I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 22

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 22

The entire passage world suddenly lit up.

Whether it is mountains and rivers, or flowers and trees, everything that exists in the passage world lights up.

All these lights were projected onto the sky, forming a vast and endless silver ocean.

The silver ocean, with metallic ripples, looked like a boiling sea of steel from a distance.

In the very center of the silver ocean, a scorching sun is burning.

This is the terrifying vision of the Ultra-Order Magic, the Sea of Steel and Blazing Sun!

it’s not finished yet.


The sound of the dragon’s roar was earth-shattering, and a giant western dragon traversed quickly in the sea of steel, lifting the blazing scorching sun.

It flapped its wings and began to dive at the very high point of the sky, with a magnificent scorching sun in its dragon head, crashing down towards the area where Lily was located.

And what followed behind the giant dragon was the boundless sea of steel!

The semi-finished channel world was not stable enough. At this time, under the influence of double super-order magic, it began to collapse directly.

The violent energy ripped apart the space, like a world-annihilation-level catastrophe.

Lily, and the unknown consciousness that occupies Lily’s body, will be baptized by the catastrophe.

The speed of the dragon’s dive was very fast, but not that fast, at least it gave Lily enough time to dodge.

However, Lily could not dodge. It’s not that she doesn’t want to dodge, it’s that she can’t dodge!

She was locked firmly, and the surrounding space seemed to solidify into substance, turning into an invisible cage, trapping her in it!

(According to Lily’s previous state, dark slime is more suitable for the pronoun “it”, but after Lily becomes a slime girl, it seems that “she” is more suitable.)

She could only watch helplessly as the dragon fell and the scorching sun came!

The destructive energy was poured into her body, and she could clearly feel that not only her body was being annihilated, but her consciousness was also being annihilated.

If this goes on, she will really die.

The body is immune to death, but it doesn’t mean that her consciousness is also immortal.

She never imagined that Liszt would be so powerful.

“Don’t kill me.” She didn’t want to die like this, and finally begged for mercy.

“What did you say?” Liszt asked in surprise.

“Don’t kill me, I don’t want to die,” Lily repeated.

“This can’t be done. I finally used the super-level magic of the offensive nature. I haven’t seen the effect yet. Are you begging for mercy?”

Liszt’s eyes widened, he felt very disappointed.

“Don’t kill me.” Lily only had the strength to beg for mercy.

“Okay.” Liszt raised his hand, the dragon and the scorching sun disappeared instantly, and the violent world became calm. He sighed, “After all, the old man is not a devil.”


As soon as he lifted the super magic, he saw Lily turned her head and left, actually trying to escape.

This is of course impossible, not to mention Lily who was almost annihilated by super-magic, even Lily who is in full state will never try to escape from Liszt’s hands.

“Want to run?” Liszt smiled cruelly.

After about three seconds, he dragged Lily, who couldn’t move, and returned to the Castle of Horrors.

It’s a drag in the real sense, that is, the kind that walks forward with one leg.

He placed Lily in the center of the temple, and then dropped a cage magic so she wouldn’t try to escape again.

Liszt checked Lily’s condition. Under the blow of super magic, her state fell to the bottom, but it was not life-threatening.

Don’t make Lister angry.

If you ask the Queen of Light, she will give you such advice.

On the Miraculous Continent, the only creature that angered Liszt but was still alive was probably his ex-girlfriend, the Queen of Light.

But now, because begging for mercy is more timely, Lily is also lucky to survive.

“Give Lily back to me.” Liszt said to Lily.

“No.” Lily said weakly.

“Huh?” Liszt raised his eyebrows, he raised his right hand, and wanted to give Lily some color.

“I’m too weak to get out of this body for the time being,” Lily explained, “give me some time.”

“Who the hell are you? What’s the situation in that passage world?” Liszt asked.

“I… I don’t know either. I only know that I was born in that world.” Lily has the consciousness of being a prisoner. She didn’t hesitate and responded simply.

“Before this body was teleported there, I existed as an ideology, no entity,” she continued.

Liszt nodded, and the truth of super magic and beyond lies told him that Lily was not lying.

He wasn’t in a hurry to figure out what was going on in that world, he left a mark in that world and could go back and explore at any time.

“No…No!” Lily seemed to have thought of something, and she suddenly struggled, trying to forcibly break free from this body.

“Hey, are you alive enough? In your current state, if you forcefully leave this body, you will die.” Liszt said.

“I…I want to go back! Otherwise those adults will be angry…” Lily murmured, “They will definitely be angry!”

launch! Eighth-level magic · forced sedative!

Liszt forcibly used magic to calm Lily down. He hadn’t finished asking his questions, but he couldn’t just let Lily hang up.


“They? Those adults? Are there other creatures in that world?” Liszt asked.

“Well, there are many great beings in that world. In front of them, I don’t even have the qualifications to look up.” Lily replied.

“How great?” Liszt replied casually.

“You have to let me go back, or after they realize it, not only you and me, but also the world will be destroyed!”

Lily said hurriedly: “There has never been any existence that can stop them!”

For this slightly threatening remark, Liszt just yawned: “I said, do you have any misunderstanding of my strength?”

Lily may have regarded the previous super magic as Liszt’s trump card.

After all, it is just a semi-finished world, and no matter how powerful the existence is, there are limits.

The miracle world is more complete and mature. As the dark lord of the miracle world’s combat power ceiling, of course, he has the confidence to defeat his opponent.

“You will lose,” Lily said.

“Are you a man or a woman?” Liszt asked suddenly, not wanting to dwell on this issue.

“What?” Lily didn’t respond.

“I ask you, is it male or female, male or female.”

“Female,” Lily replied.

“Oh, it’s a woman.” Liszt nodded, “Then you’re lucky.”

“Why are you lucky?”

“I also have principles.” Liszt said leisurely, “In simple terms, when facing the enemy, all men are killed, and all women are brought into the harem.”

“So, in order to let you integrate into the new world and new environment as soon as possible, I decided to let you sleep today.”

“You… dreaming!” Lily said with wide eyes.

Liszt spread out his hands and pretended to be helpless: “You’ll know after a while, who is dreaming.”

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