I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 1

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 1

Liszt’s instant noodles were stolen.

The raw material of the bread is the curled tentacles on the foreheads of the old rulers of the ancient city.

So the poor old ruler was beaten all over by Liszt.

Liszt went to the Nightmare Forest to squat for 30 days to collect the powder bag sauce bag.

He even struck a friendly mutual aid deal with the Skull Tribe in exchange for plain bone broth.

It is definitely not enough to have flour cakes and powder sauce packets alone. Qualified instant noodles also need a lot of condiments. So he went to the Senar Lake and the pig people to trade ham again, and begged the Swiftbird to bring him marinated eggs.

It doesn’t matter how delicious the instant noodles are. Liszt’s tastes from the mountains and seas can’t even be counted by Archimedes, the god of mathematics. What matters is whether the instant noodles taste authentic in the real world.

After all, he hasn’t been back for five years, and he just wants to eat instant noodles to recall the taste of his hometown.

Liszt went to great lengths to ensure that the instant noodles tasted as authentic as Indians dance Indian dance.

But after he solemnly opened the instant noodles, solemnly put the powder bag sauce bag, and sacredly added the ham and marinated eggs, when he went to get the hot water…

His instant noodles were stolen.

“Damn it!” Liszt was furious as he looked at the empty tabletop, with boundless helplessness and sadness in his anger.

“Luna!” he growled.

A peerless beauty with fair skin and beautiful long legs appeared out of thin air, kneeling on the ground respectfully, her chest full as perfect as a full moon, she lowered her head and said, “Master, what are your orders?”

“Take off the battle-free card, today I will kill a million adventurers to vent my anger!”

“Follow the order!” Luna got up and was about to carry out Liszt’s order.

“Wait.” It seemed that the lives of one million adventurers were not enough to quell Liszt’s anger, and his eyes rolled twice on Luna, “Turn over your sign today, remember to come to sleep.”

“This…” The resolute beauty looked flattered, she was too excited to say anything, “What tricks does the master want?”

“Be an angel,” Liszt said.

“Does the master want the light type or the dark type?”

“The bright ones are a bit more flavorful.”

“As ordered.”

After sending Luna away, Liszt looked at the empty desktop and fell into deep sadness and contemplation.

This seems to be just a bowl of instant noodles, but it is not. It represents Liszt’s childhood and nostalgia.

Is it wrong to pursue childhood? Is it a sin to taste your hometown? Why should even such a small pleasure be taken away?

No one can steal from him, not the adventurer, nor the other three world bosses.

Only the damn system can do it.

Yes, the world Liszt is in is a game world, a virtual reality game called Miracle.

He is not a player, nor an NPC. He plays the role of the dark lord of the world BOSS in this game.

He was originally a programmer of the “Miracle” development team, and his daily routine was to type code for testing.

Later, his mother suddenly fell ill, and he was in urgent need of money to participate in the “smart boss plan” of “Miracle”.

In 2050, artificial intelligence has become so developed that it can basically replace humans in thinking and computing. However, no matter how powerful artificial intelligence is, it is not human after all, and cannot always walk between sensibility and reason like humans.

The world BOSS is also a very critical feature system in “Miracle”. In order to be as perfect as possible, the game development team has launched this game plan called “Intelligent BOSS Plan”.

The artificial intelligence system will monitor all the psychological and physiological activities of the four real bosses, and generate the most comprehensive character model, so as to ensure that after the end of the plan, the artificial intelligence can also restore the most real world bosses.

The whole plan will last at least three years, and after three years, as long as the world boss is killed for the first time, they will be able to return to the real world.

In order to ensure the top secret of the plan, he cannot withdraw halfway, nor can he disclose relevant information to the outside world in any way.

The time flow ratio of “Miracle” and the real world is 1:12, that is, for every two hours in the real world, “Miracle” has passed a day. Of course, this time flow ratio is meaningless to Liszt, he can feel it every minute and every second.

It was not until later that Liszt discovered that he had simply jumped into the fire pit, or the kind that was burning the flames of hell.

The plan was to last for at least three years, but he stayed here for five full years without even seeing the dawn of returning to the real world.

Because, no one can kill him, and no one can achieve the achievement of “World BOSS Dark Lord” first kill.


Please, kill me, it only takes one time, even if it is just one time…

Lister still remembers his foolish “suicidal” attempts.

About a year ago, he went to Guangming City alone and found the “Mushroom Picking Girl”, who was ranked first in the world at that time and known as the Sword Saint of Morning Light, hoping that the other party would let him free.

Bright City has its own aura that weakens dark creatures by 20%, and the Sword Saint of Morning Light has a series of skills and equipment to restrain dark creatures – the most important thing is that he has just obtained an artifact called “Bright Sword”.

“Cause 500% damage to dark creatures”, this is the special effect of the bright sword, and it is also Liszt’s favorite special effect.

So, outside the city of light, the PK of the imperial city between the dark lord and the swordsman of the morning light, just opened the curtain!


“Big Fire Ball Technique!”

“Giant fireball technique!”

“Super Fireball Technique!”

Liszt bathed in all kinds of strange magic – the adventurers standing on the city walls were not just for the theater.

Sadly, they fought hard, but they did extremely limited damage to Liszt, and they didn’t play as fast as he could.

“Dark Lord!” The Sword Saint of the Morning Light appeared. He was splendid. He was wrapped in the silver morning star armor, with the fiery red phoenix wings behind him, and he was holding the brilliant sword of light in his hand.

He raised the sword of light, pointed at Liszt, and said solemnly: “Why invade the adventurer’s territory?”

Liszt didn’t know how to answer this question, after all, he was just a dark lord.

However, the Sword Saint of the Morning Light obviously did not expect his answer.


The Sword Saint of the Morning Light shouted angrily and jumped from the top of the city. He raised the Divine Sword of Light and slashed at Liszt like a thunderbolt.

In an instant, the Bright Divine Sword erupted with radiant rays of light, which were as splendid as the sun!

In the next instant, the Sword Saint of Morning Light smashed the sun into Liszt’s head!

Facing the sun, Liszt really thought that the Sword Saint of Morning Light could send him home.


“Trigger, passive skill! The majesty of the dark lord! Divine damage received is reduced by 80%!”

“Trigger, passive skill! Will of the Dark Lord! When taking excessive damage, transfer all damage to mana, and consume mana first.”

“Trigger, passive skill! Roar of the Dark Lord! When taking damage, return 200% of the damage to the opponent, and the skill’s effect on holy damage is halved.”

“…” (the ellipsis means that Liszt triggers far more passives than the above three)

The Sword Saint of the Morning Light slashed Liszt’s head with the Bright Divine Sword.

Then he killed himself with a sword, and his equipment fell to the ground.

The Bright Divine Sword, which Liszt had high hopes for, was lying on the ground at the moment, standing alone there.

“Roar!” Chenguang Sword Saint let out an unwilling roar.

“Roar!” The Dark Lord let out an unwilling roar.

Liszt had no choice but to turn around and leave, he sighed with great disappointment and great frustration.

“Trash, you can’t kill me.”

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