I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 40

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 40

This time, Liszt kept his promise and didn’t “sleep and run” like before.

Due to Feifei’s physical characteristics, Liszt and her “get along” mode is very special, which is different from other harem ladies.

How should I put it, Liszt… I can get more fun from Feifei’s struggle and resistance.

Unless she is exhausted, Feifei will never give up her resistance. Even if there is still a little strength left, she will desperately resist Liszt’s “atrocity”.

Those cruel pleasures must end in cruelty.

Only after being tossed by Liszt until she was completely powerless, would Feifei finally give up her resistance and fall asleep holding the quilt.

Therefore, the war between Liszt and Feifei has always been extremely violent and intense.

Feifei would resist, and Liszt had his own passive counter-injury. In order to ensure that Feifei would not be injured, Liszt even needed to erect a healing totem in the bedroom.

Because the intensity is too high, Feifei will sleep soundly and deeply. She can sleep with the quilt for most of the day. During this period, even if the Castle of Terror is nuclear bombed, she will not wake up.

“Sword Comes”

Liszt had already woken up, he had nothing important to do, so he sat on the bed and watched Feifei sleep.

The golden sunlight passed through the glass window and fell on Feifei’s body. Combined with the cute sleeping face, the whole picture looked beautiful.

Liszt stroked Feifei’s cheek, looking at her long eyelashes that occasionally blinked, thinking about something.

Unlike other harem ladies, Feifei, who was captured by Liszt from the passage world, was not created by anyone.

She does not belong to the world of miracles, and naturally she will not be controlled by the system. She is similar to Liszt and will not be restricted by human settings.

Liszt suddenly thought, if he gave Yuelan the physical characteristics of Feifei, what would become of the usual gentle and cute little fox demon?

He thought about it, and suddenly felt that the empty life was full of meaning again.

Under his gaze, Feifei, who had slept enough, finally slowly opened her eyes and woke up.

After seeing Liszt, the hazy eyes in her eyes turned into anger immediately, and then she opened her mouth wide and bit his fingers fiercely.

Liszt didn’t want her to roll around on the bed in pain, so he took his fingers away calmly.


Feifei bit the air, the upper teeth touched the lower teeth, making a crisp impact sound.

“You like biting things so much?” Liszt narrowed his eyes and said meaningfully.

“No! No! I don’t like it!” The devastated Feifei immediately woke up, she quickly backed away and shrank in the corner.

“Don’t be shy.” Liszt grabbed her.

“Let go, let me go!” Feifei struggled desperately.

“Stinky hooligan! Big liar! I know bullying… uh… uh uh…”

About half an hour later, Liszt left the bedroom contentedly and washed and changed under the maid’s clothes.

After that, it was breakfast time. Recently, Luna brought his breakfast.

“Master, we are conspiring to rebel.” Luna said coldly.

“Cough cough cough!” Liszt choked.

“What did you say?” He suspected he had heard it wrong.

“We are plotting a rebellion,” Luna said calmly.

what the hell?

Conspiracy to rebel?

How do I remember that plotting a rebellion can’t be told to anyone?

But… that sounds like fun?

Liszt decided to cooperate.

“Who are you? Why are you rebelling? How are you going to rebel?” he asked.

“We are the master’s harem. As for the reason for the rebellion…” Luna said, “You have thirteen days and you haven’t flipped our sign.”

“Thirteen days, is it that long?” Liszt asked in surprise.

But he immediately thought that the last time he spent a spring night with the ladies in the harem seemed to be with the big loli named “I don’t know”. It was indeed a long time ago.

“You are obviously bewitched by the women outside, so we are going to be on the side of Qing Jun and uphold the imperial power.” Luna said seriously.

“Can’t you both kiss each other and love each other as a family?” Liszt sighed, “We are all good sisters, why do we have to separate each other?”

Luna shook her head: “No, there is order inside and outside, and there is a difference between closeness and distance.”

“What if I order you?” Liszt raised his eyebrows.

“Of course, if the master orders it,” Luna replied.

Liszt thinks about it, he doesn’t like to order Luna, and he rarely orders Luna.

“How can you not rebel?” Liszt asked.

“Of course the master can turn over the outsider’s sign,” Luna said. “But once the master turns over the outsider’s sign, he has to turn over our sign twice.”

“So you won’t rebel?” Liszt asked.

“Well, I won’t be rebellious anymore.” Luna nodded.

“Can you fall in love with Feifei and the others?”

“You can’t be in love with each other, but you can still get along as equals.”

“Okay, I agree to this condition.” Liszt replied.

He saw that Luna didn’t mean to leave, so he asked, “Is there anything else?”

“I’m their leader,” Luna said, “so my benefits should be more than others.”

“Understood, I will often flip your brand.” Liszt said.

“Thank you master, then Luna will step back first.”

Liszt feels that this game is really getting more and more interesting.

Luna is growing at an almost visible rate, she is becoming more and more real.

She just learned to be jealous some time ago, but now she can come to threaten Liszt and “force” him to sign an unequal treaty.

Of course Liszt could resist. He only needed to order, and Luna’s attempt would be meaningless, but he still chose to cooperate.

Because he thought it was funny.

After breakfast, Liszt went to the Adventurer’s Continent and appeared in the mansion of Ice Flame City.

Today is a very special day – the seventh day he and Ye Luo agreed to arrive.

The seventh day is the final deadline. If Ye Luo can break through to become a master adventurer, then all previous mistakes will be written off.

But if he can’t do it, Liszt will let the red hair dissolve the relationship between master and apprentice, expel Ye Luo from the teacher’s door, and everyone will be separated and never seen again.

“Should you explain?” The red-haired man caught him right in the face and asked, “Why is there an extra woman in the family?”

It seems that the red-haired little tiger’s transformation is also progressing quite smoothly.

Even Liszt had the illusion that the redhead might come and tug at his ears at any time.

“Is Bing’er there?”

“No, she’s offline.”

“I’ll explain to you later, how is Ye Luo’s situation?”

“He has 99 consecutive victories, and if he wins the last one, he’ll get a second schedule pass.”

“Then isn’t he about to finish the mission soon?”

“It’s very difficult,” said the redhead. “In the next match, his opponent is the ‘Crazy Defense Tower’.”

“What? Why is Ye Luo going to fight the defense tower?”

“That’s an adventurer’s nickname.”

“Oh, it’s an adventurer, is he very powerful?”

“He was the champion of the last indiscriminate duel competition.”

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