I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 30

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 30

A series of question marks appeared on Liszt’s forehead.

Miss, what’s the matter with you?

Do I look so scary? I just want to ask two questions, is it so much better to die?

Liszt felt his authority as the Dark Lord was being challenged.

He is a demon king, not a demon, so why treat him like a demon?

Liszt was very aggrieved.

So he decided to get the place back.

“Go back first, I have something to deal with.” He left the arena and said to the red-haired waiting outside.

launch! The call of the ninth-level magic Atropos!

launch! Forbidden Magic Tristalo’s Phase Teleportation!

After the red hair left, Liszt located the ice beauty through the memory image just now, and then teleported it to her side.

Ice Beauty… is suffering.

A real suffering.

She was nailed to the cross firmly, and the blood dripped like a spring, and it was already a pocket lake on the ground.

Countless people surrounded the cross, and they laughed cruelly and cheered for the blood of Ice Beauty.

Behind the cross, there are holy angels and evil demons at the same time, the angels are pitying, and the demons are laughing!

“Is it really worth dying to shed blood for the sake of mankind?” the angel said sympathetically.

“Haha! Sadness! Such a sad death for a sad human being! Your death will have no meaning!” the demon scoffed.

The holy light cut through the haze-filled sky and suddenly descended on the world, an incomparably sacred atmosphere spread over the sky, and the sound of pure singing reverberated in the space.

The image of God, Jehovah, was revealed in the sky. He stared at the ice beauty, whose face was blocked by the holy light, so he could not see clearly.

Satan the Devil also came, and he appeared opposite the Lord, occupying the other side of the sky, the front of the cross.

The scene in front of her looked extremely ironic. God was behind the cross, while Satan was in front of Ice Beauty.

Ice Beauty is on a story mission, this is her single copy.

The World of Miracles has a very high degree of game freedom, but at the same time it also has an absolutely complete and beautiful plot.

The plot will go in different directions according to the choice and performance of the adventurer. At this time, the ice beauty has reached the chapter of “The Passion of Jesus”.

Miracle Continent has modified the myth of Jesus’ crucifixion. In this plot, the adventurer will become the legendary saint Jesus.

In the original mythology, Jesus suffered for mankind, and it was his death that made God forgive mankind’s sins, and mankind was grateful to Jesus.

But in the reformed version, humans don’t appreciate Jesus, they don’t think Jesus paid for their sins for them.

And this magically modified version of the plot will only be triggered by atheist adventurers, and those true Christian believers in reality will never encounter a similar plot.

To put it nicely, this is called “adjusting measures to local conditions”; to put it badly, it is called “meeting people and serving dishes”.

It is precisely this game strategy that specific adventurers analyze in detail that makes “Miracle” a popular game all over the world.

Elena’s holy nail nailed the ice beauty to the cross, almost draining her blood, but at this moment, the ice beauty, who is a saint, still did not die.

The soldier named “Longinus” walked up to the ice beauty, holding the famous “Longinus gun” in his hand.

The spear of Longinus, the spear of God, the spear of destiny, the spear of Jesus!

“Your sacrifice is in vain.” Longinus said to the ice beauty.

“We won’t sigh, and we won’t be surprised. What you are doing now is just your own pity and sacrifice.”

Longinus raised the gun in his hand.

“We are human beings, not like you gods above.”

“We are greedy, we are lecherous, we are lazy, we are jealous… we have committed all the sins you speak of.”

“Hey, since the gods are not human, how can they condemn us?”

“Sin?” Longinus sneered, “We are just humans, doing what humans should do.”

“We will not plead guilty,” he continued. “So, your sacrifice was just self-indulgent.”

“What are we human beings to blame?”

“Satan or God.” Longinus raised the spear in his hand high, and then stabbed the ice beauty fiercely, “Fuck your gods!”


God and Satan were provoked at the same time.

In just an instant, the holy light of heaven and the fire of hell came at the same time, and they descended on divine punishment, wanting to completely wipe mankind from the world!

How will the next plot develop?

The ice beauty is waiting, looking forward to the next plot. Humanity is impossible to go extinct, so what will happen?

“Hey! What are you doing up there?” She heard someone calling her from below the cross.

She looked in the direction from which the voice came, and found that it was a young man who seemed very friendly who was shouting at her.

Wait, why does this guy look familiar? Did I see him in the arena just now?

Isn’t this a one-player story? How could he be here?

Ice Beauty is a little suspicious of life.

“You haven’t answered my question yet!” Liszt expanded his hands into trumpets and shouted, “What is the mechanism of the combat balance system?”


“What did you say?” God’s punishment came, and the surroundings were so noisy that Bingmei couldn’t hear what Liszt was saying.

“What is the mechanism of the combat power balance system?” Liszt repeated.

“It’s too noisy, I can’t hear clearly!” Ice Beauty replied.

“Then wait!” Liszt threw a forbidden spell and went out.

Forbidden Magic: The End of the Planet.

Whether it was angels and gods, demons and Satan, including the humans around the cross, all the moving creatures in the scene turned to ashes and dissipated with the wind.

The whole world suddenly quieted down, even called dead silence.

Yes, Liszt gave the whole map a second again.

“Did you do it?” Ice Beauty asked in disbelief, “What did you do?”

“It doesn’t matter what I do!” Liszt walked up to Bingmei, “What matters is that you haven’t answered my question!”

“what is the problem?”

“What is the mechanism of the power balance system in the Indiscriminate Duel Competition?”


“What is the mechanism of the power balance system in the Indiscriminate Duel Competition?”

Liszt thought that Bingmei didn’t hear clearly.

“You came here just to ask me this question?”

Bingmei thought that either she was crazy or Liszt was crazy.

“Otherwise? Is there any other reason?” Liszt spread his hands.

“Why should I tell you?” Ice Beauty asked rhetorically.

“I think.” Liszt patted the cross and said.

“You need someone to let you down.”

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