I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 29

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 29

Liszt decided to experience the experience in the Indiscriminate Duel Tournament.

He is very interested in this game format and wants to understand the specific settings.

The soul of the programmer is burning, and the heart of the siege lion is calling!

“Would you like to go in and try?” Liszt asked.

“No, I’m not good at this.” The redhead shook his head, “I’ll wait for you outside.”

Liszt went to the registration office to get a qualification certificate, and then walked into the indiscriminate arena.

His first opponent was a bald-headed looking very burly one.

“Who is coming, sign up and come!” The bald brother said angrily.

Liszt was not in the mood to talk to him, raising his hand was a fireball technique.

The bald brother was killed.

“Eh?” Liszt looked at his hands inexplicably.

What about indiscriminate duels? What about the balance of power? How could a small fireball send the other party away?

He doesn’t believe in evil, it must be that the bald brother is too weak, and he moves on to the next game.

This time his opponent is a petite and cute loli.

“Big brother, I’m weak, can you let me?” Loli said pitifully.

“Then I only use fireball, okay?”

“Okay.” Loli smiled happily.

Then the happy Loli was sent home by the little fireball.

“What’s the situation?” Liszt stood there, startled.

Could it be that it’s not that the bald brother is too weak, but that he is too strong?

So the combat balance system has collapsed?

It must be that Loli is too weak!

Liszt decided to continue the fight.

A big boss in women’s clothing appeared in front of him.

“Don’t pity me because I’m a delicate flower.” The thick-voiced muscular women’s clothing boss said “thousand charming”.

“Fuck!” Liszt hurriedly used fireball to send him away.

But he didn’t expect that the women’s clothing boss suffered a fireball, but he didn’t die.

He immediately went to the dying women’s clothing boss and asked, “Why didn’t you die?”

“Why do people die?” The women’s clothing boss was so angry, “Why can you use the fireball technique to beat people to blood?”

“I don’t know,” Liszt replied. “It seems strange.”

The burning effect brought by the fireball technique will soon send the women’s clothing boss away.

“People’s equipment is full of fire element resistance, and the full value of fire element damage is weakened. Why can you use fireball to kill them?”

“No seconds, no seconds, aren’t you still alive?” Liszt corrected.

In this game, the maximum element resistance is 75%. For example, your elemental magic can cause 100 points of damage, but if the opponent has full resistance, the final damage is 25%.

And this 25% damage will also be reduced by “elemental damage weakening”, and the limit of this value is 90%.

That is to say, according to the description of the women’s clothing boss, the fire element damage he finally received should only be 2.5%.

“You fight so much fire resistance, why do you get so much fire resistance?” Liszt asked.

“Because there are too many fireball princes like you in the arena, people just want to disgust you.” The women’s clothing boss replied.

“Prince of Fireball?” Liszt knew for the first time that there was such a title.

The women’s clothing boss is dying, and it (the name is confirmed to be correct) may be carried away at any time.

“Why can you bring in equipment resistance?” Liszt suddenly realized this problem.

“In the first game, as long as you have the equipment inheritance stone, you can have the equipment effect in the next game.” The women’s clothing boss knows everything.

“That thing is very expensive.” Liszt said, “You bought the equipment inheritance stone just to run in the disgusting Prince of Fireball?”

“I’m rich, can’t I?” The women’s clothing boss threw a wink, “People just like disgusting people!”

Well, Liszt had to admit that he was indeed disgusted by the other party.

He can compete in the field of indiscriminate competition, but completely lost to the opponent in the disgusting field.

“Can you add a friend? Your fireball technique is so comfortable!”

The women’s clothing boss may be determined to use a skill called “disgusting” to kill Liszt.


Liszt felt a chill in his heart, and he kicked the women’s clothing boss in the face, and he was never seen again.

In order to calm down and forget about the women’s clothing boss as soon as possible, he continued the next battle.

This time his opponent was an iceberg beauty with short hair, which was very much in line with his taste.

The beauty has a good face and a noble temperament. She has the aura of a royal sister and stands there indifferently.

I have to say that she is very cold, unlike those “false icebergs” who are cold and glamorous but wearing hot, she is a “real iceberg” in a long blue dress.


With her on the field, Liszt felt that the surrounding temperature was much lower.

In short, the appearance of this ice beauty is what Liszt hopes the red hair will eventually become.

Ice Beauty didn’t speak, and she didn’t bother to talk to Liszt. She raised her hand, and the magic elements around her were surging, and she was about to attack Liszt.

“Wait!” Liszt raised his palms.

Bingmei frowned, she didn’t do anything for the time being, she wanted to see what Liszt was going to do.

launch! Fourth-level magic · searchlight!

launch! Level 5 magic · self-perception!

launch! Seventh-level magic · The truth of Tasimia!

Then, the ice beauty saw Liszt throw all kinds of magic on her crazily.

This self does not refer to Ice Beauty, but Liszt himself…

Yes, Liszt wants to know what is going on with him in the arena. This combat power balance system… doesn’t seem to be useful at all!

He threw all kinds of exploration magic on his head, and finally saw the data like this:

“Nickname: Hester. (The character is in a state of balance)”

“Adventurer level: Level 50. (The result is the result of the balance of combat power)”

“Adventurer level: scholar-level adventurer. (This result is the result of the balance of combat power)”

Liszt watched for a long time and confirmed that the balance of combat power had not failed. Now he is indeed in a state of balance of combat power.

Then why can he send people home with a single fireball technique?

He is messy.

“I said Miss, do you know what’s going on with this combat power balance system?” he asked bravely.

However, the response he got was a roar of frost.

So he can only break through the blockade of Frost Roar, holding the fireball technique and pressing the ice beauty to the ground.

“How did you do it?” Ice Beauty asked in surprise.

“How do I know?” Liszt’s right hand was a scorching fireball, which made Ice Beauty’s face glow red. “That’s why I’m asking you.”

“You tell me the mechanism of the combat power balance system, I can give you this game.” Liszt said.

He gestured with the fireball in his hand, which meant that he could kill Ice Beauty at any time.

Facing his threat, Ice Beauty just smiled contemptuously.

“I surrender.”

As soon as the voice fell, her figure disappeared in place.

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