I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 36

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 36

After settling down Bing’er, Liszt hummed a little tune and activated the teleportation magic with pleasure.

At this moment, Liszt seemed to have become a young girl in love, who would smirk at the thought of Binger, like a baboon who had successfully mated.

He has begun to look forward to a happy life with Binger in the future.

Wait…what is this thing in the sky?

Liszt used teleportation magic to return to the Castle of Horrors, and then found that the sky above had undergone obvious changes.

As the exclusive domain of the dark lord, the sky of the Castle of Horrors has always been unique and is a very famous attraction in the world of miracles.

However, the lucky ones who can come here to watch the scenery are really limited.

The Castle of Horror was shrouded in deep darkness all the year round. Liszt didn’t like the night every day, so he created the sun with magic and ushered in the day after the night.

Like the Adventurer’s World, the Castle of Horrors with the sun also has the alternation of day and night.

Originally, the terror and gloom in the sky were hidden in the darkness, but after the sun rises, they will have nowhere to hide and appear naked.


Above the castle of horror, in the sky lit by the sun, there are huge shadows that are indescribable, they seem to exist, as if they do not exist, or both exist and do not exist.

Adventurers who come here will feel extremely strong fear when they see these shadows.

Different from the Abyss of Desire, the fear of the Abyss of Desire is also mixed with fatal temptation, and the fear of the castle sky is just pure fear brought by the extreme darkness!

If the strength is not strong enough, just this fear is enough to send them back to the activation interface.

But now, the castle sky has undergone a very strange change.

It was daytime at this time, and the sun created by Liszt hung high in the air, and the light fell on every corner of the Castle of Terror.

Above the sky, in addition to those indescribable huge shadows, something else appeared.

There were clouds floating in the sky that had nothing but shadows, and there were birds passing between the clouds.

Birds, ordinary birds, not monsters, nor NPCs.

It is absolutely absolutely impossible for ordinary birds to appear in the Castle of Horror.

Liszt looked closely, and he soon discovered that these clouds and birds were just images, not real.

Moreover, in these images, he can still see the faint data flow.

These data streams, Liszt had seen, were in the channel world that turned Feifei back.

He quickly made a judgment. For some reason, the passage world… is merging with the castle sky!

Before long, these clouds and birds will change from images to reality.

interesting. Liszt thought so.

He ran and snatched Feifei Ti, who was sleeping, away.

“Let go of me, let me go!” Feifei didn’t wake up, struggling desperately with the air of getting up.

“The sun is so high, are you still sleeping?” Liszt didn’t let her go.

“Let go of me!” Feifei punched and kicked Liszt, and ahwu bit him on the arm.


Feifei seemed to be biting on the iron plate, and she rolled on the ground holding her head in pain.

“Look, you have been punished.” Liszt said with his hands spread.

If it weren’t for the physical strength he gave Feifei high enough, and her attack just now was not deliberate, otherwise just the counter-injury would be enough to kill her.

Liszt lost a healing magic to restore Feifei to her original appearance.

“Don’t come here!” Feifei turned and ran.

She had just run four or five meters, but turned around and had to approach Liszt.

“You…you just kill me!” Feifei was so aggrieved that she was about to cry, she gave up on herself.

Liszt watched her run around, doing back-and-forth running in front of her, and thought it was quite interesting.

Out of humanitarian concern, he temporarily shielded Feifei’s body and made her normal.

Feifei glared at Liszt, her petite body threw herself up, and opened her mouth to take another bite at Liszt’s arm.


As if turning back time, Feifei rolled on the ground again in pain.

“Why?” There was no way, Liszt could only heal Feifei again, “I don’t hurt, it’s you who hurts.”

Fei Fei’s poor attack power could not even break Liszt’s defense, and the damage to him was only symbolic.


Liszt could pretend to be in pain, but it wasn’t necessary.

“Who cares so much! It’s enough to relieve anger!” Feifei said full of resentment.

“Then are you relieved?” Liszt asked.

“No!” Feifei glared angrily.

Liszt stretched out his arm, meaning that since he is unhappy, come on and bite as you please.

Feifei was still hesitant, she rubbed her face subconsciously – of course she wanted to bite him, but biting him was too painful.

“You… bite yourself!” Feifei proposed a plan that hello, I’m good, only Liszt’s bad.

“Why are you so angry?” Liszt asked. He pondered that the characteristics were blocked, how could Feifei still be so tossed?

“What do you think?” Feifei asked back, “What did you do, don’t you know?”

“You have to say that, I seem to have done a lot of things.” Liszt nodded.

“Leave after you sleep? Do you do this to other women too?” Feifei said angrily, “I asked Sister Luna, and she said you and her are not like this!”

Oh, so I was jealous.

Liszt looked at Feifei with a smile, but did not speak.

Only then did Feifei realize what she said just now, and she was so ashamed on the spot that she was so angry that she didn’t pay attention and said what she said in her heart.

“Shame!” Feifei turned and ran.

Liszt took her back, and because of Fifi’s petite stature, he could even carry her in his hand.

“Okay, okay, I’ll make it up to you next time.” Lister made Feifei’s eyes face the sky, “Now, I have something important to tell you.”

“What’s up?”

“See those clouds and birds?”


“did you see……”

Before Liszt could finish speaking, Feifei observed those familiar data flows.

All resentment and anger disappeared instantly, replaced by fright and fear, Feifei said absentmindedly: “Come, they are here, they are here to kill me… We will all die.”

“What to die for?” Liszt slapped her on the forehead with a slap. “Jing said some bad words. With me here, who can move you?”

Feifei covered her head and said tearfully, “But… those great beings are really strong.”

“Great existence?” Liszt sneered, “It’s just a turkey!”

He put down Feifei and opened his hands towards the castle sky.

Ultra-Order Magic: Dawn of the Gods.

“What are you doing?” Feifei asked.

“Since they want to come, then I will help them come here!”

In an instant, the brilliant dawn of the gods lit up the entire world of miracles!

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