I Became the Younger Brother of the Obsessive Yandere Heroine chapter 148

Episode 147. Amusement Park (2)

Episode 147. Amusement Park (2)

The weekend soon came

The weather is nice, so even though it’s early March, I can already feel the spring vibes.

The desire to sleep in more deeply under the warm sunlight soared.

“Taeyang, are you awake?”


It was a really nice day, but I couldn’t lie down in bed from the morning.

The reason for this is that, firstly, thanks to the lively noonas, we had an appointment in the morning,

The second…

“Yuri sister.”


“Why are you in my room?”

As soon as I opened my eyes, Yuri noona was staring at me with her arms resting on my bed.

You almost screamed in surprise.

I was startled to think that a delicately crafted, pale-skinned doll was glaring at me.

“Of course I came to wake you up.”

“… Did you come to my house this morning?”

“Yes. Because I want to see you soon.”

I must have said that you don’t have to come to my house anymore.

Well, I guess you thought it was an exception, not a school day.

“Okay, go down first. I am also preparing… “

“It’s okay if I lie down a little longer.”

Suddenly, an arm stretched behind my back pulled me in, and something soft touched my back.

“Go, Kahi noona? Since when have you been here?”

“I have been by your side ever since. Just keep looking at Yuri~ I mean, I was lonely next to you.”

“Rather than no, don’t lie on someone else’s bed.”

Kahi noona went beyond entering the room with one more drink and penetrated into the bed.

The more I tried to fall, the more I hugged myself to somehow catch me.

I can shake it off with force, but…

Now that Kahi noona is in the 1st stage of yandere, I won’t be able to get rid of her easily.

Anyway, this isn’t it.

Of course, last year I slept with sister Lee at her house, but at that time, my relationship with sister Lee was clear.

“Gahee, aren’t you too close?”

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Yuri noona stopped me as if she felt this was a bit harsh.

“Isn’t it just an expression of affection because we’re close?”

“Because they are close? Then, can friends be like this?”


What is it?

Normally, friends aren’t like this!

Yuri noona should dry it to the end, too. Why are you hesitating all of a sudden?

“Then me too!”

“No, Yu-Ri noona, don’t come into the bed, dry her off!”

“Eh? Sun, I… Are you saying we’re not close enough yet?”

Yuri noona made a very sad expression. He looks like a kid from the neighborhood who has been abandoned by children who say things like ‘I won’t play with you’…

“Me too… I want to get closer to Taeyang. Can’t we?”

“Haa~ Wait a minute.”


As if asking when did she make that expression, Yuri noona burst into the blanket I was covering.

“hehehe, that’s good.”

“Kahi noona is also a bit far away.”

“You’re cold~ I’ll stick with you for a bit.”

“I am cold too, Taeyang.”

So we lay on the bed and fidgeted.

Of course, I never do anything strange.

‘Can I do this?’

Whoever saw this…

“What are you all doing when the sun wakes you up?”

Scary to worry about that, I heard the white sister’s voice through the door.

“Your white sister is coming. Everyone, get up now.”

“…… Hmm”

“…… Coo~”

“You said you fell asleep already?”

Or are you playing a practical joke to get me into trouble?

Whatever happened, it was already too late.

Because the white sister opened the door and saw this scene.

“…… What are you doing?”

“Ahahahaha, older sister. To get up now Kahi noona and Yuri noona, wake up.”

I pretended to be as nonchalant as possible and woke my sisters up naturally.

I’ll be even more suspicious if you show a look of embarrassment.

“Hmm… Taeyang is now taking the older sisters to bed.”

“Sister, don’t say anything strange.”

“Ummm… “

Fortunately, they both woke up as if they had only slept for a while.

“Ah, hehehe white.”

“Didn’t I go to wake you up?”

The white sister crossed her arms and asked coldly.

“Ahahahaha… Stop being too lazy.”

“Ooh, I was making a friendship.”

Yuri noona, that excuse won’t work for the white noona.

“All right, hurry down and get ready. I will be late.”

“Yes, let’s go, Taeyang.”

“Why are you so late?”

Uncharacteristic of her usual white sister, she looked at her phone with a little anger.

I feel like I shouldn’t touch you today.

“Yeah~ Late sleeper. Are you awake now?”

When she came out to the living room, the main sister greeted her with a toasted loaf of bread in her mouth.

Looking at it now, it seems like everyone gathered at my house and decided to leave.

“Yes. Then I’ll wash first. Everyone is eating breakfast first.”

Let’s wash and prepare. Because it seems pretty late.

As I left the living room and headed for the shower, I heard a sound following me from behind.

“…… There is Yuri noona.”


“Why are you following me?”

If it was a bathroom, would it be over there?

In my house, the toilet and shower room are separated.

At first, I wanted to go to the bathroom, but he was following me to the shower room.

“Ah, that… “

Sister Yuri was taken aback, then lowered her head and murmured softly.

“I thought I might need someone to push my back.”


“Friends say they even push each other’s back… Because I do.”

I don’t know what kind of crazy talk this is.

That was a story about when friends of the same s*x went to the bathroom.

“So let’s wash together?”

“Yes! As long as the sun doesn’t mind, I’ll wash it!”

No, I was dumbfounded and asked again.

Why are you speaking up?

“Yuri! That’s against the rules!”

Fortunately, Kahi noona, who came after him belatedly, stopped him.

It’s fortunate that we didn’t make it difficult for us to sympathize with each other like before.

“Huh? Is it against the rules?”

“You too! Be aware that you are a woman no matter what! Taeyang is a man.”

“That… how is it I’m a friend… “

Yuri noona asked cautiously, even though she was embarrassed.

No, what happened!!!

Be a little self-aware!!!

“I… It doesn’t matter if I show Taeyang my body… As long as the sun is good.”

No, you were conscious.

Sister Yuri kept muttering her dangerous sounds when she blushed.


Then, Kahi noona glared at me this time.

“Oh, why are you looking at me? I’m in trouble too!”

Gahi noona stared at her with cloudy eyes and said.

“Taeyang, wouldn’t you say that you can only be Yuri and noona can’t?”

It was a warning.

A warning that if you cross the line with one heroine, the other heroines must also be prepared to follow the line.

I nodded at Kahi noona’s words, taking advantage of my awkward position.

“Okay. I have no intention of crossing the line either. I will wash myself.”

I rushed into the shower and locked the door.

“Whoa~ If I did something wrong, it would be a big problem.”

It’s fortunate that everyone doesn’t cross the line, but it’d be nice to give Yu-ri one more warning.

“Yuri noona is also really… People are nice.”

Actually, it’s still pretty good. Because words work

But when you enter the 2nd stage of yandere, it becomes really hard to appease.

Was the talent name ‘Black Hole in the Abyss’?

It is an ability suitable for a glass mental who self-proclaimed a ‘fallen angel’ just by hearing the name.

Although that ability is a problem.

Once activated, it is an ability that makes people around them who do not listen to them feel extremely guilty and devastated.

Of course, you can still ignore the request.

In fact, in , Even if Yuri uses her abilities, the player can deliberately alienate Yuri and see the bad ending of Choyuri’s route.

The problem is that it has a depressing effect even on the people around you.

In the end, the heroines around them also become more and more impoverished, and when Yuri eventually dies, everyone suffers from severe depression and blames Seon-woo.

Even though you can’t force her to act like Kahi noona’s , If you don’t match Yuri noona, you won’t be able to properly control her mentality.

“Whoa~ So, I guess I’ll have to adjust everything first.”

Washing her hair with cold water from the shower, she organized her thoughts again.

It is exactly as it was written in the .

First of all, what Yuri noona wants is for her to look after her. I managed to convince him little by little about crossing the line, but not to feel alienated.

What Kahi noona wants is for her to love me to her heart’s content, so don’t reject it if you can, accept it as much as you can even if it’s embarrassing.

What Iri-noona wants is my safety, so let’s be careful not to cause an accident and reassure her so that she doesn’t worry as much as possible.

My white older sister… You look in a bad mood today, so let’s be careful. Also be careful because she doesn’t want her friends to fight because of me.

I’ve also asked for this from Lee noona, so it should be fine.

It’s because the older sisters aren’t fighting each other.

Is the remaining person the lead sister?

I decided to ask the lead noona what she wants, so let’s ask when the opportunity arises later.

In order not to feel left out, I have to be close to the lead noona.

After taking a shower and making up my mind, after changing her clothes and coming out, there was a white older sister standing there.

“Sit down. I will touch her hair.”


Normally, I would have refused once because I was shy, but now I obediently followed.

As I sat in her chair, my sister in white pouted a little while touching my hair.

“Taeyang is good. Because it’s popular.”

“Huh? Ah… “

I have nothing to say.

I don’t know why I’m so popular either. I’m not denying the karma I’ve accumulated.

“Ahahahaha, sister, let’s have fun today.”

“Hmm… okay.”

After that, the white older sister tidied my hair in silence and squeezed her lotion into my hands and massaged my face.

“Sister… Ooh, I know what to do.”

I can’t pronounce it properly because I grabbed my cheek.

“Yes, apply sunscreen properly.”


After applying the cream, I looked in the mirror.

White noona seemed to like her own work, too. She looked in the mirror and smiled contentedly.

“Yeah, even the kids I’m going on a date with today will like it.”

“A date… Thanks anyway.”

“At this point, it would be nice to pick one person for today’s date.”

She said it in passing, but felt the pressure to make a decision quickly.

It’s easy to say that I’d rather pick one, but… I am worried that my sisters will understand and accept it.

There is also the problem of how to persuade other noonas without provoking or hurting them,

Be careful that no one who decides to take the heroine route.

If you think that the girls around you don’t understand you and are sneaking up on you, you might become a yandere.

It’s also a bit complicated.

“……… “

While experiencing internal conflict for a while, the white older sister inadvertently spoke.

“Then your sister will be able to organize her mind.”


“I’m sorry I’m late!!!”

Just then, the door burst open and sister Lee came in screaming.

“Oh, there was also the sun. Oh! Are you nice today?”

“Hey, why are you late?”

“Ahahahaha! Sorry. Mom asks me to do some work in the morning… West… “

“…… “

“I’m sorry.”

“No, everyone is ready, so let’s start now.”

Today, the white noona didn’t seem to be in a good mood.

Well… If you listen to what I said earlier, your heart will be complicated in many ways.

– Then your sister will be able to organize her mind.

Right now, the white sister wouldn’t know how to treat her own friends.

You can treat her like normal, but she’s afraid that if things don’t go well with her sister later on, her relationship might be strained.

If I decide sooner rather than later, the decision will be made, so there’s no need to fret.

“Taeyang, what happened to White?”

“It’s because your sister is late.”

“Yes… I’m sorry about that… “

For now, let’s head to the amusement park.

Even the white noona will feel better when she plays.

And I do not intend to take this matter lightly.

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