I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 10

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 10

Liszt was dozing off.

Fallen leaves and redheads are on an adventure.

The mobile fireball technique is like an infrared automatic tracking missile, and any monster that appears within a range of 500 meters will be instantly killed.

Like the scarlet spider, the ghost-faced spider, and the huge flame cockroach, they didn’t even have the chance to show up in front of the two of them, so they were sent back to their hometown by the fireball.

“It’s so strong.” Ye Luo said with emotion.

They gradually walked from the periphery to the depths, and any monster encountered on the road, no matter how high the level or how strong the attribute, was guaranteed to be taken away by a fireball.

“After all, it’s the magic of a super boss… Scroll.” The redhead almost missed.

The space ring that Liszt threw to the redhead was big enough, and it was only about one-tenth full so far.

The red hair is not polite, she did not pick and choose, as long as the resources dropped by the monsters, she will accept all the resources.

After all, she is a woman with a legendary space ring.

“Do you know the origin of Mr. Haster?” asked the redhead.

“I don’t know.” Ye Luo shook his head, “Do you know?”

The redhead shook his head: “I just met him too.”

“Shall we… continue to move forward?” Ye Luo stopped temporarily.

“Let’s go.” The red hair said, “I also want to see what the horror of Chi Yan looks like.”

The Red Flame Swamp is divided into three parts in total, namely the periphery of the Red Flame Swamp, the depths of the Red Flame Swamp, and the Terror of the Red Flame.

The Terror of Chiyan is in the center of Chiyan Swamp. This is the BOSS refresh point. Even a master-level adventurer must weigh his own strength.

Ye Luo and Red Hair have already swept away the depths of the Scarlet Flame Swamp, and if they move forward, they will enter the horror of Scarlet Flames.

The tricky thing about Chi Yan’s Horror is that in addition to the powerful BOSS, there will be a lot of intractable mobs constantly refreshed here.

Environment, mobs, BOSS, this is a severe test for most adventurers.

“Let’s go in and have a look, just to have a look.” Ye Luo said, “The environment inside is too complicated, even if it’s just a swamp or flames, it may directly kill us.”

“It doesn’t matter.” The red hair took out three scrolls, “Since they have all come here, I might as well take some cards out.”

She handed a scroll to Ye Luo: “Fire Element Immunity Scroll: After using this scroll, all fire damage the target unit takes is reduced by 90% for 180 minutes. This effect is only valid in PVE mode.”

PVE and PVP are two ways of playing online games. PVE is when players fight against computers, doing tasks to swipe dungeons to fight wild monsters. PVP is when players fight against players, such as arena or field PK.

“Fire Free Scroll?” Ye Luo said in surprise, “This… this is too precious.”

Elemental immunity scrolls like these are relatively rare, and can be sold for at least 100 gold coins in the market, and Ye Luohui has worked hard for a month and can earn 10 gold coins even if he is thankful.

As a scholar-level adventurer, the red hair obviously still has some means.

“Nothing, this cost is nothing compared to today’s benefits,” said the redhead.

“Let’s get five or five points.” Ye Luo said, “Mr. Hester is willing to give me five or five points of the proceeds, and I will also give you five or five points of my profits.”

The redhead responded: “Five or five points are too many, twenty-eight points is just fine, I didn’t have much effort, just picked up things for you.”

She knew that Liszt was giving benefits to Ye Luo, and if she took too much, Liszt would probably be displeased by it.

Both of them used the fire-free scroll, and the red hair pinched the third scroll: “Environmental Detection Scroll: After using this scroll, the target unit will predict the potential danger in the nearby environment, the effective range is 500 meters, and the duration is 180. minute.”

Now, neither the flames nor the swamp can help them.

The two looked at each other, then crossed the dividing line and truly entered the heart of the Scarlet Flame Swamp – the horror of the Scarlet Flame!

It’s amazing to say, about two or three hours ago, the two of them were still fighting to the death for the resources dropped by the blood red spider, but at this time they became a family who loved each other.

As the saying goes, there are no permanent enemies, only permanent interests.

When it comes to the horror of red flames, there is no safe route at all. There are raging flames everywhere, and there are muddy swamps everywhere.

“I Have a Scroll of Ghosts and Gods”

Some places look like grass, but once you step on it, the swamp below will reveal hideous fangs.

Taking advantage of the buff brought by the environment detection scroll, the two moved forward cautiously, and dutifully killed the surrounding monsters with the mobile fireball technique. It was an emotional killer.

“Give me your hand.” The red hair reached out to Ye Luo.

“What?” Ye Luo was stunned, “I can’t hold your hand, I have a girlfriend.”

“Girlfriend? Is that the one that blooms?” the redhead asked.

“Yes, it’s her.” Ye Luo said, “If I took another girl’s hand, she would definitely be angry.”

“But in my opinion, she doesn’t care about you as much as you care about her.” The redhead said, “She is closer to the wind than you are. Are you sure she is your girlfriend?”

Ye Luo blushed, a little embarrassed and angry: “In my heart, she is my girlfriend!”

“It turned out to be unrequited love.” The redhead sighed.

“It’s not unrequited love.” Ye Luo defended, “Huahua… Huahua is also very nice to me in private, but she will be colder in front of others.”

“That’s not standard scum…” Before the words “female behavior” behind the red hair could be uttered, the ground suddenly trembled!

Before they could react, in the raging flames, a huge spider with wings suddenly flew out!

The spider is huge, and the shadow completely covers the area where the two are. It has strange white bone wings stretched behind it, and there is a lifelike horror face on its abdomen. The eyes of the human face are staring at the two people coldly!

Demon spider! This is the most powerful BOSS in the horror of red flames!

Everything happened too suddenly. Facing such a ferocious monster, Ye Luo and Red Hair only felt blank in their minds. How could they think of resisting or escaping?

All they could do was watch the demon spiders fall from the sky.

The fireball that Ye Luo was holding split into a fireball, and the fireball skyrocketed. Before the demon spider landed, it was intercepted in the air.

The fireball touched the demon spider.


With a light sound, the demon spider was ignited. It was wrapped in flames and turned into ashes before it landed, leaving only the fallen items on the ground.

The demon spider didn’t even struggle, which means that it was killed the moment it was touched by the fireball.

what happened? The demon spider should be at the center of the horror of red flames, how could it appear here?

Soon, the two knew the answer. There were three adventurers chasing from the direction where the demon spider appeared just now, all of them “master-level adventurers” on their heads.

“Did you make up for our blame?” After seeing the falling items all over the ground, the master-level adventurers stopped, their faces were gloomy, and they approached the two of them.

It turns out… the demon spider was driven out, it was just running for its life…

“You…don’t come here!” Ye Luo shouted in horror.

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