I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 16

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 16

Liszt has many, many maids, and the goblins in the harem are all obedient to him, even more maids than real maids.

But he still lacks maids, especially adventurer maids, which is a top priority for Liszt to solve as soon as possible.

With the “Naughty Scroll of the God of Mischief”, he has the identity of an adventurer, but does not have the relevant authority of an adventurer.

Therefore, he needs an adventurer to become his servant, which can provide great convenience for his next actions.

Since he wants a servant, it must be a maid, after all, he is not interested in men.

In this way, under the witness of Ye Luo, Liszt successfully transformed the red hair into his exclusive maid.

what’s the situation? This thing… so it’s over? Ye Luo was stunned.

That’s not fifty thousand, nor half a million, but five million!

Poverty limited Ye Luo’s imagination, he really couldn’t understand, how could someone just throw away five million, as simple as giving an apple and a banana?

The point is, this is just the big brother’s younger brother. If it is the big brother himself, how exaggerated should it be?

Ye Luo was too young and not deep in the world. He was so stupid that he didn’t realize what was wrong with Liszt’s identity.

“I’ll tell you what to do in a while,” Liszt said to the redhead, motioning her to follow behind him first.

Then, he said to Ye Luo, “Are you interested in swordsmen?”

“I’m interested! Of course I’m interested!” Ye Luo said excitedly, “That’s a swordsman! A handsome swordsman in white clothes! I’ve liked martial arts since I was a child!”

“Then do you want to transfer to a swordsman?” Liszt asked.

“I want to!” Ye Luo replied immediately, but he hesitated again and whispered, “I want to think about it, but… it is too difficult to transfer to a swordsman.”

Ye Luo has no money, and his level is not high. What he is best at in Miracle Continent is part-time work. At present, the swordsman path is not suitable for him.

New careers like this are not very friendly to novices, because not many people know how to take the new career, and trying to grow is bound to cost trial and error.

For a newbie like Ye Luo, the cost of trial and error is too high.

“I just asked if you wanted to,” Lister repeated.

“Think!” Ye Luo replied firmly.

“Then don’t think too much about it. If you want to become a swordsman, then change careers.” Liszt said, “I will help you solve any difficulties.”

“This… is this okay? However, Mr. Haster has helped me a lot, so it’s really…” Ye Luo was flattered.

“If you don’t mind, you can take her as your teacher.” Liszt pointed to the red hair and said to Ye Luo, “In the future, she will be your teacher in name, but in fact you are my student.”

“Why can’t I directly worship you as my teacher?” Ye Luo asked.

“I’m a little guy of the big boss. If there is an agreement, I can’t add friends, and of course I can’t accept apprentices.” Liszt replied.

He added: “Besides, I am such a stinky apprentice, where can I get the qualifications to accept an apprentice?”

“That’s it.” Ye Luo opened his eyes wide and made a sudden realization.

“It’s not too late, you worship the sky now… oh, go to the teacher.” Liszt said.

The red hair called out the adventurer’s command bar and submitted the apprenticeship application to the system. After the system reviewed it, he soon sent Ye Luo the mentoring confirmation message.

“Are you accepting the application for a mentor-apprentice relationship from adventurer ‘Crimson’? Would you like to become a student of adventurer ‘Crimson’?”

Ye Luo chose the “Yes” option.

A red light lit up on the two of them, and a beautiful firework rose in place. This is the system celebrating the two people’s master-apprentice relationship.

In this way, Red Hair and Ye Luo became master and apprentice, and Ye Luo became Liszt’s student.

“Teacher.” Ye Luo respectfully said.

“Don’t be so serious, I like to play more, and I don’t like others to be respectful to me. I usually get along with me, and you can relax as much as you can.” Liszt said.

“Yes, teacher.” It seems that Ye Luo has not been able to adapt to this new type of teacher-disciple relationship.

He looked at the red hair again, his eyes became hesitant, he didn’t know what to call her.

Nominally, she is his teacher, which is not wrong, but he has already called Liszt the teacher, and then the red hair is the teacher, which is especially inappropriate.

But if you don’t call it a teacher, what should you call it?

Mistress? Certainly not.

Now comes the question, what to call the teacher’s maid?

The red hair is delicate, she saw what Ye Luo was thinking, so she took the initiative to say: “Don’t worry so much, just follow the previous name, red hair or crimson can be.”

“Since the teacher calls you red-haired, then I’ll call you crimson.” Ye Luo is not young, but he is quite knowledgeable.

The redhead nodded in approval.

“Your first task is to complete the job transfer as soon as possible and become a swordsman.” Liszt began to assign tasks to Ye Luo.

“I have a purpose in accepting you as a student. Swordsman is a new profession that has just been born. That boss wants to know its strengths and weaknesses as soon as possible. Your identity is an experiment.”

“It may sound a little indifferent, but the specific situation is like this, so you must become a swordsman as soon as possible.”

“With that legendary water-breaking giant sword, it shouldn’t be difficult to do,” he said.

Ye Luo said ashamedly: “Teacher, my level is enough, but the strength attribute is still a little bit worse. There is no way to equip this water-breaking giant sword for the time being.”

“Then go find a way.” Liszt said, “I will give you another piece of legendary equipment, you will sell it, and all the proceeds will be used to improve your own strength, understand?”

He casually found a piece of legendary equipment from the space ring and handed it over to Ye Luo.

“Understood.” Ye Luo took the equipment and said, “Thank you teacher!”

The redhead watched. During this time, she was a little numb to the legendary equipment. Such precious legendary equipment seemed worthless in Liszt’s hands.


She began to wonder, is Liszt really just a top master? Judging from the current situation, he should have already achieved the achievement of the whole body legend.

And if the whole body is full of legendary equipment, then it should be… at least a grandmaster?

Master class? This idea shocked the red hair. She knew very well that the current limit of the adventurer’s combat power in the Miracle Continent was only at the master level!

If Liszt is really a master-level adventurer, then where is he still a super boss, he is simply a Tyrannosaurus rex boss, the kind who can eat triceratops!

“You also have a mission.” Liszt found another piece of legendary equipment and threw it to the redhead. “Go to the market and sell it, and then come here to find me. I have orders.”

“Is the master still willing to believe me? Even if the master goes in person, he should be able to take action soon, and it won’t take long.” The red-haired asked.

“I don’t need to use people, I don’t need to use people.” Liszt smiled and said meaningfully, “Also, I have an agreement, and I can’t buy and sell things at will, understand?”

“Understood.” The redhead understood.

Similar to an unidentified scroll, the protocol… is also omnipotent.

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