I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 25

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 25

Liszt returned to the Castle of Horrors.

If he wasn’t in a hurry, he didn’t want to use super-magic to wipe out the abyss of desire.

It made him seem to have opened the second chart, which was not fun at all, and it was even more lacking in interest.

Holding hands with the redhead to go shopping, enjoying those rare little ambiguous things, what a wonderful thing.

But no, Liszt has more important things to do.

He has to come back to fulfill a promise.

It’s just that the pitiful Abyss of Desire has endured such an innocent disaster in vain. After being hit by super-level magic, it will not refresh until the elements are completely dissipated.

It would take at least three hours to completely dissipate the ice element.

That is, for the next three hours, Abyss of Desire will have to close its doors.

After killing the entire map of the Abyss of Desire, Liszt successfully obtained all the materials on the note.

He reluctantly said goodbye to the red hair. Today, the red hair was very good, which made him itchy.


Be patient, wait until she becomes a qualified little tiger before eating her!

Liszt comforted himself.

With the materials he collected, he returned to the Castle of Horrors, and it was almost 9 o’clock in the evening.

He found a relatively empty room in the temple, placed all the materials on the ground, and then began to perform.

Forbidden Magic, Mind Furnace.

In front of Liszt, the colorful magic energy was constantly entangled, and quickly condensed into a huge furnace burning with flaming flames.

The purple flame burned silently, as quiet as a deadly poisonous snake spitting out snake letters.

Liszt threw all the ingredients into the furnace.


The furnace, which was originally extremely quiet, suddenly erupted with a thunderous whistle after coming into contact with those materials.

Liszt turned a deaf ear to these noises. He closed his eyes and used his mind to manipulate the furnace in front of him.

Mind furnace, as the name suggests, is a furnace that uses mind to manipulate.

The more powerful the mind, the more it can smelt out what the user wants.

It just so happened that Liszt was the most powerful being on the Miraculous Continent.

But even Liszt, with such a powerful mind, took two hours to complete this smelting.

Liszt had tried it before, and even if it was mythical equipment, he could smelt it in half an hour.

So, what’s in the mind furnace?

When the hour hand passed 11 o’clock, the flame went out, the furnace dissipated, and Liszt took out the finished product.

Without stopping, he left the room with the finished product and came outside Lily’s cage.

“Wake up.” Liszt gently taped the finished product next to the cage.

“Roar!” Lily, who was supposed to be exhausted, suddenly jumped out. She let out a howl like a beast and slammed into the cage.

Her eyes were frantic, and she seemed to have completely lost her mind. She waved her hands indiscriminately, desperately approaching the finished product.

“Now, we can negotiate the terms.” Liszt said quite proudly.

But he soon discovered that it was too early to be complacent, because Lily had completely lost her mind and had no idea what he was talking about.

Liszt still underestimated the allure of the finished product for Lily.

Of course, it is impossible to not communicate. Liszt temporarily put the finished product into the space ring, and Lily quickly calmed down.

“Then… what is that?” Lily’s eyes were full of nostalgia and obsession.

“The strength of the body I built myself is equivalent to a mythical-level weapon. I specially added the function of mind recasting, which can change the appearance according to the user’s thoughts.”

Lister paused for a while, then continued: “The most important thing is that this body is made of materials from the Abyss of Desire, and it has a fatal temptation for a conscious body like you.”

Judging from Lily’s performance just now, Liszt’s “deadly” is not an exaggeration.

“What do you want?” Lily asked.

“I just wanted to make a deal,” Lister said. “A little deal.”

“What deal?”

“I can give you this body,” Liszt replied, “but in exchange, you have to enter my harem, and you will sleep tonight.”

Liszt continued: “Don’t worry, this deal is definitely more cost-effective for you. I not only help you with your body, but I will also be responsible for your safety in the future. I am also working very hard.”

“No… No!” Lily bit her lips out blood, she refused very reluctantly, this was her last stubbornness.

“If that’s the case, then there’s nothing I can do.” Liszt didn’t bother anymore, he turned and left, “You… just do it yourself.”

“Wait!” Lily stopped him as soon as Liszt took two steps.

“What?” He turned back with a half-smile.

“As long as I agree to your terms, you are willing to give me that body and keep me safe, right?” Lily said through gritted teeth.

“Yes.” Liszt nodded, “I am the dark lord, and I will always do it.”

“Okay.” Lily said quietly.

“What did you say?” Liszt pretended not to hear.

Lily was about to cry, she cried loudly: “I said yes! I promise your terms!”

“It’s really pitiful.” Liszt pouted, pretending to be distressed.

“Give me that body!” Lily urged.

“Don’t worry.” Liszt shook his finger, “First think of a name for yourself.”


“After leaving Lily’s body, you are no longer Lily, and I can no longer call you by Lily’s name.”

“I have a name, my name is…” Lily said hurriedly, she couldn’t wait to get the body.

“No no no, it doesn’t matter what your name is, what matters is what name I will give you.”

Liszt continued: “From now on, your name is… Feifei!”

She occupied Lily’s body before, and Liszt gave her a similar but different overlapping name to Lily.

“You can call it whatever you like, in short, give me that body!” Feifei was about to go crazy.

“The Exotic Land Reclamation of Vegetable Skeletons”

“Look at you in a hurry.” Liszt chuckled, he canceled the cage magic and took out the body, “Here it is.”

A ray of light flashed past, and instantly disappeared into this new body.

Feifei’s consciousness quickly merged, and her body became what she wanted.

She was still petite and hot, just like Lily before, except that the color of her body changed from green to milky white, which made her look even more alluring.

After completing the fusion, Feifei turned around and fled without saying a word.

What are you kidding? Who is going to sleep with you? As long as I can get out of here, at my speed, absolutely…

However, Feifei was horrified to find that this body did not obey her orders at all. She clearly wanted to escape, but she turned around and walked towards Liszt uncontrollably.

No, it’s not that he is out of control, but that Liszt at this moment also has a fatal temptation to Feifei!

Even stronger than this body’s temptation to Feifei!

Feifei’s eyes were blurred and she came to Liszt.

However, after approaching a very ambiguous distance, that fatal temptation suddenly turned into a strong hatred!

With all her strength, she swung her fist at Liszt.

Liszt easily cut her hands and pressed her against the wall.

“You… what have you done to me?” The huge contrast between temptation and hatred made Lily feel a strong sense of tearing.

“I’m afraid you’re not obedient enough, and I’m afraid you’re too obedient.” Liszt laughed, “So, I added some characteristics to this body.”

“You are a devil! You are a sinister, shameless, despicable and cunning devil!” Lily scolded.

“That’s right.” Liszt smiled, “I am the Demon King.”

“I am the Dark Lord and rule all darkness in this world.”

“Not just the darkness visible to the naked eye, but also the darkness lurking in the depths of the heart.”

“I am the Demon Lord, a very bad Demon Lord.”

He turned Feifei around and made her face the wall.

“So, resist.”

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