I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 21

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 21

Liszt is too strong.

It’s so strong that it doesn’t allow others to snoop on it even if it’s separated by time and space.

After talking to himself in the original time and space, this memory immediately appeared in Liszt’s mind.

And all these details are made by the designer.

These designers of the “Miracle” development team have been obsessed with details to an outrageous level.

It is these seemingly unimportant details that make the world of miracles so real, making “Miracles” a worldwide game for all people.

Really courageous.

After leaving the void space, Liszt thought so.

For virtual reality games, time and space have always been taboo issues. If one is not handled properly, it will cause a chain collapse of the system and data.

Liszt would never do such a risky time and space detail anyway.

He suddenly woke up and thought of a somewhat terrifying possibility.

What happened just now, is it a detail carefully crafted by the designer, or is it an error due to the instability of the system?

“Fairy Wood”

If it is the latter, will this error trigger a subsequent chain reaction?

Liszt was a little worried. After all, he was also a designer before, and “Miracle” was like his child.

Of course he didn’t want to see “Miracle” going wrong.

He made up his mind that the next time he saw Red Hair, he would use her adventurer privileges to report this strange thing to the system.

Now, the first thing Liszt has to do is to get Lily back.

He re-engraved the wrong magic pattern, and then cast magic on himself.

launch! Forbidden Magic Tristalo’s Wrong Phase Teleportation!

The magic veins lit up, and Liszt disappeared in place.


Just after the teleportation was completed, he didn’t even have time to see the surrounding scene clearly, and was hit hard on the ground by something.

“Boom boom boom!”

About three seconds later, Liszt realized what had happened.

This sound, this tactile sensation, this vibration… It seems that he is being pressed to the ground with a hammer?

He was being pressed to the ground with a hammer!

This is not good, he is the dark lord, and it is really disgraceful to be pressed on the ground with a hammer.

He swung his right hand, trying to push away the unknown creature that was riding on him.

But…it didn’t push?

With Liszt’s panel attributes, there is nothing on the Miracle Continent that he can’t push. After all, he even pushed down the God King of Light.

What’s going on?

Liszt tried again, but the unknown creature seemed to have taken root and remained motionless.


So Liszt gave it a punch.

“call out!”

This time it worked, the unknown creature flew high, like a rocket soaring into the sky, and soon disappeared out of Liszt’s field of vision.

“It’s really tall.” Liszt put up a awning with his hands and looked at the direction where the unknown creature disappeared.

At this time, he had time to look at this strange world.

It’s… a very strange world indeed.

To be precise, it is better to call this place a passage than the world.

The entire space is cylindrical, showing the appearance of a circular passage.

But in this passage world, there are also mountains and rivers, as well as flowers, plants and trees, and the area is so vast that Liszt’s eyesight can’t see the end.

The strangest thing is that the channel world is translucent, and you can clearly see the green data flow surging under the world.

This is a semi-finished world of data.

Liszt was a designer by birth, and he went through a similar situation.

This is not the world of miracles, but it has the same laws as the world of miracles, otherwise he can’t bring attributes and skills.

what’s going on? The well-informed Liszt was also stunned.

How could Tristalo’s wrong phase teleportation teleport him into this world?

Moreover, what is going on in this world, is there a designer who has written the world halfway through and forgot to delete the data?

Before Liszt could understand, he heard the sound of wind and thunder coming from above his head. He looked up, and it turned out that an unknown creature was falling.

He clearly saw the appearance of the unknown creature. It was a green girl with a whole body. She was very petite, but she was extremely hot, and her eyes flashed with ruthlessness that was completely different from her appearance.

It wasn’t until Liszt saw the pair of very familiar tentacles on the girl’s forehead that he finally reacted…

This unknown creature is Lily?

Why did Lily become like this?

How come I’ve never seen it in this form?

Lily fell from the sky and pinned Liszt to the ground with one punch.

“Daguida, can you put on your clothes first?” Liszt covered his face with his arms.

Slimes don’t wear clothes, and dark slimes don’t wear clothes, so Lily at this time, of course, didn’t wear clothes.

So Liszt was really overwhelmed.

“Is something wrong with you? I’m your master! How could you do anything to me?” Liszt asked.

“Master?” He heard Lily respond, “Then I want to thank you for bringing me such a good body.”

“Who are you?” Liszt’s voice became cold.

“It doesn’t matter who I am, what matters is that this body belongs to me!” Lily replied, “and will always belong to me!”

Liszt was temporarily out of Lily’s attack range, and he floated in the air, staring at each other coldly.

“I don’t want to talk too much nonsense, leave that body, give Lily back to me, then I can give you a good time,” he said.

“Don’t talk big, this body is immortal, you may be strong, but you can never kill me!” Lily said.

“Really?” Liszt’s voice turned completely cold.

The dark lord will also be angry.

The last time he was angry, he harvested the souls of a million adventurers.

He didn’t expect that soon, he would be angry again.

The harem is Liszt’s inverse scale, which is not allowed to be touched by anyone else.

Lily is just a dark slime, not so close to Liszt, but since it is a queen, it is a female, and of course a member of the harem.

Those who are qualified to be called the harem are not just those fairies who can sleep.

More often, gender differences are sufficient.

Liszt clearly remembered the feeling of holding Lily in his arms, how cute those soft tentacles were.

But now, there is an unknown consciousness running from nowhere, occupying Lily’s body.

How can this work?

Liszt was angry.

He thought about being beaten on the ground by the other party just now, which made him even more angry.

Those who make Liszt angry will inevitably pay the price.

Lily charged towards Liszt again, it was extremely fast, turned into green electric light, and came to Liszt in an instant.

Liszt raised his right hand towards Lily.

launch! Ultra-Order Magic·Sea of Steel and Blazing Sun!

launch! Ultra-Order Magic · King of the Furious Sky!

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