I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 38

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 38

The lion head turned into a big beauty.

Her fragrant shoulders were half exposed, her chest was slightly revealed, lying on her side, looking at Liszt with almond eyes, she was so pitiful.

Feifei was shocked, and Liszt was also shocked.

This is… what operation?

“Don’t kill me, I don’t want to be cooked.” Qiu begged for mercy.

Liszt said, “Didn’t I say that everything that came out of your world is so afraid of death? Can you have a little bit of backbone?”

The fans looked at Liszt blankly. She obviously didn’t quite understand the meaning of the term “backbone”.

“Do bones also breathe? Why is there air in the bones?” Ball asked.

Liszt circled the ball twice, looking up and down, and I have to admit that the beauty that the ball turned into… It’s really pretty.

But first, Liszt has to figure out a question, is the ball a woman? Or is it a female?

If this guy was a man, he turned into a beautiful woman in order to survive, and then Liszt did something to him in a confused way, then… the fun would be great.

“Are you male or female?” Liszt asked.

The ball replied, “Mother.”

Liszt asked Feifei again: “Is it male or female?”

Feifei shook her head: “I don’t know, I have never been in contact with this kind of ethnic group.”

Liszt thought about it for a while and threw a magic spell at the ball.

Forbidden Magic Soul Stripping.

The soul of the ball is stripped out, but… the soul of the ball is also a ball.

Even if the soul of the ball was pulled out, Liszt was still unable to determine the gender of the ball.

Now comes the question.

If one day, all the balls in the world become creatures, how to judge the gender of these balls?

As we all know, the mother will have children, the male will not have children.

But of course Liszt couldn’t let the ball give birth to a child for him on the spot.

“You just said that you have never been in contact with this kind of ethnic group.” Liszt remembered something and asked Feifei, “These balls, and ethnic groups?”

“Yes, in that world, the gods have their own ethnic groups.” Feifei nodded.

“Then let’s take a look and make a field trip,” Liszt said.

“This is a new world, not the real world, how do you want to get there?” Ball asked.

It emphasizes: “I really am a mother!”

The more it said that, the more Liszt felt that it was tricky, and the more he dared not believe it easily.

As Qiu said, what Liszt visualized with the morning light of the gods is not the real passage world.

The passage world has just begun to merge with the castle sky, and it has been reborn under the action of the gods.

To put it simply, the gods Dawn extracted the DNA of the channel world and cloned a new channel world.

The clone world acts as a springboard, bringing the four gods to the castle sky.

To find the ball group, Liszt must go to the real world of passage.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you home to have a look.” Liszt said to Feifei.

“Without a springboard, how could you…” Ball said in disbelief.

However, it stopped abruptly before it finished speaking.

Under Liszt’s feet, a huge teleportation array emerged, the teleportation array suddenly lit up, and the surrounding space changed instantly!

When he came back to his senses, the ball was already standing on the ground of the passage world.

Not the cloned channel world, but the real channel world.

It murmured: “This… how is this possible?”

“Why, is it difficult?” Liszt shrugged his shoulders, “It’s not like I haven’t been here before and left a mark.”

But the ball is very clear, such a transmission, even if it has left a mark before, is by no means easy to do.

This is a plane teleportation across the world. If the magic power is not enough, no matter how high the level of the teleportation magic is, it can only be powerless.

It was stunned by Liszt. Liszt killed four gods with four punches just now, and he thought Liszt was a warrior.

But now it seems that Liszt is a magician at all – a magician powerful enough to break through the dimensional wall.

The world is full of magicians who knock people around with wands, but there are only a handful of warriors who can use magic.

You make the ball believe that Liszt, who can teleport from plane to plane, is actually a warrior, then he would rather incarnate as a basketball and perform a beautiful dance with your beautiful music…


The ball recognized the fact that it and its three good friends were instantly killed by the magician with his fists…

The ball can no longer imagine how strong Liszt is.

“Where is your ethnic group?” Liszt asked.

“Huh?” The ball was still in a state of shock, not knowing what Liszt was asking.

“Where is your ethnic group?” Liszt waved his fist with a bad look, “Don’t think that if you become a girl, I won’t have the heart to beat you.”

Regardless of whether it is male or female, until the gender is known, it should be treated as a male.

“In the north of the world.” The ball replied quickly, and it no longer had any intention of resisting.

Liszt took Fifi and the ball and successfully found the world of the ball.

The world of balls… what should it look like?

This question can be quickly answered by simply thinking about the range of motion of the ball most often.

The ball, of course, lives on the field.

At this time, Liszt was standing on a huge stadium that could not be seen to the end.

Football lives on the football field, basketball lives on the basketball court, table tennis lives on the table tennis court, tennis lives on the tennis court…

There are also all kinds of strange balls such as the moon, the earth, and the planet. After getting it, Liszt didn’t know the word ball very well.

In fact, the strangest balls are those that live on smooth ground. They are round, white and big, and they look like…

Ahem, that’s not the point, that’s not the point.

The point is what ball is next to Liszt.

“What kind of ball are you?” Liszt asked.

“I am different from them. I am a god, independent of the ethnic group, and the only true god.” Ball replied.

“Oh.” Liszt nodded.

He ran and grabbed a hundred pregnant balls for research.

Pregnant balls are definitely female, Liszt summed up the characteristics from them, and then went to correspond with the lion’s head.

If the characteristics match, then the lion head is female, if not, then it is male.

Yes, this is a rigorous “scientific research attitude”.

In the spirit of humanism, Liszt used magic to recreate the images of the balls so that no matter how much he tossed them, they wouldn’t be hurt.

Finally, after strict and careful screening and comparison, Liszt summarized the general characteristics of the cue ball.

The delivery method of the cue ball is split, and after the fetus matures, it will break away from the cue ball and become a new life.

Similar to humans, the belly of the cue ball will bulge during this process.

It is precisely because of this delivery method that the area that will bulge after pregnancy is more elastic than other parts, slightly lighter in color, and slightly thinner.

“Change back!” Liszt looked at the ball beside him.

The ball obediently changed back.

Liszt touched its belly, um… it was very elastic, it felt thinner, and the color did look a little pale.

Yes, it’s the mother’s.

Now, “it” can be identified as “she”.

Liszt blinked, looked at Feifei again, and asked, “Which ethnic group did you belong to before?”

“Why are you asking me this question?” Feifei said dissatisfiedly, “What are you suspecting?”

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