I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 20

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 20

Liszt had to admit this fact.

That is he lost Lily.

Lily is an excellent dark slime, and Liszt will definitely get it back.

launch! The call of the ninth-level magic Atropos!

launch! The prayer of the three goddesses of tenth-level magic and fate!

launch! Forbidden magic, the flame of Prometheus!

Liszt tried a higher-level search magic, the forbidden spell called “The Flame of Prometheus”, which was able to locate the target through life information.

But Liszt still couldn’t find Lily, and all the magic seemed to be thrown into the sea without getting any response.

He doesn’t believe in evil, and on the Miracle Continent, as long as he wants to find, there is no one he can’t find!

Even if the slime isn’t human, that’s okay!

Among the four world bosses, Liszt has the strongest search ability because he is the lord of darkness, and darkness is everywhere.

launch! Super Forbidden Curse · The horror of the void of darkness!

Liszt used the godhead magic of the dark lord. On the land of miracles, only the dark lord can completely control the darkness, thus launching the dark super-forbidden spell!

With the activation of Godhead Magic, darkness descended on the Miraculous Continent. In such darkness, the sun no longer burns, and the stars no longer shine!

The darkness is like Liszt’s tentacles, and he can clearly perceive any area touched by the darkness.

However, he still couldn’t find Lily.

Lily seems to have disappeared from this world.

If Liszt has the relevant authority as an adventurer, he must open the command bar at this time and send a complaint letter.

“Where did you get my Lily?” Lister would write.

This is definitely the pot of the system.

First of all, the magic of Liszt’s fusion is a joke of phase teleportation and Tristalo, and it is impossible for these two skills to merge into a damage skill.

Secondly, taking 10,000 steps back, even if it really becomes a powerful damage skill, Lily… but she is immune to death.

As we all know, immunity to death is equal to immortality. No attack or magic can kill Lily.

So what’s the situation now? Did you delete Lily’s data? Otherwise how could I possibly not find it?

Liszt went to the main hall and carved a magic circle on the ground.

It took him three hours to finally complete the magic circle.

Presented in front of him is a huge magic circle with an extremely exaggerated area, which is covered with mysterious patterns and decorated with various magic gems, making the magic circle look quite spectacular.

Liszt didn’t waste time. He walked to the middle of the magic circle and put his hand on the largest black gem.

launch! Super Magic · Back in Time!

As the name suggests, the effect of rewinding time is to rewind time.

Only time magic can make the dark lord take so much trouble and spend three hours to describe the magic circle.

At the same time when the magic circle was lit up, the entire world of miracles suddenly solidified except for Liszt!

Liszt entered an indescribable void, with countless crystal balls floating around him.

There are different characters and different scenes in the crystal ball. These floating crystal balls are the whole world of miracles.

In other words, this void space is equivalent to the system background of “Miracle”.

These crystal balls store all the game data and player data of the Miracle World.

Liszt’s mind moved, and a crystal ball came to him. The scene inside this crystal ball was Liszt himself in the Castle of Horrors.

He turned the crystal ball counterclockwise, and the scene was changing as he turned, and the timeline was rewinding.

In the end, the picture of the crystal ball was frozen at the moment when Liszt created his own skills.

Liszt entered the world in the crystal ball.

He became a bystander, watching himself concentrate on fiddling with magical textures, trying to merge the two magics.

“Lily, are you there?” he heard himself calling.

A green slime appeared in the temple.

Liszt snapped his fingers, as if pressing the pause button for the video playback, and the whole world was frozen.

He walked to the front, engraved the formed magic pattern, and then wanted to leave here and return to the world of miracles.

“Who are you?” At this moment, his arm was pulled.

Liszt looked back in surprise, and found that it was himself who was holding his arm.

Liszt lives in Liszt.

The scene is very strange, and something that should not have happened happened at this time.

Liszt went back here through time, just to re-engraved the magic pattern at that time, and found Lily through the wrong magic pattern.

During this process, he will not cause any interference to the original time and space, and his identity is only a witness.

For Liszt in that time and space, Liszt who went back here through time does not exist at all, and the former naturally cannot respond.

So how did he get caught by himself?

In addition, this Liszt should be frozen with time and space, and it is right to stand there obediently as a wooden person.

what’s going on?

Liszt was stunned, and so was the other Liszt.

We will temporarily call the Liszt who has come back as Liszt No. 1, and the Liszt who exists in this time and space is temporarily called Liszt No. 2.

“The Exotic Land Reclamation of Vegetable Skeletons”

“Who are you?” asked Liszt II.

“I am you.” Liszt No. 1 replied.

“How could you possibly be me?”

“I am indeed you.”

Liszt No. 1 saw that there was an invisible darkness around Liszt No. 2, of course he knew that this was the omen before his attack.

Moreover, it is not an ordinary attack, but the strongest attack like an enemy.

“Listen to me, this time you created your own magic, there will be mistakes. The result of the mistake is to lose Lily. What I am doing now is to find Lily back.”

“What the hell is going on? Lily is missing, how can I meet you?”

“I’m not very clear about this issue.” Liszt No. 1 responded, “Probably because our strength is too strong.”

What he said is not unreasonable. If the strength is strong enough to break through a certain limit, even if the other party spy on it through time and space, it should be able to feel it.

“I have the right to think you are complimenting me.” Liszt No. 2 responded.

“If that’s the case, I hope you can pretend that you haven’t seen me. After realizing Lily’s disappearance, you’ll do what I’m doing now.”

“what do you mean?”

“You know that Lily will disappear, but you still use that magic vein, because if you don’t, there will be unpredictable changes in the future.”

“Okay.” Liszt No. 2 replied.

Sure enough, he was always the person he knew best, and Liszt No. 2 quickly agreed to Liszt No. 1’s proposal.

“Do you have anything else to say to me?” Liszt No. 2 asked.

“No.” Liszt No. 1 responded.

Their timelines are only two or three days apart. Even if Number One wants to tell Number Two some key information, it can only be out of reach.

“All in all, just do what you need to do,” Liszt No. 1 continued.

“Yeah.” Liszt No. 2 replied.

After reaching a consensus with No. 2, No. 1 successfully left the world of miracles frozen in time.

After returning to the world of miracles, Liszt No. 1’s memory was filled with the memory of No. 2 out of thin air.

Therefore, Liszt No. 1 had to sigh like this:

These designers are really more and more able to play with flowers.

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