I Became the Younger Brother of the Obsessive Yandere Heroine chapter 149

Episode 148. Amusement park (3)

Episode 148. Amusement park (3)

There’s probably no better day for an amusement park to be packed with people than a sunny weekend.

But there were a lot of people today. The bus heading to the amusement park was overcrowded and had to stand upright.

Another unusual thing is that there were more customers around my age or college students than those who came as families.

The reason why so many young people suddenly gathered is probably because of the character in front of me.

“Let’s go over there and ask for a picture!”

As soon as I entered the main gate of the amusement park, a character doll in the form of a rabbit was walking around.

It was a recently popular character called ‘Usagi Mimi’.

“Because it’s like wearing a doll, there are people who use it well here too.”

While doing so, she put her hand to her mouth to tell the grinning Yuri sister to be quiet.

Only Kahi noona knows how to dress up a teddy bear.

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Yuri noona knows my feelings or not, she just put her arms around me again, innocently.

“Taeyang, isn’t that doll cute?”

Gahi noona was attached to the other arm.

“What is it, there is no seat for me?”

Sister Lee, who was grumbling behind her, grabbed my shoulder from behind and pushed me.

This isn’t some kind of transforming robot, what is it doing?

“You guys… Are you going to keep going like that?”

“Ahahahaha, the sun is popular today too.”

The white older sister, who covered her eyes with her hands as if she was embarrassed to go out with her, and the lead sister, who just smiled, moved one step away from us.

After taking a picture of wearing a doll,

After opening the pamphlet, we decided where to go.

“Um… Aren’t there a lot of rides that are a bit too dangerous?”

When she came last year, Lee sister didn’t say this.

She was more on the side of enjoying the extreme.

It’s definitely about me.

“I can’t ride anything that is too extreme. Ah, the noonas go riding what they want to ride. Never mind me.”

“Then let’s go on the merry-go-round!”

“I like everything if I like Taeyang.”

“Friends should go together.”

Of course, there’s no way my noonas don’t care about me.

It would be useless even if we suggested that we split up.

Because my older sisters surround me as if I can’t allow that.

“I heard you planned a new project to match the character you collaborated with in The Haunted House?”

While I was deciding where to go, the white older sister pointed to one side of the pamphlet.

“Wouldn’t it be difficult for a sister like this?”

“As expected.”

“Does Taeyang want to go?”

“Huh? No, there is no need to overdo it.”

“Yes, since the wolf is having a hard time, try something else.”

“Yes, the bumper car here is said to have been newly tuned this time.”

There are many other rides, so you don’t have to go to a place you don’t like.

“No! Let’s go!”

“What? Because my sister is fine.”

“No. That… I think it would be okay to go to the haunted house.”

My sister is overdoing it again.

They say they hate scary things every time, but say they will definitely experience it.

I was about to tell her not to overdo it, but Lee-noona pulled me.

“Obviously, it will be fine.”

No, it doesn’t look good at all.

Even if you clasp my arms tightly and nod your head in the affirmative…

“Well, let’s go. Because Lee said so.”

“Um… But… “

I don’t know about Yuri noona, but we know through several experiences.

If Lee-noona insists on doing it once, she will eventually go.

Last summer, I ended up experiencing a haunted house.

“Taeyang, can you take care of me like this?”


“If Taeyang is scared too, you can lean on noona. Like back then.”

Kahi noona smiled and said to me.

On the contrary, this side seems to be afraid of me and wants me to lean on them.

Anyway, Kahi noona gave me one of my arms to Lee noona, and we headed for our destination.

“Come to think of it, is Yuri noona okay with things like this?”

“Actually… It’s my first time visiting an amusement park, so I’m not sure.”

Oh, I did.

I wanted to go to an amusement park on a school trip, but then I went to the fair next door.

“If Yuri-nuna is scared too… Rely on me and the other sisters.”


Originally, I wouldn’t say this, but I don’t want to leave a trauma on my older sister Yuri’s memories of her first amusement park.

So we arrived at the haunted house.

As expected, the line was long, but today there was no place without a line, so I decided to wait.


You entered the haunted house.

There was not much change between the entrance and the beginning.

Since I’ve experienced it once, would it be okay with you?

I was walking along a familiar road, feeling a bit relieved, but in the middle, the lead sister turned her head away.

“What’s wrong, Juyeon?”

“No, I think someone tapped me on the shoulder… Kyaaa!!!”

Soon, a huge teddy bear appeared over Kahi noona’s shoulder.

A teddy bear that was torn here and there and covered with blood-red liquid was standing there holding an axe.


Lee noona’s grip on my arm got stronger.

“My older sister is a bit sick.”

“Oh, sorry.”

Yuri noona looked back to see if she was okay.

“Huh? Taeyang, are you afraid?”

“No, Yuri noona.”

Yuri noona just tilted her head.

You are unexpectedly courageous.

Maybe the dark space is familiar.

Being stuck in a room with blackout curtains must have been normal in the past.

“Um… I think Taeyang would be cute if he dressed up like this… “

On one side, Kahi noona made a more terrifying noise.

To see me put that on… Some taste…

“Wearing a teddy bear pajamas, with a bit of a Halloween vibe.”

“Gahee-ya…… “

Look, even the white older sister is dumbfounded.

Anyway, everyone was surprised for a moment, but it wasn’t a section to be scared of.

“Still, it looks like it was prepared with great care.”

“Yes, the interior is definitely different from the last time I came.”

“Really? I don’t know.”

Those who visited the amusement park with Lee Yoo-young last year expressed such sentiments.

And I was deeply impressed.

I don’t know about the older sisters, but this haunted house has its own historical evidence of the anime world where ‘Usagi Mimi’ appears.

The problem is that most of the customers who came in because of the SNS trend don’t know the detailed settings of the original work.

I wouldn’t have understood it at all if it hadn’t been for Yooyoung’s forced viewing the other day.

I’m sure otaku like Yooyoung would really like it.

Well, Lee Yoo-young said she wasn’t coming.

As I was looking around, a mirror suddenly appeared in the middle of the road.

“Hmm what?”

White noona and Jooyeon noona approached first and looked into the mirror.

“Isn’t it just a mirror?”

“Is that so? I think there must be something.”

The two of us looked at each other in the mirror for a while, then shook our heads and left.

“Hmm… “

This time, out of curiosity, I approached.

“No matter how you look at it, it’s an ordinary mirror..”

“Taeyang, don’t get too close.”

Sister Lee said in fright.

“It’s okay, sister-in-law, there is nothing.”

I calmed down my older sister and turned my gaze back to the mirror.

“Look. Normal mirror… “


Suddenly an arm came out of the mirror.


At that moment, everyone screamed, and I, who was closest, took a backward step and fell backwards.

“Oh… “


As soon as I fell, sister Lee screamed and caught me.

“Ah, thank you.”

“……… What are you doing, hurting people!!!”

“Here, sister, calm down. I am not hurt.”

After that, Lee’s mood suddenly began to change.

His eyes gradually became cloudy, and instead of fear, he looked filled with anger.

Now, even if I fall, I become a yandere.

What are you going to do next?

“Hey sister, calm down first. Because I’m fine.”

“… Whoa, let’s get out quickly.”

The atmosphere that was about to get into a fight for a moment finally softened.

Now it’s a ghost or something, and I’m more afraid that Lee will try to argue with part-timers and employees.

To reassure me, I grabbed her hand.

This should be fine.

After that, Lee-noona wasn’t afraid at all.

He kept holding my hand, but rather than clinging to it out of fear, it looked like he was trying to protect me.

The older sisters were also taken aback by Noona Lee’s changed appearance, but decided to go on as it is.

“Taeyang, are you okay?”

“Yes, Yuri noona.”

Kahi noona also glanced this way.

It’s because we’ve been apart since before.

“Kahi noona, I’m fine.”


When I smiled at Kahi noona, Kahi noona happily nodded her head with a bright expression.

‘Leaving no one behind’ is a difficult goal to achieve.

Fortunately, the lead noona only chatted lightly with the white noona, but she didn’t particularly approach me.

He seems to be enjoying himself enough without me having to deal with him.

Anyway, the person I need to pay more attention to here is sister Lee.


While walking for a while, a ghost suddenly descended from the ceiling.


“…… Sun, are you okay?”

“… Uh, sister-in-law.”


After walking for a while, something like a bizarre head rolled around.


“You shouldn’t wear it recklessly.”

“You never know. You may step on it and fall.”

Far from being afraid of Lee, who became a yandere, she just passed them away with cold, dull eyes that had no life.

You keep worrying about me.

… In the past, I was so scared that whenever something appeared, I hugged me and made a fuss. Where is this older sister?

I thought it was a bit annoying at the time, but looking at it now, I really miss that time.

Even when everyone finally came out of the haunted house and calmed her sleepy mind, sister Lee’s reaction was calm.

No, rather, it was a dissatisfied expression that seemed to want to question something.

Do I want to call it a protest because I fell down?

“I think it’s over, so shall we go?”

Fortunately, no misfortune happened.

I decided to leave as it was, and sister Lee took the lead in opening the exit door.

“Uh, that door… “


Sister Lee fell for the same trick as when she came here last year.

“……… “

“Uh… The exit is over there.”

But when sister Lee didn’t respond, her embarrassing ghost (a dressed-up employee) pointed her finger at her exit and disappeared.

I feel sorry for being me.

Should I have opened it and been surprised?

Well, that’s how we went outside.

“Hey, are you okay?”

“Your expression is not good.”

The older sisters also started to worry about her.

“Yes, I am fine. Isn’t Taeyang hurt?”

“Yes. I am not hurt at all.”

Every time I was startled inside the haunted house, Iri noona held me tight.

It was like wearing a seat belt to get around some haunted house.

A very powerful yandere seat belt, I’ve never heard of it.

“As expected… I think there are a lot of dangerous things in an amusement park.”

“No, noona here.”

Noona Lee is worried too much.

I can’t go anywhere at this rate.

First of all, sister-in-law, you should cool off your head for a while.

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“I will be walking here with my sister for a while. Do you want to ride something else first?”

“Ah, sun! Then, shall we go to the souvenir shop?”

“I also prefer taking a walk with the sun. Just like back then… “

However, there is no way they will ever fall apart from Kahi and Yuri.

“hahahaha, this is how it ended up. White.”

The lead sister looked back at the white sister.

“Haa~ Yes, I should go out with my friends.”

“White sister. Sorry.”


“……… Just this and that.”

As if the white sister was dumbfounded, she smiled.

Because of me, in many ways, they turned into tired friends.

“Taeyang is a sinful man.”

The older sister in the lead role also said with a nasty laugh.

It was still next to my white sister, at a distance from me.

Is it okay for my older sister to keep her distance from me?

“What are you looking at? Is your sister pretty today?”

While I was immersed in my thoughts for a while, I must have looked at the lead noona without realizing it.

“What… It’s pretty.”

I answered roughly, but the white older sister next to me looked at me with cold eyes.


“What are you talking about!”

I was stabbed for nothing.

It was just a compliment.

Of course, they were noonas who couldn’t just ignore that.

“Taeyang, how is your sister? How is it?”

“Yes, it is pretty.”

I couldn’t ignore Kahi noona’s question, so I praised her.

Well, it’s true that you’re always pretty, and if you don’t answer for nothing, you might make an appointment at a plastic surgery clinic saying, ‘As expected, my looks aren’t great.’

“I… I was a bit concerned today too… “

“Yeah, Yuri noona is pretty as always.”

“Really? hehehehe.”

Because I have to look after Yuri noona properly.

“…… So where shall we go?”

She was a slightly pouty wolf sister.

“Let’s go whatever the pretty wolf noona wants.”

“Ugh… I’m done! Rudely.”

“Huh? You said you were pretty because you were pretty?”

I praised Lee because I thought I would get angry too.

Sister Lee covered her face with her pamphlet, blushing as if she wasn’t familiar with this sound.

“Ahh~ How did my little brother become like this!”

I heard a sigh next to me.

“The white older sister is pretty too.”

“Stop it. It’s just that I’m annoyed.”


White noona, you don’t usually say that you’re annoying.

No, if you think about it, isn’t that the first thing you hear today in your life?

I know I’m disappointed these days, but it was a bit bitter.

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