I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 26

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 26

The war lasted until the sun rose and finally came to an end.

The war broke out in the Dark Temple, spread to the Nightmare Promenade, and finally ended in Liszt’s bedroom.

Feifei was exhausted and fell asleep with the quilt in her arms. She frowned and gritted her teeth hatefully, apparently not getting rid of her hatred for Liszt.

However, the corners of her mouth could not help but rise slightly, revealing a satisfied smile. It seems that Liszt’s performance last night did not disappoint her.

Feifei did not disappoint Liszt, in fact, he hadn’t enjoyed it so much for a long time.

He got up contentedly and changed his clothes under the service of the maid. Compared with Fifi’s exhaustion, he was radiant and full of energy.


In the world of miracles, Liszt does not need sleep. The reason why he sleeps is just to live a more real life.

“Master, did you have a good time last night?” Luna brought Liszt’s breakfast to the table in person, and then stood beside him.

“Did I hear it wrong? Why do I feel that there seems to be some unhappiness in your tone?”

“Luna dare not.” Luna replied, “It’s just that Feifei is an outsider after all, and the master is having so much fun with her, other sisters will inevitably have opinions.”

Liszt turned his head and looked at Luna carefully. He suddenly realized that Luna was also changing before he knew it.

Not only did I learn to be jealous, but I also learned the yin and yang weirdness, which is really amazing…

That is to say, the Castle of Terror does not need foreign affairs, otherwise Luna is definitely qualified for the position of diplomat.

Last night, Liszt’s movement was indeed a bit loud, and it is estimated that the entire Castle of Horrors heard it.

“Luna, have you ever thought about why I have so much fun with her?”

Liszt said: “In terms of appearance, she is not tall; in terms of figure, she is not good. At least compared to you.”

“Luna doesn’t know, I hope the master can give me some advice.”

“Because she has something more attractive to me than her looks and body.” Liszt said.

“Does Master like to be forced?” Luna asked.

“It’s not forcing, it’s resistance. I didn’t force her, I rarely force others.” Liszt shook his head.

“But, last night…” Luna said cautiously.

“That’s just the appearance you see, the truth… it’s not like that,” Liszt said.

He nodded Luna’s eyebrows and said, “Go and see for yourself.”

Forbidden Magic · Past events reappear.

Forbidden magic and consciousness intertwined.

When Luna came back to her senses, she was already trapped in a magic cage. She returned to last night and became Feifei.

She couldn’t control her body, but she could clearly understand Feifei’s feelings. The so-called bystander was clear, she knew even better than Feifei what she was thinking.

The time now should be that Feifei was trapped here not long ago, and Liszt had just left for the Abyss of Desire.

Luna could feel that Feifei at the moment was both panicked and scared. She was very worried that those great beings in the passage world would be angry.

“Who are you? Why are you here?”

A lazy voice came from nearby, and a moving face appeared outside the cage, and Luna recognized at a glance that it was the little fox demon named Yuelan.

“I was caught here.” Feifei replied, “by that hateful dark lord.”

“If you still want to live, you’d better take back what you just said.” Yuelan’s tone became dangerous, “He is our king.”

In Liszt’s harem, Yuelan’s character is particularly gentle and lovely. If it was someone else at this time, she would have already shot at Feifei.

Survival is Feifei’s first rule, otherwise in the passage world, she would not be able to beg Liszt for mercy.

So, hearing Yuelan say this, Feifei’s tone immediately softened: “Dark Lord, is he strong?”

“Master is the most powerful god in this world, no existence can defeat him.” Yuelan said.

“In other words, he can guarantee your safety?” Feifei asked.

“Of course.” Yuelan was a little surprised, “Why do you ask that? We don’t need the master to take action, we can protect ourselves.”

“Come here.” Feifei beckoned to Yuelan.

Yuelan didn’t know why, so she asked, “What do you want to do?”

“You are too far away, I want to see what you look like.” Feifei said.

Yuelan has always served around Liszt. She has a kind and simple mind. She has no doubt that she has it, so she moved forward.

I saw a ray of light passing through the gap in the cage, and instantly fell on Yuelan’s body!

Feifei repeated her old tricks, she wanted to take She Yuelan and use this body to escape.

The magic cage greatly limited her strength, and only at this distance could she seize Yuelan’s house.



The light hit Yuelan, and then retreated at a faster speed. Feifei held her head in her hands and screamed in pain.

“What’s wrong with you?” Yuelan didn’t even notice Feifei’s attack, she asked with concern, “Are you feeling unwell?”

At this time, Feifei finally realized that, not to mention the dark lord, even the subordinates of the dark lord are insurmountable mountains for her!

After a long while, Feifei gradually recovered, and she asked, “Dark Lord… How much stronger than you?”

“If the master wants to kill me, then one thought is enough.” Yuelan replied.

Feifei bit her lip, hesitated for a while, and finally asked, “Do you know… what is a squatting room?”

Yuelan is a fox demon, and she is the least shy about this kind of thing. She is very vivid and meticulous to Feifei Cope about what it means to be a sleeper.

“Really? As long as I do these things, I can let him keep me safe?” Feifei was surprised, she seemed to think that the difficulty of this condition was a little low.

At this point, Luna already understood that Liszt was right, that this… is indeed not forced.

Because, long before Liszt came back, Feifei decided that she was willing to sleep.

“However, the master doesn’t seem to like being too obedient, you can be… stubborn.” Yuelan said to Feifei.

“Really?” Feifei said eagerly, “Can you teach me?”

Under the influence of the forbidden spell, Luna felt Feifei’s psychological process very clearly.

The Forbidden Magic didn’t end here, time was still going backwards, and it didn’t take long for Liszt to appear in the field of vision.

Luna felt the fatal temptation of that body to Feifei.

After Feifei got the body, she also felt Feifei’s fanaticism and hatred for Liszt.

Liszt’s temptation to Feifei was stronger than the previous body, and after getting close to the ambiguous distance, this temptation would turn into a strong hatred.

The existence of two extremely contradictory emotions made Luna a little lost.

In a trance, Liszt’s voice came from behind her.

“So, resist.”

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