I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 27

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 27

Just when Luna was enjoying the style of last night, Liszt had left the Castle of Horror.

Since he got the prank scroll and became an adventurer, he has suddenly become busy, and he has unfinished things to do every day.

Being busy is a good thing, at least a lot better than having nothing to do every day.

Only by being busy can Liszt find the meaning of life.

He worked as a salted fish in the Castle of Horrors for five years, and suddenly a salted fish turned around, and he was really not used to it.

No matter whether it is adventurous or cultivated, as long as there is something to do, Liszt is very content. Because of his busy schedule, his nightlife is more lively and harmonious.

He went to Ice Flame City and saw the lovely redhead in the mansion.

The redhead…is doing something meaningful.

“Hester, pour me a glass of water.”

“Hester, pour me a glass of water.”

She was performing in front of the mirror, constantly adjusting her expressions and movements, and trying to make her tone more arrogant.

After a while, maybe he felt it, the redhead pulled his hair, put his hands on his chest, and then raised his head, his eyes full of disdain.

She ordered in that standard icy queen voice: “Hester, pour a glass of water.”

So Liszt obediently handed the water glass to the redhead.

But he was not particularly respectful, let alone kneeling on one knee to present the water glass, he just handed the water glass to the redhead in the simplest way.

“My Healing Game”

He wanted the redhead to be the queen cub, but that didn’t mean he wanted to be a slave or a servant.

To be more specific, what he wanted the redhead to be was a queen-type maid… After all, it was still a maid.

Serve him like a queen.

Just thinking about that scene made Liszt feel intrigued.

The queen is here to serve him, not him to serve the queen.

After all, Liszt didn’t have some strange hobbies, and he wasn’t interested in a meaningful letter either.

For example, M.

The reason why he cooperates with the redhead so much is that he wants her to grow up as soon as possible and become the little tiger he likes.

Positive feedback is still very important.

“Master…Master!” The red hair was terrified, she broke down in an instant, and she didn’t know where to put her hands, “I…I just…”

“No need to explain.” Liszt said, “I am very satisfied with your performance just now.”

“However, it will be even better if you can maintain the same appearance in front of me.”

He reached out and tried to rub the redhead’s hair, but he quickly gave up the act – is the queen’s hair touchable?

“I’ll keep trying,” the redhead said firmly.

“Yo, master, it’s not bad.” Liszt just noticed that the title of red hair has become “master adventurer”.

This also shows that the red hair barely has the qualification to be killed by Liszt.

“Well, I shot the legendary equipment and used the resources in exchange to improve my strength.” The red hair nodded, “You said before, scholars are really too shabby.”

Liszt sighed, if Ye Luo had such executive power as red hair, what else should he worry about?

“Aren’t you offline for a rest?” Liszt asked.

The things that the red hair does, whether it is to improve his strength or practice the queen’s style, are very time-consuming.

Every time Liszt came over, he could see the red hair, and he almost doubted whether the red hair was online 24 hours a day.

“My current status is your maid. It is my job to meet your requirements in the game.” The redhead replied.

“I will go offline three times a day, and I will be online again after 15 minutes of eating.” The redhead said with a smile, “You can find me anytime.”

Miracle is a virtual reality game and the most popular online game for all in the world.

And “Miracle” can be popular all over the world in a short period of time, there is a very key factor, that is, playing this game is equivalent to rest.

It is a real rest. After docking with the game helmet, the player will enter a deep sleep state, and the game content will be presented in the mind in the form of a dream.

The difference from the real dream is that the dream produced by “Miracle” will not be forgotten.

Therefore, playing games is equivalent to sleeping, and playing games every day is equivalent to sleeping every day.

As we all know, indulging in games hurts the body, but compared to traditional games, “Miracle” does little damage to the human body.

If there is any harm, it is probably the muscle atrophy caused by indulging in games and sleeping every day.

“I usually don’t have anything to do here. You don’t have to stay in the game every day, and often go offline to exercise to avoid physical problems.” Liszt said.

“Got it,” the redhead replied.

“Eight hours.” Liszt directly set the time for the red hair, “You rest at least eight hours a day, this is the bottom line.”

“Yeah.” The redhead nodded.

“Is there a connection with Ye Luo?” Liszt asked, “How is his situation over there?”

“He also worked hard.” The redhead sighed, “Signed up for the indiscriminate duel competition.”

“Indiscriminate duel competition?” Liszt wondered.

“Don’t you know about the indiscriminate duel competition?” The redhead said in surprise, “That is the most important competitive competition in the world of miracles.”

Liszt is just an innocent dark lord who has just acquired the status of an adventurer and knows very little about the adventurer world.

The redhead had to explain: “The indiscriminate duel competition is to allow adventurers of different levels to compete fairly. Here, the apprentice also has the possibility to defeat the grandmaster.”

“With a better ranking, he can get enough resources to become a master?” Liszt asked.

“No, the rewards of the indiscriminate duel competition are indeed very rich, but the whole competition will last for a month, and the day when the prizes are received, it is too late.”

“Then why did he do such a meaningless thing?”

“He sold everything he had and took the money to bet.”

“What note?”

“I bet that he can win consecutive games in the next seven days and successfully rank among the thousand.”

“Thousands of people?”

“It’s the top 1,000 adventurers in points, and they will continue to participate in the second race.”

“If he wins the bet, then he can get enough resources to become a master, right?”

“Yes,” said the redhead, “but… it’s not that simple.”

She explained: “The first race is two weeks in total, but Ye Luo doesn’t have that much time.”

“So, he can’t finish the schedule step by step. Only by getting the second schedule pass card can he finish the bet ahead of schedule.”

“How do I get that pass-through card?”

The redhead looked into Liszt’s eyes and took a deep breath.

“In the indiscriminate duel competition, achieve a hundred consecutive victories.”

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