I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 47

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 47

The dog is fooled.

He fell for Liszt.

He was sitting on that rock when the siren invaded, thinking hard about the red switch.

It shouldn’t be, I haven’t used it once, so why doesn’t it work? Could it be that he was deceived by the designer?

The designer’s setting for him is actually a sad dog who guards the meaningless copy switch?

Wow, this is too bad.

The dog man thought so, and tears were about to fall.

He was so absorbed in his thoughts that he finally realized that the tsunami rushed in front of him.

“Wang Wang Wang!”

The dog-man barked twice at the siren in the waves. He wondered where the little mermaid came from. It looked really exciting.

He was thinking about where to eat again, should he eat the head first or the tail first? He even stuck out his tongue in joy and wagged his tail.

But as the Kraken approached, the dog man suddenly felt a shudder in his heart.

go you!

The dog man did not hesitate, and simply returned to the kennel. The kennel is a small heteroplane, and it is absolutely safe here.

In the kennel, the dog people are happy again, oh so the switch is not broken, you can see that it is easy to use, easy to use!

He was completely unaware of what kind of catastrophe he had just got into with Liszt…

Adventurers are also fooled.

They were fooled by the system.

The system set aside three safe areas, not to provide them with a shelter, but to give them three resurrection points.

The songs of the sirens have magic power, and anyone who listens will be attracted by their songs and fall into their traps unconsciously.

With the current strength of adventurers, no one can resist the song of the siren.

All adventurers, men and women, all stared obsessively at the oncoming tsunami, at the sea-monster walking on the waves, and walked over involuntarily.

Sooner or later, all adventurers will leave the safe zone and be sent back to recovery points by the Kraken.

However, death is not the end. After the adventurer is resurrected, he will be attracted by the song of the Kraken, walk out of the safe area again, and be killed by the Kraken.

Each adventurer will continue to cycle through the cruel process of “death and alive”.

That’s horrible. It’s miserable to think about.

The worst thing is that the adventurers are still conscious. Although they are not particularly awake, they are very aware of what is going on.

The adventurers are in a very strange state. The song of the siren makes them intoxicated, making them involuntarily walk towards the tsunami, but at the same time, they can clearly experience the despair and fear of dying.

Too many people have devoted almost all their efforts to this game. For a considerable number of adventurers, their level, equipment, and props are all they have, and they rely on these things to survive in the real world.

Yes, after “Miracle” was popularized as a national game, as long as you were diligent enough, plus a little talent, it was enough to support your family in real life.

But now, the sea-monster coming from the waves is about to crush all the adventurers!

In the desperate eyes of the adventurers, the 10,000-meter tsunami has rushed to the front, and they are about to meet the first round of the Kraken’s impact.

However, at this critical moment, a blue light suddenly lit up between heaven and earth.

At the moment when the blue light lit up, the tsunami stopped moving, the siren stopped moving, and the adventurer also stopped moving.

It’s like time stands still, or the server is stuck.

But every adventurer knows very well that this is definitely not a server freeze, because they can see clearly, hear clearly, and their thinking is not affected in any way.

The adventurer saw that between the tsunami and them, a bed appeared.

Not a Western-style bed, nor a sandalwood bed, but the most common double bed in real life.

On this bed, there were two people, a man and a woman.

Judging from the exposed skin, both of them should be naked.

Perhaps sensing that something was not right, the man slowly woke up and turned around. He opened his hazy eyes, looked around, and immediately lost all sleepiness.

“What’s the matter?” He jumped up.

The man’s voice was not loud, but it reached the ears of all the adventurers present.

“Master!” The woman’s movements were faster than his, and she was already dressed when she got up.

The woman was wearing scarlet armor and holding a heavy sword with both hands. She stood in front of the man and confronted the sea monster wave with great vigilance.

The man also put on his clothes. He looked at the adventurer here and the sea monster over there. He still didn’t understand what was going on.

He grabbed an adventurer and asked, “What’s going on?”

While being touched by the man, the adventurer suddenly regained control of his body, and he was so surprised that he was speechless for a while.

“What’s the matter with you?” He heard the man ask, “You are also a master to some extent, can you calm down and look like a master?”

The master said stumblingly: “This is the just opened world copy, a new chapter in the game, the invasion of the sea monster.”

“World Instance? Siren Invasion? Why does it sound familiar?” The man pondered for two seconds, then suddenly said in surprise, “Hey, could it be that the switch is not broken, and it was successfully triggered?”

“If you have the ability, hurry up and run.” The master adventurer said earnestly, “The difficulty of the world copy is too high, we can’t beat it.”

“It’s easy to talk about it!” The man put the adventurer back, who immediately turned into a wooden man again.

The master adventurer felt a chill in his heart. He didn’t have time to say the most crucial information just now, that is… Kraken Invasion is a super-supreme-level copy of the world.

This man looks very strong, but how can he beat the dominant-level mobs, the supreme-level boss, and the ultra-extreme-level ultimate boss?

And it seems that this man still wants to be a hero, and he can already foresee the miserable end of the other party.

He quickly thought that the miserable end of the man would soon be his miserable end, and he suddenly felt even more desperate.

The man turned around and faced the 10,000-meter tsunami.

The tide really separated to both sides. The Krakens in dark gold armor lined up in two teams with golden spears, and the enchanting Krakens wearing blue-gold crowns slowly paced out from the middle.

She has a beautiful face, a dignified temperament, and the majesty of an emperor. Unlike other sirens, she has long slender and powerful legs, covered with scales and woven into charming fishnet stockings.

“Who are you?” the man asked.

“Queen of the Kraken.” Queen of the Kraken replied.

“What do you want to do when you are so inspiring?” the man continued to ask.

“Kill all the adventurers, destroy the world of adventurers, and build a kingdom of sirens on the ruins,” said the queen of sirens.

“Can we have a discussion? You see that this is all land. Even if you occupy this site, it is not suitable for you to survive, isn’t it, so it’s better…”


With an earth-shattering loud noise, the earth trembled as if it had suffered a nuclear explosion, and the impatience Queen Siren appeared in front of the man and pinned him to the ground with a punch.

The powerful shock wave spread, and the weaker adventurers standing in the front row left the world innocently without even humming.

The master lost a lot of blood, but because of the better equipment, he could still hold on.

He sighed for the man in his heart: what are you doing to mess with her? It’s been labeled as meat sauce, it’s the ultimate boss of the ultra-supreme level, how can you…

“Fairy Wood”


Another loud noise interrupted the master adventurer’s mental activity in an instant.

He saw the siren queen fly into the sky.

No, to be precise, he was beaten to the sky.


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