I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 41

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 41

The Indiscriminate Arena is already overcrowded.

The duel between “Ye Luo” and “Despicable Defense Tower” has become the focus of the entire miracle world!

Since there are too many adventurers coming to watch the battle, the system has temporarily expanded the indiscriminate arena so that all adventurers can witness the showdown with their own eyes.

Today, the news headlines on the Miraculous Continent read: “Oriental Swordsman VS Wild Sword of the West! The old king remains, or is the new king crowned?”

Ye Luo is the Eastern Swordsman, and the defensive tower is the Western Wild Sword.

This matchup is significant.

In order to complete the goal, Ye Luo’s potential has all exploded. He has achieved 99 consecutive victories and has become a rising star in the indiscriminate arena.

Everyone knows that there is a genius swordsman named “Ye Luo” in the world of miracles. He galloped and killed the Quartet in the indiscriminate competition.

As a new profession just launched, the swordsman’s attention is very high, and every adventurer wants to know how strong the swordsman is.

New occupations are usually buggy. Normally, subsequent versions will constantly lower the strength of new occupations.

However, the swordsman that was just updated in the last version was not like this.

Everyone found… this new profession seems to be surprisingly weak.

PVP (player duel) can’t beat veteran swordsmen, and PVE (dungeon duel) can’t compare to magician, which is simply tasteless.

Maybe the swordsman’s performance is really bad, and the system has also increased the swordsman’s basic attributes and skill damage.

Even so, the swordsman’s performance is still lackluster.

Just when everyone was thinking about whether the profession of swordsman was necessary, Ye Luo was born in the form of a comet.

He told the world with a brilliant record of 99 consecutive victories: “Swordsmen are not weak, it is you who are weak!”

Of course, it can also be said that “there are no weak swordsmen, only weak adventurers”, but it is obviously not as domineering as the above sentence.

However, some people also said that Ye Luo was just lucky. In the previous 99-game winning streak, he did not encounter a real powerhouse—for example, the top ten last year.

Coincidentally, when Ye Luo was only one step away from 100 consecutive victories, he met the previous champion.

There is no doubt that if Ye Luo can successfully win the last championship, he will truly rectify the name of the swordsman profession.

But his opponent is the previous champion.

There is no need to describe how strong the “Crazy Defensive Tower” is, the words of the last champion are enough.

Ye Luo didn’t think about it that much, he was not noble enough to fight for the swordsman’s name, and he didn’t think about whether the opponent was the last champion.

“King Kong Is Not Bad Dazhai Master”

All he thinks about is himself, all he thinks about is how to win the duel.

The horn sounded.

Ye Luo walked towards the central area of the arena.

The towers headed towards the center of the arena.

At a distance of ten meters, the two stood still and looked at each other.

Ye Luo is a young man, and the defense tower is a young man.

Ye Luo carried a three-foot Qingfeng, and the defensive tower held a Western long sword.

They have a lot of similarities, for example, they are dressed in plain clothes, Ye Luo is a swordsman in white robes, and the defense tower is a western ranger.

For another example, their expressions are equally determined.

Ye Luo looked at the defensive tower.

The defense tower looked at Ye Luo.

Ye Luo thought about his sword.

The tower is thinking about Ye Luo’s sword.

The battle broke out in an instant!

Ye Luo pulled a sword flower, and the long sword in his hand drew a ghostly trajectory, slowly swept forward from behind.

The pupils of the defense tower shrank suddenly, he flew up, appeared in front of Ye Luo like a teleportation, and then handed out the Western sword, and instantly stabbed hundreds of swords!

The sword force surged like a waterfall, and the Western sword turned into countless afterimages, falling to Ye Luo like a gust of wind and rain.

The original firm expression of the defense tower was completely replaced by fanaticism at this time, and he laughed arrogantly, as if mocking everything that exists in this world.

This is the mad sword, the sword of the storm, the sword that is arrogant to the extreme!

The tower had to use the sword.

He has studied Ye Luo’s videos. In the previous 99 consecutive victories, Ye Luo defeated all opponents with only one sword.

That sword is like a ghost, and like a fairy, the defense tower has watched countless videos, but still can’t find a way to crack it.

Therefore, he could only stifle the sword in the bud, so that Ye Luo had no time to use the sword, and then completely defeated Ye Luo with the storm-like offensive!

His attack really worked, Ye Luo could no longer hand out the killing sword, he could only dodge left and right, trying to weaken the offensive of the defensive tower with the long sword.

However, the offensive of the mad sword, the offensive of the first mad sword, can not be weakened so easily?

Although Ye Luo dodged with all his strength, the Western Sword was too fast and too much!

In the arrogant laughter of the defense tower, Ye Luo’s body continued to have more wounds, and the white robe was quickly dyed red with blood.

The mad sword of the defensive tower quickly disintegrated all Ye Luo’s defenses, and he dropped one hundred and seventy-three swords again, blocking all Ye Luo’s dodging space.

Ye Luo at this time is powerless to defend, and unable to dodge!

The defense tower finally sent the last sword, the western sword stabbed Ye Luo’s heart, this sword… is the end!

The embarrassed Ye Luo suddenly raised his head and looked at the nearby defense tower.

He was obviously bruised and bruised, and he was completely suppressed, but there was no panic in his eyes, he was still calm, and he still had the chance to win.

He was exhausted, but at the end of everything, he actually handed out another sword!


The defense tower’s eyes widened. He didn’t understand why Ye Luo could stab such an impossible sword under such circumstances!


The long sword collided with the sword of the Western Sword, swinging the defense tower out, making the fatal blow disappear invisibly.

Ye Luo finally got a chance to breathe, he pulled up the sword flower, and the long sword drew a ghostly trajectory again.

The defensive tower immediately invaded the body, but it was too late, Ye Luo’s mortal sword finally took shape.

Like a ghost, like a fairy, like a spring breeze, like a thunder. This sword seems to be all-encompassing in the world, telling all the truths in the world.

The sword light is stern, and the sword intent is vast!

In a trance, in the sword light and sword intent, a fairy seemed to appear, her long skirt fluttered, and she wanted to go with the wind.

One Sword Flying Immortal!

Qing Feng fluttered across the throat of the defensive tower.

But the defense tower did not die. A white light lit up on his body, and the wound on his throat recovered instantly.

There was an uproar in the audience, no one thought that the defensive tower of the previous champion would bring the resurrection cross in!

At present, the indiscriminate duel competition is still the first stage. At this stage, as long as they are willing to pay the price, adventurers can bring in items.

The white light that just restored the defense tower was the special effect when the resurrection cross was activated.

Ye Luo knelt down on one knee and supported his body with a long sword. He was seriously injured and was unable to fight again.

“This is too despicable.” He looked at the defense tower and smiled bitterly.

“I have a reason why I can’t lose, so… I’m sorry.” The defense tower said ashamed, “I admit, you won, but I can’t lose.”

“I can’t lose either, and I have reasons why I can’t lose.” Ye Luo said.

“Can you still stand up?”


“Then why did you beat me?”

“I still have a sword.”

As soon as the words fell, Ye Luo, who was seriously injured, reluctantly raised the sword in his hand and threw the three-foot Qingfeng with all his strength.

An unprecedented splendid sword intent erupted on Qingfeng, causing all the adventurers present to lose their minds.

Different from the previous Feixian Sword, the sword intent carried by this sword is not only Senluo in the world, but also… that illusory fairy world!

The sword light radiated in all directions, weaving a flash of magnificent light gate in the air.

The sword opens the gate of heaven!


Hiahiahia! Taking advantage of the atmosphere of the peak duel, I just advertised the little brother.

“Sword Fighting” doesn’t look good and doesn’t need money, and it doesn’t need money to look good!

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