I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 15

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 15

On the Continent of Miracles, as long as Liszt wants to find, there is no one he can’t find.

He asked out the almighty unidentified scroll again, and muttered something in his mouth, making Ye Luo feel that he was activating the scroll.

“Mr. Hester, why doesn’t it seem like I need to chant when I activate the scroll?” Ye Luo asked.

“It’s Hester, not Mr. Hester.” Liszt said, “I am the scroll given by the boss, and the quality is of course different from the ordinary magic scroll.”

“So it is.” Ye Luo suddenly realized.

launch! The call of the ninth-level magic Atropos! Based on the memory image, locate the player or NPC within the range, and the effective range is related to the magic value of the caster!

But in an instant, Liszt knew where the red hair was. He grabbed Ye Luo’s arm and activated the magic again.

launch! Forbidden Magic Tristalo’s Phase Teleportation!

The next moment, Liszt brought Ye Luo and descended in front of the red hair.

“Red-haired!” Ye Luo subconsciously called out when he saw the red-haired figure.

The redhead was obviously frightened, she froze in place for two seconds, and then finally reacted, turned around and ran away.

However, in front of Liszt, where could she go?

At this distance, Liszt no longer needs to activate magic, his speed attribute will throw the red hair 80,000 streets, and he will stop the red hair while strolling in the courtyard.

“You…what are you trying to do?” The redhead bit his lip and said, “This is a safe zone, you can’t be here…”

At this time, before the slower Ye Luo came over, Liszt said softly: “Trust me, in front of the real boss, the existence of the safe zone is just a decoration.”


He looked at the redhead with that condescending look and said, “Save your energy so I don’t have to make too much noise.”

Redhead never thought that she would be found so quickly, but since she did something bad, she also imagined what to do after being caught.

But now, in front of Liszt, she was horrified to discover that all the previous “crisis plans” were all in vain.

She knew that the safe zone was absolutely safe, but after Liszt told her that the safe zone could not protect her, she believed the other party for no reason.

Liszt has been the dark lord for five years, always standing at the top of the pyramid of miracles.

Now, in the face of the red-haired who absconded with the money, he no longer deliberately restrained himself. The terrifying aura of someone who had been in the upper position for a long time was oppressed on the red-haired body.

The redhead stopped trying to escape, only nodded.

At this time, Ye Luo also rushed to the scene. Liszt immediately changed his face and asked with a smile, “Redhead, what’s going on?”

Is Liszt angry?

The answer was no, he was not angry.

For what the redhead did, he just thought it was funny.

The redhead knew his identity, or half of his identity, at least she knew that Liszt was the boss himself.

Obviously, Liszt is not the kind of arrogant boss. He looks approachable and easy to make friends. It is foreseeable that the redhead can get a lot of benefits from him.

However, what is the reason that makes the red hair not hesitate to kill chickens to retrieve eggs, and fish out of the water?

Liszt is very curious. He has lived an empty and boring life for five years. Such “suspenseful” things will only make him interesting.

Instead, Ye Luo was very angry, he asked, “Why did you do this?”

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” The redhead’s emotions suddenly collapsed, tears welling up in her eyes, she lowered her head and choked, “I… I really have no choice, please forgive me!”

“What’s going on?” Liszt asked happily, pretending to be concerned.

“There was an accident at home. My father served as a guarantor for a friend. As a result, the other party went bankrupt and owed a lot of debts. The other party was unable to repay. The court ruled that the guarantor should bear the responsibility.”

“I had no choice but to sell everything I could sell for money, and wanted to help my father get through this difficult time, because the incident happened suddenly, and the hole to be filled was huge. I… had no choice, so I did such a shameful thing matter.”

“It turned out to be an accident at home.” Liszt nodded, “Excusable…”

Without waiting for the redhead to be overjoyed, he continued: “But the law is unforgivable. In the end, you have taken someone else’s things, no matter what you do with it, it is not correct.”

“If we apply to the system for a ruling, your fate…should not be much better.”

The redhead said with tears in his eyes, “I’m sorry! Please forgive me! I… can do anything!”

In the era of “Miracle”, the country has long had mature and perfect laws for online games, all interactions in the game will leave evidence, and it is basically impossible to escape sanctions.

After Ye Luo applies for a ruling, the system will retrieve all the data in the time period, make a judgment in a very short time, and then synchronize with the public security system.

At that time, as much as the red hair eats, it will spit out as much, and it will also bear criminal responsibility.

“Enough?” Liszt asked.

“What?” The redhead didn’t respond.

“I said do you have enough money?” Liszt continued to ask.

“It’s enough for the time being, to deal with the most difficult period in the past, the holes in the back can be filled slowly.” The red hair replied truthfully.

“How much is the hole in the back?” Liszt asked.

“A total of zero and zero, almost three million.” The red-haired looked at Liszt, she didn’t know why he wanted to know this.

“How much did you sell the equipment and resources before?” Liszt asked again.

“I was in a hurry to sell, and only sold two million.” The redhead replied.

“So much?” Liszt was surprised, he whispered to Ye Luo, “Is it worth so much?”

Liszt did not understand the market. He knew that the legendary equipment was very valuable, but he did not expect it to be so valuable.

Ye Luo replied: “Normally speaking, if you are waiting for a price, legendary equipment with poor attributes can also be sold for two million.”

Redhead sold everything together for a total of two million, which is a ridiculous loss.

“I’ll give you two more pieces of legendary equipment, you can sell them and fill the remaining holes.” Liszt said, “It’s more than enough to sell three million.”

“This… how can this work? I did that kind of thing before, and it was too much…” The redhead was so flustered that he didn’t know what to say.

“But there is a price.” Liszt interrupted the red hair and said, “If you are willing to accept the price, then the three million, plus the previous two million, will be written off.”

“Really?” The redhead’s eyes became firm, and she replied, “I…will accept any price and do anything!”

“If that’s the case, then be my maid.” Liszt said lightly.

“What?” Redhead suspected that he had heard it wrong.

“What? Are you dissatisfied? Still feel too harsh?” Liszt asked.

“No.” The redhead shook his head quickly, “I didn’t expect Mr. Hester’s request to be… so simple.”

“What did you call me?”

The red hair immediately corrected: “Master!”

Liszt nodded with satisfaction, and now he really needs an adventurer’s agent.

Besides, the maid training plan is the dream of all men…

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