I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 2

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 2

Liszt thought seriously about why no adventurer could kill him.

In the end, he came to the conclusion that the current progress of the game world is far from reaching the level of confrontation with the world BOSS.

Every time he went to die, it was not him who died, but the adventurers who wanted to kill him.

After thinking about this, he became a Buddhist, and just lived his small days in the Castle of Horrors.

But the Buddhist system is also not good. There are always some adventurers who, after getting the equipment and skills, swelled to the point where they didn’t know the south, east, north and west, and they had to go to the dark lord’s territory and challenge Liszt.

The result of this is often…

“Trigger passive skills, the greed of the dark lord! When the adventurer dies, all equipment above the legendary level will be forced to drop, and the dropped equipment cannot be picked up again!”

Maybe another way of saying it is easier to understand: “Trash, delete your account and start over.”

Later, in order to prevent the adventurer from coming to give away the head, he also specially hung up the free card, and at the same time let the dark guards patrol the outer edge of the forest. Their task is not to kill but to expel.

He really wanted to kowtow three times to the adventurers: Don’t come to die, gentlemen, I beg you to grow up quickly, come and kill me soon…

That bowl of instant noodles disappeared, Liszt tossed for a whole year.

It was the instant noodles that Liszt put so much effort into, but it was stolen by the system in the end. Who can resist this?

Apparently the system detected that he had been salting the fish for too long and gave him a small punishment.

What are you chasing at me, why are you hurting my instant noodles? What’s wrong with my instant noodles, you want to do this to it? !

Liszt was angry.

He can’t get revenge on the system, but he can get revenge on the adventurer by breaking the existing game balance to get revenge on the system.

As a result, the battle-free card of the Castle of Terror was taken off, the dark guards lined up, and the dark iron cavalry rushed out of the dark forest. Liszt personally put on it and led the army to the human continent!

“Big event: Dark turmoil! The angry dark lord left the castle of terror and pointed his sword at the Adventurer’s Land. His iron cavalry will break through all obstacles, and his anger will turn all obstacles to ashes!”

All the adventurers’ ears rang the system’s prompt sound.

“What? The dark lord is here? Is that the world boss of that terrifying castle?”

“What’s going on? Why did the world boss attack the Adventurer’s Continent on a large scale? This has never happened before!”

“It’s over, it’s over, I remember that once the world’s number one Sword Saint of the Morning Light was killed by a sword from the Dark Lord, and now it’s coming with an army, who can beat this?”

“Don’t talk nonsense, go to the warehouse, money, equipment, experience, what can be saved, how much can be saved!”

The big city closest to the Castle of Terror is Busy City. The adventurers here are the first to panic. The Dark Lord’s notoriety is so notorious that it is almost to the point of being a child.

That’s right, among the four world bosses, Liszt, who was most eager to die, was the most famous and the most successful.

“I said what are you afraid of? It’s not like we don’t have a safe zone. No matter how powerful the dark lord is, can he still kill people in the safe zone?”

A swordsman named “Lao Na doesn’t love Shi Tai” stood up. He was dressed in luxurious equipment, with dazzling wings and the title of “Master Adventurer”.

The adventurer titles of “Miracle” are divided into seven levels, namely novice level, apprentice level, scholar level, master level, master level, ruler level, and supreme level.

Titles are assessed based on the overall quality of the adventurer, including levels, equipment, attributes, skills, and more.

At present, no one can set foot on the ruling level. The master level is the limit of the current adventurer’s combat power. The master level is definitely a super boss.

The big guy continued: “I have seen the video of the battle between the Juggernaut of the Morning Light and the Dark Lord, and I found a very interesting detail. The Juggernaut of the Morning Light was shot to death by a sword, but the adventurers who launched the attack on the city walls did not. Any damage, do you know why?” He stood with his hands behind his back and made a special sale.

“Why?” The adventurers cooperated with him.

The boss nodded with satisfaction and replied: “This is because when they attacked, the location happened to be in the safe area, and the passiveness of the dark lord could not have any effect on them!”

“So, in the safe zone, we are absolutely safe!”

The adventurers suddenly realized: “Yes, why should we be afraid of the safe zone?”

“Can he still break through the safe zone?”

Some adventurers responded, and they said, “We don’t need to go anywhere, just stand in the safe area and see what the dark lord can do with us!”

“No or no.” The boss smiled and shook his head, “Just standing here, that’s not enough.”

The boss said: “The dark army of the dark lord is all elite monsters above level 80, with a very high explosion rate of gold coins and equipment, and a lot of experience!”

“Don’t you want gold coins? Don’t you want equipment? Don’t you want experience?”

The big guy is like a little devil tempting mortals.

The boss said again: “We don’t have to be afraid, follow me to the city wall, we can attack in the safe area, and if the dark lord dares to come, we will dare to use his army to gain money and experience!”

“Wonderful, why didn’t I expect such an operation?”

“We can even mock him while brushing resources!”

The adventurers were instantly excited. They followed behind the boss and came to the city wall of Bussi City, crowding the place.

Standing in the safe area without injury, brushing money and experience, this is a good thing that the pie falls from the sky!

The earth shook, and darkness spread from the horizon, quickly turning day into night.

Liszt’s dark iron cavalry has already rushed to the front of Bussi City!

Dark Dragoon Corps, Fallen Angel Corps, Hell Fire Corps, Dead Skeleton Corps…

The dark army surrounded the city of Buxi, and the strange and terrifying dark creatures stared at the creatures on the city wall, and their eyes were full of bloodthirsty desire!

Liszt rode the dark dragon king named “Dragon Devouring Light”, his whole body was bathed in black flames, and he was at the very center of the dark army.


“Stop pretending! What’s the use of such a big battle?”

“Come in and beat us if you have the ability! Can’t touch, can’t touch, are you angry?”

“It’s finally time to spend money and experience, the dark lord is strong, but it’s a pity that he has no brains!”

The adventurers on the city wall laughed, and some even turned around and took off their pants to slap the buttocks at the dark army.

Liszt didn’t respond, he just raised his hand.

“Activate! Forbidden Spell, Darkness Comes! Cities affected by this magic will temporarily release the protection of the safe zone and become a battle zone for a certain period of time!”

The urban barriers that symbolized the protection of the safe zone disappeared.

The smile on the adventurer’s face also disappeared.

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