I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 37

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 37

Ultra-Order Magic: Dawn of the Gods.

A white light fell from the sky, illuminating the horror castle below.

It is daytime, and the Castle of Horrors is already shrouded in sunlight, and it stands to reason that these rays of light will be very inconspicuous.

It is like turning on a flashlight in broad daylight, even if it is a strong light flashlight, it will be blocked by the sun.

But the actual situation is different. Even if it is a sunny day, these rays of light falling from the sky are still dazzling.

There’s more to it than that.

The light is clear and white, but it can give people a dazzling feeling.

Because that kind of whiteness represents life, and nothing can be more dazzling than the color of life!

A gentle, white and splendid light falls from the sky, and everything it touches is changing.

The vegetation has skyrocketed, and the childhood beasts have grown vigorously and quickly transitioned to the mature stage.

The most astonishing thing is that where the light shines, the channel world that was originally an image state is rapidly transforming into reality!

The power of super magic is not limited to the scope of the castle of horror, and has affected the entire adventurer world.

Every adventurer clearly feels that there is an unparalleled magic wave coming from the north!

“What is this fluctuation full of life breath?”

“It seems… it came from the direction of the Castle of Horrors? That is the territory of the Dark Lord!”

“Are there warriors to challenge the dark lord? There… there may be a battle of gods!”

The mindset is so pervasive that few adventurers know that the Dark Lord is more than capable of dark magic.

However, they were right about one thing.

The battle of the gods… is coming!

Dawn of the Gods may not be very well-known, but Ragnarok of the Gods is not known to many people.

Ragnarok put an end to Norse mythology. In this catastrophe, gods fell, life was destroyed, and the whole world sank to the bottom of the sea.

But the world recovered, and the surviving gods and humans created a new world together.

The dawn of the gods is the first sunshine that the new world ushered in after the dusk of the gods.

Dawn of the Gods and Dusk of the Gods are two sides of the same coin, with dusk representing destruction and dawn representing new life.

Rebirth is rebirth in a broad sense, not only life is reborn, but everything will be reborn.

For example, the passage world that exists on the sky of the castle can also be reborn!

The passage world has just begun to merge with the castle sky, and it will take at least a few months for it to really come.

But now, the daring Liszt directly omits the process of fusion, and he regenerates the channel world of the image state.

Fusion is no longer necessary. Under the action of super-order magic, the channel world is reborn and comes instantly!

White clouds floated in the sky of the castle, and birds shuttled through the clouds, and they became real from images.

But soon, the clouds were swallowed by the shadows, the birds fell to the ground, and the castle sky could not tolerate their existence.

Besides the clouds and birds, many things were obliterated, but also many things survived.

For example, a rock that shimmers with colorful light looks like an oversized diamond.

For example, the sun of the passage world is hanging in the sky of the castle, complementing the magic sun created by Liszt.

For another example, the four giant creatures that came out of the passage world.

a huge fish.

A huge bear.

a huge bird.

a huge ball.

Four creatures occupy four directions, almost blocking the entire sky of the castle.

They look weird, why are they weird…

Because…they are completely different from the world of miracles, ah ah ah ah ah (mark)! ! !

It’s like Ultraman appeared in the world of Contra, and the three-body world ran into a Doraemon so discordant.

The style of the world of miracles has always been exquisite to the limit of magic. As mentioned before, those designers are crazy about the pursuit of details.

The four creatures in front of them, although very delicate, are far from the level of sophistication in the world of miracles. The most important thing is that they are not magical.

So…why are there five “ah”s at the mark?

Because this kind of tearing in the style of painting makes Liszt, who was born in a programmer, uncomfortable, ah ah ah ah ah!

Devour Novel Network

He was as uncomfortable as a hyperphobic patient seeing a hive full of ants.

Feifei was terrified, she hid behind Liszt and shivered.

“Destruction!” said the fish.

“The one who steals will bring disaster to his world!” said the bear.

Before the bird could talk to the ball, Liszt couldn’t help it: “What the hell are you guys?”

“God!” The bird replied, “God, how can you allow you to speculate at will?”

“What are they?” Liszt found out that he was playing the piano to the cow, so he asked Feifei behind him.

Feifei was so scared that her voice trembled: “They are the four gods of that world…”

“Just them, the gods?” Liszt looked at the four things in the sky, but he couldn’t see the gods.

This looks like a joke, can it also be called a god? Wake up, don’t dream!

That’s right, in Liszt’s mind, the status of the four gods has dropped from four creatures to four things.

“I can’t help it,” Liszt said. “It’s so ugly.”

“You dare to blaspheme…” Qiu said angrily.

But it was only half angry, and it couldn’t go on.

Liszt immediately jumped behind it and punched it.

Dark Profound Truth: Ordinary Punch.

The ball… didn’t feel anything.

Not that it was immune to Liszt’s attack, but that it couldn’t feel pain anymore.

The majestic and unimaginable force penetrated into its body, causing it to lose control of its body in an instant, and could only watch itself fall to the ground.


It was hammered into the center of the earth and could only lie there, unable to do anything, see nothing.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

There were three loud noises again. It knew that its three good friends had also been poisoned, and it followed in its footsteps.

The ball struggled hard, trying to regain control of his body, but Liszt’s strength was too strong, and its attempts could only be in vain.

After about two hours, it was finally barely able to move.

But before it could run, Liszt chased it here and carried it back to the ground.

The ball can move, but in front of Liszt, he was too frightened to move, for fear that Liszt would give it another punch.

What’s the smell, how… so fragrant?

The closer the ball got to the ground, the more the ball could smell a scent so enticing that it couldn’t resist twitching its index finger—if it had one.

It finally came to the ground.

After seeing the source of the fragrance, it almost fainted.

Its three good friends, all turned into barbecue on the campfire, the plump golden juice fell into the flames and crackled.

Fish became shark fins, bears became bear paws, and birds became roasted pigeons.

Sad, really sad.

“What should I do with this ball? I’m thinking…it’s not very edible?” Liszt looked at the ball and touched his chin.

The ball is completely desperate, God, what kind of cruel devil did they provoke?

In desperation, it looked at the three good friends who turned into barbecue, and then saw Feifei who was petrified next to him.

Wait, it also came from the passage world, why was it not eaten, and it seems to have a good relationship with the Demon King?

Qiu was in a hurry, and with a little strength that he managed to recover, he used the transformation technique.

Liszt was trying to figure out how to eat the ball.

Braised? Steamed? iced? Or make it into a lion head?


The ball in front of her turned into a charming and charming beauty.

Liszt: “???”

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