I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 46

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 46

Liszt is immersed in the gentle village of Miss Luna.

He had no idea what kind of catastrophe the Miracle World was going through.

For the next three hours, the poor adventurers truly experienced what suffering is.

The system is constantly sending world dungeon reminders to adventurers.

“Ding! The world dungeon is about to open, all adventurers, please prepare to enter the chapter of the Kraken invasion!”

“During the opening of the world dungeon, except for the former city, liberty city, and steel city, the safe areas of other cities are temporarily cancelled.”

“The world dungeon will give rich rewards. Killing mobs can get experience, money, and equipment, killing bosses can get exclusive equipment, and killing the final boss can get hidden jobs!”

The adventurers are almost ashamed. After “temporarily canceling the safe zone”, no matter how rich the reward is, what does it have to do with them?

This is a copy of the super-supreme level. Any mobs must be at the ruling level. The boss in it is at least the supreme. In the end, the boss must be the super-supreme.

No matter how rich the reward is, do they have the life to get it? The strongest adventurer at present is only at the master level.

It is estimated that… the entire adventurer world unites, how many mobs should be able to grind to death?

Stop talking, just run.

The system said that the former city, liberty city, and steel city are still safe areas, which can guarantee the safety of their lives.

So the adventurers swarmed towards these three mega-cities.

Those with teleportation magic run with teleportation magic, those without teleportation magic run on horseback, and those without horses run on two legs.

For a time, the main roads and alleys of the Miraculous Continent were crowded with people, and the adventurers merged into a river, rushing desperately towards the three super-large cities.

Because the main path was too crowded, even the places where there were no roads were taken out of the way.

Sure enough, that sentence is well said, there is no road in the world, and when more people walk, it becomes a road.

But a city is still a city after all, even if it is a super-large city, it cannot become an ocean, and it is impossible to accommodate all adventurers without limit.

There are 6 billion people in the world, of which 4.3 billion have created characters in the world of miracles, and the daily activity of “Miracle” can reach a terrifying 1 billion.

In other words, 1 billion adventurers will enter the Miraculous Continent to play games every day, and repeated logins are not counted.

No matter how big the three super-large cities are, it is absolutely impossible to accommodate so many adventurers.

After carrying 300 million people, the three cities have reached the maximum limit.

The city is full of people, crowded and crowded again and again, those who can fly can still dangle in the air, but if you can’t fly, you still want to move…

I’m sorry to suggest you close your eyes and take a nap, there’s nothing in your dreams.

Have you ever seen the Shanghai subway during rush hour? Then magnify the Shanghai subway by N times, which is probably the scene at the moment.

Even the furnace of the blacksmith shop owner was full of people. They were burned by the high temperature, and they would rather drink the medicine to recover their blood than give up the chance to live.


The three super-large cities have become Noah’s Ark in the movie “2012”, becoming the only possibility for adventurers to survive…

“Can you squeeze in any more?” an adventurer shouted at the city gate, and everyone was trying their best to squeeze in.

“Can’t squeeze, can’t squeeze! Don’t squeeze!” The adventurer inside responded.

“Squeeze and squeeze again! It’s sure to squeeze again!” the adventurer outside shouted.

“It’s impossible! It’s full! I can’t walk!” The adventurer inside also shouted.

The adventurers at the door are also trying to squeeze in, their position is very dangerous, and they are likely to be dragged out by the adventurers outside the door.

In the real world, it is estimated that ordinary people will never experience such a chaotic scene in their lifetime.

“Brother, let’s discuss and discuss, I will give you 300,000 gold coins, you can let me stand on your shoulders, okay?” An adventurer outside the door said to the adventurer inside.

“300,000 gold coins? Come and come, my shoulder is your home and your strongest support!” The adventurer inside immediately responded with joy.

So the adventurer stood up smoothly.

“What about the money?”

“what money?”

“What about 300,000?”

“What three hundred thousand?”

“Trash liar, get out of here!”

“Hey, if you have the ability, you can throw me out.”

The adventurer above said proudly: “It’s so easy to deceive, you really believe that I can have 300,000!”

“NMSL! WSND! RSNDM! Get out of here!” The adventurer below spit out fragrance and cursed.

But this is just incompetent rage, this place has become a siege, people outside can’t get in, people inside can’t get out.

Yes, there was nothing he could do with the liar standing on his shoulders.

“Slightly, you can see the respectful face of this uncle when you look up, are you angry or not?” The adventurer above was still mocking recklessly.

“Wait for me!” The adventurer below was embarrassed, and finally blocked the adventurer above.

The whole world became quiet in an instant, and he would no longer hear the liar’s voice or see the liar’s appearance, but the feeling of stepping on his shoulders was still quite disgusting.

“Rogue! Stay away from me!” a female adventurer screamed.

“What’s the matter, where is this little princess, you haven’t squeezed the subway, who cares about you at this time?” The adventurer who was watching responded.

“I… I’m going to apply for a ruling with the system and expel you all!” The female adventurer insisted.

“Hurry up and hurry up! Let’s see who the system is helping!” The adventurer next to him felt confident.

“You…you wait for me!” The female adventurer was furious.

The system that dominates the world of miracles is extremely intelligent, and it can hardly make mistakes when it comes to harassing rulings.

For crowded subway-style crowds during peak hours like this, as long as you don’t deliberately stretch your hands, the system will of course not punish them indiscriminately.

The system can monitor the real-time psychological activities of the adventurers. This kind of judgment based on real motives is extremely unlikely to be wrong.

In the midst of such chaos and commotion, time passed minute by minute, and soon, the three-hour preparation time given by the system arrived.

“Ding! Miraculous Continent, World Dungeon: Kraken Invasion, officially opened! All adventurers please meet the challenge!”

The originally sweet system prompt sounds like a demon’s dream at this time.

“Carb… Carb… Carb…”

The melodious singing spread throughout the entire Miraculous Continent, instantly silencing all the noise and riots.

The singing is not harsh, but incomparably gentle, like the whisper of a lover in his ear, making all adventurers intoxicated.

The adventurer stared at the sky, looking in the direction from which the song came.

At the very end of the sky, there is a long gray line that is rapidly approaching, and the long line is getting thicker and thicker.

It was a tsunami as high as 10,000 meters, originated from the Roaring Sea, and was trying to engulf the entire Miraculous Continent!

In the huge waves rolled up by the tsunami, the beautiful sea monster with the body of a human head and fish, singing an ancient song, is stepping on the waves!

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