I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 31

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 31

As we all know, most of the games in the world have something called “plot kill”.

The so-called plot kill is to be killed by the plot. You may be very strong, you may be the strongest in the world, but you will still be killed by the plot.

The plot teaches how to be a human being, but it doesn’t say that the soldiers in the plot are all big bosses with full-level divine costumes. Even if they really win, they will be forcibly killed by the plot in the end.


For example, suddenly there is a rabbit passing by and blocking your view and you are cut in half.

For example, the BOSS who was already dead suddenly has a thousand arrows piercing his heart from behind.

Another example is that a meteorite suddenly fell from the sky when you were proudly preparing to pick up equipment.

There are all kinds of bizarre ways to die, only you can’t think of it, and you can’t do it without a plot.

All in all, just kill you.

Obviously, the ice beauty just now is experiencing “plot kill”.

However, Liszt, who came to ask questions, forcibly ended the whole plot…

Liszt had no sense of making trouble at all. He stood in front of the cross and looked at Bingmei with malicious intent.

Angels and Gods, demons and Satan, and the humans around the cross were all taken away by Liszt’s forbidden spell in an instant.

But the cross was unharmed, and the ice beauty was still nailed to it.

Depending on the situation, it will definitely not trigger other plots in the future.

All NPCs were taken away by Liszt, and even the haze covering the sky disappeared, where else could they go to trigger the plot?

“Who the hell are you?” said Bingmeiren. “Is this also part of the plot?”

Liszt liked her performance very much. He could clearly see her mood swings, but those mood swings tended to be flat, which perfectly matched the temperament of Ice Beauty.

“I’m Hester, like a fake adventurer.” Liszt said, “We just played against each other in the arena.”

“I know that, I know you.” Ice Beauty replied, “You are the wretched man who held the fireball technique.”


What? When did I become a naughty man? I was thinking about how I look like, how can I have nothing to do with the three words wretched man!

“That’s not the point.” Liszt returned to the topic, “The point is that I want to ask you a question.”

Ice Beauty sighed, she knew what Liszt wanted to ask.

But Liszt repeated: “What is the mechanism of the power balance system of the indiscriminate duel competition?”

“Why are you making fun of me?” Ice Beauty asked, looking into Liszt’s eyes with a cold tone.


“I don’t know how you did it, but you ran into my single-player plot and killed all the plot characters, only to ask me that irrelevant question?”

Ice Beauty sneered: “Stop joking!”

“???” Liszt was completely stunned by the questioning of Bingmei’s soul.

“Who sent you here? What do you want to do? What is your real purpose?”

Liszt had an illusion that it was not Ice Beauty but him who was nailed to the cross at this time.

“I really just want to know the answer to that question!” Liszt was speechless at the moment.

“Put me down.” Ice Beauty said.


“I said, put me down!” Bingmei said in a serious tone.

“Oh.” Liszt responded, and subconsciously took two steps forward, trying to put the ice beauty down.

No… not right! Why should I put you down? ? ?

Liszt reacted in time, and he said, “Hey! You haven’t answered my question, why should I put you down?”

“Put me down!” Bingmei emphasized her tone again.

“Then if you say something nice, I’ll put you down.”


Ice Beauty stared at Liszt without saying a word.

“Just say anything, give me a step symbolically, don’t I want to lose face?”


Ice Beauty continued to stare at Liszt without saying a word.

“Okay, okay.” Liszt finally succumbed to the “Queen’s lewd power”, and he threw a destructive magic on the cross.


The artifact-level cross was torn apart and completely collapsed in a matter of seconds.

Ice Beauty finally regained her freedom.

“Do you want to answer my question?” Liszt was still chasing after him.

“Have you finished yet?” said Bingmei impatiently.

“…” Liszt sighed, “You win, I’ll ask someone else to ask.”

He felt that it was difficult to communicate with Bingmei. He was not a dog licker, and he really didn’t master the communication method of licking a dog.

If he is Ye Luo, maybe he can have a good time with Bingmeiren.

But he is not, he is the dark lord high above, the kind that can slap God and Satan to death.

He thought so, and wanted to activate the teleportation magic and go back to find the red hair.


It was at this time that he heard what seemed to be a sob coming from beside him.

He followed the sound and saw the ice beauty with her back to him. She lowered her head, covered her face with her hands, and kept shaking her shoulders. She was actually… crying?

What’s going on? Why did you cry? Liszt was completely stunned.

He is the most embarrassing girl to cry, especially beautiful girls.

“What’s the matter with you?” Liszt asked.

He wondered what he didn’t do, why did he make Bingmei cry?

Moreover, with the character of Bingmeiren, the performance of such a strong contrast is really…too unreal.

“Don’t worry about it!” Ice Beauty walked forward while crying.

“Where are you going?” Liszt said, “This is your plot world. You can’t get anywhere when you go to the end of the world.”

“Don’t worry about it!” Ice Beauty wiped her tears and walked forward.


She walked too fast, not paying attention to her feet, and tripped over the shards of the cross.

After being tripped over, her emotions finally collapsed completely. She simply stopped getting up, and sat there sobbing softly, crying until the pear blossoms rained.

“Can we stop crying and speak clearly first?” Liszt wanted to kneel down and kowtow three times to her.

“I… What did I do wrong! Why is everything targeting me? Even playing a game can be so unsatisfactory?”

Ice Beauty sobbed: “Reality is cruel enough, everyone tells me to be more enthusiastic, everyone wants to change me, relatives, friends, superiors, all of them are like this.”

“But I am like this, even if I want to change, how can I change?”

“I finally played a game and wanted to relax, but I ran into you!”

“The half-month-long storyline has finally come to the end, and the next big chapter will begin soon…”

“In the end, the bamboo basket was empty. You killed all the plot characters and killed the plot directly. What am I going to do next?”

“You…you pay me for the plot!”

I have to say, Bingmei’s temperament, even if she cried, she cried like a queen.

“What’s there to cry about?” Liszt said, “Isn’t it just the plot, I’ll just pay you.”

He snapped his fingers.


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