I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 42

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 42

Ye Luo won.

The defensive tower cannot resolve Yijian Feixian, nor can it resolve Jiankaitianmen.

The sword opened the gate of heaven, and Qingfeng swept the throat of the defense tower, killing it completely!

This time, the tower has no resurrection cross to respawn.

There was thunderous applause from the audience, cheers came from all directions like a tsunami, and everyone was celebrating the coronation of the new king!

Liszt was also in the audience and watched the peak match throughout the entire process.

He had originally planned to make a move.

When the Resurrection Cross was used in the defensive tower, there was no point in continuing this duel.

Liszt is not the kind of teacher and father who has no temper. Students have to overcome all kinds of hardships by themselves, and he just sits there and watches.

The tower’s behavior was within the limits allowed by the rules, but it didn’t prevent him from undermining the fairness of the match.

At that time, Liszt was very angry, and in the world of miracles, Liszt would never suppress his anger.

He can do whatever he wants. He feels that this matchup is not fair, so he can take action and force it to end.

Therefore, in this duel, no matter whether Ye Luo can fight again in the end, he has already won.

But Liszt didn’t take action, because Ye Luo gave him a very unexpected surprise.

After a sword flying immortal, there is still a sword to open the gate of heaven!

Liszt had long known that Ye Luo’s talent was amazing, but he didn’t expect it to be so amazing.

This young man named Ye Luo, in just one week, actually realized such an amazing sword move, or two swords!

Liszt really did not see the wrong person.

But the problem is that Ye Luo is really talented, but he can’t stand his lack of concentration. He prefers blooming flowers to practicing swordsmanship.

Liszt couldn’t figure out Ye Luo’s brain circuit. With his talent, he practiced the sword for two years casually, at least he was a master at the ruling level.

If you become a powerhouse at the ruling level, then what kind of girls are you missing? What kind of stinky fish and rotten shrimp are flowers blooming, and Tianshan Snow Lotus can take the initiative to bring them to your door.

Just like Liszt now.

Does Binger look good? nice. Is it strong? powerful. Cold or not? High and cold.

But did Liszt take her down? Have.

Why? Because of Li Szeqiang.

It is better to invest that money and time in yourself instead of being a dog licking dog with no (bu) (de) room (hao) child (si).

You are a squat at home, of course she doesn’t look down on you.

But if you become a big boss with an annual salary of one million, she may come over and post you may not want it.

Unfortunately, the young Ye Luo did not understand this truth.

Of course, he may understand, but he is not able to implement the thoughts in his heart.

To put it simply, I understand the truth, but I just can’t do it.

Liszt found Ye Luo who won the decisive battle. He couldn’t hide his admiration and said to Ye Luo, “Good job.”

“The teacher has won the prize. If it wasn’t for the teacher’s advice, I would definitely not have realized those two swords.” Ye Luo respectfully said.

This was heard by the redhead next to her, and she couldn’t hold back, and laughed out loud.

Ye Luo wondered, “Why are you laughing?”

“It’s alright.” The redhead turned his face to the side, pursed his lips and snickered.

She knew that Liszt’s so-called advice was actually showing his hands indiscriminately and then saying some specious words.

I don’t know what Ye Luo would think if he found out.

“At that time, did you ever think that you would lose?” Liszt asked. He is like a reporter.

“No.” Ye Luo shook his head, “I only think about how to win. This is what the teacher taught me.”

“Not bad, comprehension is OK.” Liszt was very relieved, it seemed that those specious nonsense were not in vain.

“How did you realize those two swords?” he asked with great interest.

“It’s… I realized it, and I can’t describe that feeling.” Ye Luo replied a little embarrassedly.

Liszt nodded. Of course, he knew that Wujian was a blessing to the soul, but he could not describe it in words. It was indeed difficult to describe.

“The Female President’s Almighty King”

“In this way, the swordsman is a very special profession, and the gameplay mechanism of the swordsman is different from all other professions.” Liszt said thoughtfully.

He continued: “Every profession requires savvy, but Swordsman is the first profession that puts ‘sight’ first.”

“Practicing the sword is of course also very important, but practicing the sword is for the sake of understanding the sword in the future. As long as you can understand the sword, your strength will be improved by leaps and bounds.”

“Well… it sounds really amazing.” Liszt sighed.

Those designers are really going too far. They actually made the profession of swordsman with “perception” as the core.

Miraculous Continent is different from the real world, and it is also different from other game worlds. Miracle Continent is a different world that is real to the extreme.

After the adventurers enter the miracle continent, they will completely break away from the shackles of the real world and enter a very real different world.

In other words, this is a kind of temporary crossing with game helmets as the medium.

One of the core settings of this game is the “perception” mechanism.

In the miracle continent, adventurers can sense nature, feel the elements, and feel the spirit of the equipment.

Any content related to words such as “induction”, “experience” and “feeling” belong to the setting of “comprehension”.

The same level, the same equipment, the same skills, the same proficiency, different people play, but the damage is different.

The existence of the perception mechanism makes the Miraculous Continent extremely real, and can provide adventurers with the most extreme gaming experience.

Liszt is a designer after all, and he quickly summed up the particularity of the swordsman profession, as well as the core mechanism and corresponding gameplay.

“Now, I can congratulate you in advance, you have successfully achieved your goal.” Liszt said.

Ye Luo, who has realized the sword, is obviously full of whiteboard equipment, but he still bears the title of an apprentice-level adventurer.

A Jian Feixian and Jian Kai Tianmen, the increase in combat power brought to Ye Luo is quite terrifying.

Ye Luo got the second schedule pass card and won the all-or-nothing bet.

With the benefits of gambling, Ye Luo can easily become a master – he doesn’t even need perfect equipment, his whole body is delicate enough.

“What reward do you want?” Liszt asked.

Ye Luo immediately said: “Teacher, this is what I should do, you don’t need to…”

“What reward do you want?” Liszt asked again. “If you make mistakes, you will be punished. If you have merit, you will be rewarded. You don’t have to be polite to me.”

“Then… can I have a hairpin?” Ye Luo tentatively said, “It’s better to be… legendary quality.”

“Oh.” Liszt responded and went to look for the hairpin in the space ring.

But he immediately felt that something was not right. It was not wrong for a swordsman to need a hairpin, but with Ye Luo’s hair length, why would he need a hairpin?

So he asked, “Why do you want a hairpin?”

Ye Luo shyly said: “Hua Hua’s birthday is coming soon, I want to give her a hairpin as a birthday present.”

Liszt was almost out of his breath.

He really wanted to throw darkness and come out, turn this place into a non-safe area, and then slap Ye Luo back to the activation interface.

Is it so annoying? You actually want to give someone else the reward your teacher gave you? Or some woman who is ignoring you?

Ye Luo cautiously added: “If the teacher really doesn’t have it, then forget it…”

Liszt took out the hairpin from the space ring and stuffed it into Ye Luo’s hand while chanting that the dark lord would do what he said.

His heart hurts.

“Get out of here!” He kicked Ye Luo out with one kick, very furious.

“Okay, thank you teacher!” Ye Luo didn’t notice Liszt’s anger, he ran away with his hairpin in his arms, happily.

“Interview, how is Hester feeling now?”

“Licking a dog is a real bullshit.” Liszt said angrily.

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