly right now?

The bad premonition I’ve had since earlier.

I was sweating for no reason, feeling like something big was about to happen.

…I thought it was just my imagination but my pounding heart grew stronger.

My face completely tensed up.

“Dain? Are you alright?”


Ms. Soobin and Eunseo next to me asked.

“…Wait. I feel something, khk, coming.”

As I said that suddenly amidst the churning in my stomach, coughing and staggering.


The sun in the sky suddenly grew brighter.

And a yellow light enveloped the skies.

People wandering the peaceful city were shocked by the glowing sky.


“What, what is this!”

As if scars, strands of silver light vividly appeared in the sky.

And like snow, those lines opened up.


From the sky.

Tens, no, hundreds of angels.

Suddenly poured out in a scale never seen before until now.

…Before the descent of the Sun God.

It was the start of a full offensive, something that never happened in the original work.

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