I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 4

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 4

The next morning, when Liszt woke up from his sleep, he looked beside him. Luna was still asleep, with a happy and contented smile on her flawless face.

The Dark Lord has a super-large harem. As long as Liszt wants, he can change his pillow every day, and it will not be the same for ten years.

Dark Night Dragon Girl, Charming Demon Girl, Broken Wing Angel, Liszt’s harem has everything, only you can’t think of it without him.

In the huge harem, Liszt likes Luna the most.

Luna is enthusiastic but not rambunctious, charming but not enchanting, she can always respond to Liszt’s actions just right, no more, no less.

Dark races tend to be charming, but not Luna. For Liszt, she is more like a sister or sister next door that will appear in the real world, and she will also be quiet and shy.

Liszt still remembers that when he flipped her sign for the first time, after the end, Luna took a bite on his chest and whispered with a blushing face, “Bastard!”

Luna is very real, and for Liszt who lives in an illusion, nothing is more important than reality.

He likes Luna the most, but he doesn’t go to her brand very often. Luna is beautiful, but if they spend too much time together, this kind of beauty will gradually fade.

Liszt understands this very well, so he only asks Luna to come to sleep when he is in a particularly good or bad mood, or when he misses him very much.

Liszt got up gently, walked to the window, opened the curtains, and looked into the distance through the window.

Although the castle of horror is called a castle, it is actually a dark city comparable to a large human city. Liszt lives on the top floor of the central tower, and he can see the end of the dark forest at a glance.

Here, he has everything, he has inexhaustible money, supreme power, and a young lady who can enjoy inexhaustible in this life.

In the first two years he just came here, he was still enjoying himself every day, but as time went on, he felt more and more empty.

He is at the top of the world, but he can’t do anything but indulge in pleasure.

The ancient emperors still needed to worry about state affairs and daily affairs, but Liszt had nothing to do.

The adventurers of “Miracle” have a direction to defeat the world boss, but Liszt has no direction other than “waiting to be killed”.

He is a world boss who can only wait to die.

It’s quite sad to say.

Many people may not understand Liszt’s thoughts, but Liszt does feel that he yearns for the 9-to-5 life in real life rather than “waiting to die” here without any worries.

Perhaps, if he really returned to the real world, he would miss the life here again, but that was after returning.

So many beautiful women respectfully call him “Master”, but he hopes that an ordinary woman can call him “pig’s head” unceremoniously.

The more ordinary, the more yearning; the most ordinary, the most yearning.

Liszt is now like this.

“Master, are you homesick?” Luna helped him put on a coat and asked softly.

“Yeah.” Liszt took Luna into his arms and lightly rubbed her long hair, “I think about it a bit.”

“Did Luna not do well enough to satisfy the master?” Luna said, biting her lip.

“No, it’s just that I’m often hypocritical.” Liszt said, “You know, I don’t belong to this world.”

“Master, Luna has something to say, I don’t know if I should tell you…”

“You tell me, I won’t blame you.”

“Luna thinks such a master is very attractive.”

“Really?” Liszt was dumbfounded. He thought Luna would say something…more profound?

However, for NPCs built by artificial intelligence, this is really difficult for a strong man.

“Luna recently… always has a strange feeling.” Luna continued.

“How do you feel?”

“As long as she sees her master, Luna will be very happy, if she can’t see her master, she will feel empty…”

“Luna doesn’t know what’s wrong with her, anyway… she just wants to be with her master all the time.”

Liszt didn’t answer, he stood there, looking like he was stuck.

After saying these words, Luna knelt down on the ground trembling all over, and said, “If Luna’s words make the master unhappy, I am willing to apologize with death!”

“Get up.” Liszt helped Luna up, hugged her in his arms, and sighed, “Dead Luna is not a good Luna.”

He couldn’t help but be moved. No one had ever said such a thing to him since taking on the role of the Dark Lord.

What Luna is describing…is it love?

This was the first time he heard the thoughts or emotions of an NPC.

Other harems rarely talk about this topic with Liszt, and even if they do, their answers are often only stereotyped.

“The master is great! I like the master the most! Please don’t pity me, let me like the master more!”

Is Luna too special? Or has the artificial intelligence that rules the world evolved again?

Liszt doesn’t know, but that’s obviously not a bad thing.

Luna’s words touched Liszt a lot, and he found that this world seemed to be different from the world he used to know.

Maybe it’s time for him to re-examine himself and the world.

Such a slightly heavy thinking and dialogue, it is best to end with ambiguous and charming.

After spending time with Luna again, Liszt took a shower and changed clothes, and after having breakfast, he appeared in the Dark Palace and sat on the Skeleton Throne.

“The great king of darkness!”

Under the tall Skeleton Throne, the dark ministers were lined up on both sides, and they couldn’t see the end of the queue.

Although the dark ministers have different shapes, they are not curious – this is of course Liszt’s request. He does not want his palace to be full of centipedes with thousands of legs and seventy heads.

Liszt rarely attends the court, because it is meaningless to do so. The dark ministers take care of everything in an orderly manner, and occasionally conflicts will be resolved by themselves.

He’s just wasting time sitting here.

He appeared here today, naturally, not on a whim, but in the dark turmoil that just ended, something very interesting appeared.

He didn’t want to listen to the dark ministers reporting his work to him, so he cut to the point: “Dark Holy War, what are our gains?”

“Report to the great king of darkness, the dark holy war has been won, the humble humans are trembling in the dark, and the adventurer’s continent is also dyed red with blood!”

“Let’s talk about the main point.” Liszt said with a black line on his face. It is not easy to communicate with these NPCs. If it is short, they can process it into a long list of praises for the dark lord.

The slime minister with glasses said: “During the holy war, our army found an item, and there is an adventurer, the great king of darkness may be interested.”

“Anti-God Evil God”

“What is it?”

As soon as the voice fell, a blue scroll appeared in front of Liszt, along with an image stored in the crystal ball.

Liszt saw the effect of the blue scroll first.

“The Mischievous Scroll of the God of Mischief: This is a scroll accidentally dropped by Loki, the God of Mischief. It is said that the Stakeman can be disguised as a lively human, hey, but who would use it?”

“Effect: Put this scroll on the NPPC to pretend to be an adventurer.”

Liszt looked at the crystal ball again.

In the image of the crystal ball, there is a boy of sixteen or seventeen years old. He looks handsome, with black pupils and black hair, and the equipment on his body is not luxurious.

However, he had a string of numbers on him, which firmly caught Liszt’s eye.

“Growth value: 524.”

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