I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 33

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 33

Love comes too fast like a tornado.

Oh, that’s not quite right. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with love.

But this is definitely a gorgeous affair.

The gorgeous Liszt meets the gorgeous ice beauty, and the whole encounter begins in the gorgeous and will end in the gorgeous.

It’s like a bastard if you don’t take advantage of it. (rhyme)

Liszt has never been a bastard, he is a man of the sky. (rhyme)

This is a lamb delivered to your door. If you don’t eat it and wipe it clean, you will be punished by God in the future.

However, instead of doing it right away, he used teleportation magic to take Ice Beauty to the Holy Land.

This is a holy world full of light.

The stones on the ground glowed, the air in front of me glowed, and the clouds in the sky glowed.

The light is overwhelming, but it is not dazzling. Instead, it looks warm and gentle, like the early morning sun, giving people a very comfortable feeling.

At the end of the line of sight, there is a magnificent group of temples suspended in the air, looking extremely sacred.

The holy country and the abyss of desire seem to be two extremes. The holy country is holy and pure, and the abyss of desire is terrifying and charming.

Facing the abyss of desire, adventurers experience the fatal temptation brought about by fear, but facing the sacred kingdom, they can experience the worship of physical and mental surrender.

“Have you been here?” Liszt asked.

“Yeah.” Ice Beauty responded, “but it’s just the periphery.”

The Holy Land is a newly opened map, and the corresponding adventurer level is from Master to Ruler.

Only the top masters have the qualifications to step into this place, and the masters can only wander around the periphery. Only the powerhouses of the ruling class can really clear this map.

But at present, the entire adventurer world has not been able to produce a dominant powerhouse.

However, since this map appeared, it means that the dominant adventurer is not far away.

After the ruling class, it is the supreme class. When the supreme class powerhouse is born, Liszt can go home happily.

At least… that’s what Liszt thought.

“Let’s go in for a walk.” Liszt took the ice beauty and walked towards the temple on the horizon.

The monsters here are so powerful that even the grandmasters have to stand guard, but in front of Liszt they are as fragile as paper.

“Who the hell are you?” Ice Beauty asked.

“Who do you think I am?” Liszt asked rhetorically.

“You are not very kind. I have already told you who I am, but you still refuse to say who you are.” Ice Beauty said.

She was drunk and hazy, leaning on Liszt’s body, the fragrance on her body mixed with the aroma of wine into a charming fragrance.

But even so, she always had a cold taste, and Liszt really liked this kind of temperament.

“Actually, you didn’t tell me who you are.” Liszt said, “I don’t even know your name.”

“I tell you who I am, and you can tell me who you are?” Ice Beauty said.

“No.” Liszt shook his head, “I signed a nondisclosure agreement.”

“Are you… a designer, or a tester?” Ice Beauty said, “But that doesn’t matter, right?”

“Yes, it doesn’t matter.” Liszt said.

“My game nickname is Bingdie, and my real name is Chen Bing. You can call me Bing’er, or Sister Bing.”

If it is really called Sister Bing, Liszt might as well call her Ice King. Ice Butterfly + Queen = Ice King. No problem.

The Ice King is impossible, and of course Sister Bing is impossible, so Liszt decided to call her Bing’er.

“Why did you bring me here?” Bing’er said, “I thought you would take me to a more exciting place.”

“I have something I want to show you.” All the way, Liszt passed through the outer temples and joined Bing’er into the central temple group.

In the end, he brought Bing’er to the core area of the Holy Kingdom.

What appeared in front of them was a splendid temple that was extremely brilliant, as if it had exhausted all the luxury in the world.


Liszt pushed open the door of the central temple and walked in just like that, with Binger following behind him.

“Who disturbs my sleep?” A very majestic voice came from inside the temple.

“It’s none of your business, what should I do?” Liszt threw a magic trick in.

Level 6 magic, the wooden man is not allowed to move.

So apart from Liszt and Bing’er, all the moving objects in the temple stopped moving.

At the end of the temple, on the dazzling golden throne, sat an aloof god king. He exuded terrifying energy fluctuations and possessed extremely powerful coercion.

The name of the God King is called the Holy God, and he is the strongest BOSS in the Holy Kingdom.

However, in the face of Liszt’s magic, the powerful god-king eventually became a wooden man who could not move.

“Pseudo-god.” Liszt walked in front of the god-king, “I can’t imagine that such a splendid palace, so real and sacred, is dedicated to a false god.”

“You’re a spoiler.” Bing’er was a little dissatisfied, “If that’s the case, what’s the fun in the future exploration?”

“It will be fun, how can there be no fun?” Liszt smiled and motioned for Bing’er to walk over.

He took off the king’s crown and put it on Bing’er’s head; he went to the king’s scepter again and put it into Bing’er’s hand.

“What?” Bing’er asked in confusion.

Liszt sent the Holy God away, cleared the interior of the temple, and then made a gentlemanly gesture and said to Bing’er, “Please.”

Bing’er sat on the throne of the Holy God.

She wears a sacred crown and holds a sacred scepter. At this moment, she is not only a queen, but also a goddess.

Bing’er has that kind of aloof and cold temperament, which fits perfectly with her current appearance.

Even a certain ex-girlfriend who is also a god king failed to give Liszt such a feeling.

This kind of temperament, this kind of Bing’er, Liszt really liked it very much.

“You said you wanted to indulge.” Liszt replied, “If you just find a wood or a tavern, it’s really… not considered indulgence.”

He bent down and admired Bing’er’s face up close, then he lifted her chin and kissed her unreasonably.

“Why do you…” After the long kiss, Bing’er opened her eyes wide and said in confusion, “We didn’t do couple certification, did we?”

“Do you regret it?” Liszt replied, “If you regret it, it’s still too late, and I can take you back anytime.”

Binger would be so proactive, but she was actually not afraid. She understood that with the protection of couple certification, Liszt would not do anything too much to her.

Perhaps, at that time, she really wanted to do something too extreme, but this idea was also generated under the protection of couple certification.

But now Binger has discovered that the protection of couple authentication does not exist at all.

This made her a little at a loss.

“Don’t force yourself, I won’t force you.” Liszt said, “If you don’t want to, then go back.”

Binger stood up.

Liszt sighed, it seems that today he is going back to find the young lady in the harem.

However, Binger didn’t seem to plan to leave.

After getting up, she turned around, faced the direction of the Throne, bent down, and prostrated on the splendid Throne.

She lifted the ice-blue long skirt to her waist, and said to Liszt with a very recognizable cold voice.

“bring it on.”

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