I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 17

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 17

Ye Luo and Red Hair left one after another. Liszt did not rush back to the Castle of Horrors, but wandered alone in the Adventurer City.


Of course, it is not as magnificent as the Castle of Horrors, but it is full of humanistic atmosphere.

There are tavern shops on both sides of the road, and a group of young teenagers are surrounding the owner of the weapon shop, asking him to make weapons for them.

On the street, there are also vendors selling candied haws—this is not an NPC, but a player, a player with life skills such as cooking.

The world of adventurers gave Liszt a lot of fun.

He had been lonely for too long in the Castle of Horrors, and he dealt with NPCs every day, not to mention how boring his life was.

Of course, the dark ministers and the ladies in the harem have extremely high intelligence, and they are not very different from real people, but they are always different from real people.

Fakes are fakes, and they can never become real. For the past five years, Liszt seemed to be playing a single-player game.

Except Liszt himself is a real person, all the other characters are computer characters, which makes Liszt feel particularly lonely.

Liszt suspected that in another two or three years, he would be on the train to the mental hospital.

Fortunately, the naughty scroll, the god of mischief, saved him, allowing him to have the status of an adventurer and to communicate with other adventurers.

In the past, when Liszt was not an adventurer, the possibility of Liszt being integrated into the adventurer world was zero.

The world boss plans are kept secret, and adventurers do not know the special features of the four world bosses.

In their opinion, the world bosses are the same as other NPCs, they are all characters controlled by artificial intelligence, but the attributes are more powerful.

No one wants to be friends with NPCs. From the point of view of adventurers, NPCs are working-class tool people who are born to serve them.

For example, the meaning of the existence of the weapon shop owner is to provide equipment for newbies.

The meaning of the existence of the dark lord is to be killed to explode the resource explosion equipment.

Besides, Liszt is not a beautiful female character, and no adventurer will be his friend.

Just imagine, one day you were wandering in the Miraculous Continent in a relaxed mood, and suddenly someone tapped you on the shoulder.

You turned your head and saw that the name on this person’s head was “Dark Lord”.

If you are strong enough, you may make a gesture; if you are not strong enough, you will definitely run.

In any case, it is impossible for you to choose the third option – befriend the dark lord.

So, Liszt is lonely.

The kind of loneliness that the ladies in the harem can’t get rid of.

The excitement of the adventurer world made Liszt find it very interesting, and he was very excited.

“Can you make instant noodles?” Liszt asked.

“What?” the hawker selling candied haws asked in surprise.

“I said, can you make instant noodles?” Liszt repeated.

“Instant noodles… Who can’t make them?” the hawker replied, “Go to the supermarket to buy instant noodles, pour the hot water into it, and it’s ready?”

“No no no, I’m not talking about real instant noodles, I’m talking about instant noodles in the game.” Liszt said.

“Do you want to eat instant noodles here?” The hawker looked at Liszt with the eyes of a fool.

Liszt nodded vigorously: “Yes, I want to eat instant noodles in the game.”

“With this skill, you might as well go to the supermarket offline. It’s simple and convenient.” The hawker felt that Liszt was making fun of him.

“I really need this instant noodles, can you make it?” Liszt said, “I have money!”

“Rich?” the hawker asked immediately, “how much?”

“Ten…” Liszt was afraid that he said too little, and changed his words, “Is one hundred gold coins enough?”

“Enough is enough!” The hawker rubbed his palms, “Don’t worry, my cooking skills are level 13. As long as the funds are in place, let alone instant noodles, I can even make spaghetti noodles!”

“I don’t want spaghetti, I just want instant noodles,” Liszt said.

“What flavor do you want?”

“Braised beef noodles!”

The hawker was stuck in place for two seconds, probably using the command bar to perform the cooking operation. Before long, a bowl of steaming instant noodles appeared in his hand.

“No no no no right!” Liszt was so excited that he reached for it, but was avoided by the hawker.

“Industry rules, pay with one hand and deliver with the other,” the hawker said.

Liszt found a pile of gold coins in the space ring, and gave them all to the hawker without counting them, and then took the instant noodles over.

He sat on the roadside and couldn’t wait to take his first bite.

The hot instant noodles slid down his esophagus, and the unique pungency and aroma spread from his stomach, quickly poured into his limbs, and poured into all the pores on his body.


Liszt breathed a long sigh of relief, as if he had returned to the happy student days, when there was little money, a bowl of instant noodles was enough to make him happy for a long time.

The little wish of eating instant noodles was finally successfully fulfilled after he integrated into the adventurer world.

This is a heavy bowl of instant noodles, which carries Liszt’s sadness, his loneliness, and his nostalgia…

Of course, this is not the key, the real key is… there are still a million undead of adventurers!

Liszt devoured the instant noodles and devoured the instant noodles. He drank the last sip of the noodle soup and burped comfortably.

“You gave too much.” After he finished eating, the hawker over there counted the money and returned the excess gold coins to him.

“If you take it, it’s a tip for you. This instant noodles is really authentic!” Liszt praised.

“That won’t work. We have a principle. As much as we agreed, that’s how much it is, and I don’t want any more.” The peddler insisted on returning the gold coins to Liszt.

What a strange person. Liszt thought so, and put the gold coin back into the space ring.

What a strange person. As everyone knows, the hawker also thinks so.

Who would spend a hundred gold coins for a bowl of instant noodles in the game world? Who would put the transaction function without throwing gold coins around like apples?

“I will often come to you for instant noodles in the future,” Liszt said.

“Don’t worry, you have enough money!” The hawker gave him a thumbs up, then he carried the candied haws and continued to sell along the street.

“Master, the equipment has been sold.” It didn’t take long for the redhead to find Liszt, and she completed the task, “I’m lucky today, a business group just happened to be purchasing equipment.”

“How much did it cost?” Liszt asked.

“Three million gold coins,” replied the redhead.

“It should be enough.” Liszt nodded and said, “Let’s go, let’s buy a house.”


The redhead seemed to want to say something.

But Liszt didn’t give her a chance, he said, “Redhead.”


“Can you make instant noodles? I mean instant noodles in the game world.”

“No, but I can learn,” said the redhead.

Liszt nodded. To become a qualified maid, his life skills must be at least level 8.

are all life skills.

“Master…” The red hair was a little hesitant, but still said.


“You went the other way.”

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