I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 48

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 48

Liszt sent the Queen of the Siren to the sky with one punch.

He probably understood what was going on right now.

He didn’t hear the system beep, but the dog man’s red switch wasn’t broken, and the world copy was indeed turned on.

The entire world of miracles has entered a big chapter called “Sea-Monster Invasion”!

As the dog man said, with the current game progress of the world of miracles, the adventurer can’t beat the siren.

In fact, it’s not just that he can’t beat him. In the face of the Kraken, the poor adventurer can only slaughter.

What the dog people worried about still happened, and the entire adventurer world will be destroyed by the invasion of the siren.

Of course the system would not allow this to happen.

But it did not lower the difficulty of the world dungeon, nor did it increase the basic attributes of the adventurer, but sent the initiator Liszt over.

That’s right, the blue light before was the forced transmission of the system.

The meaning of the system is obvious. You broke the misfortune, and you have to clean up the mess.

Thinking of this, Liszt raised his middle finger to the sky, and everyone thought he was despising the Queen of the Siren.

Darling, this is really a fierce person, beaten the Queen of the Kraken to the sky, and even… taunting each other?

When did such a powerful adventurer appear in the world of miracles? Why isn’t his name on the leaderboard?

Adventurers think so.

But Liszt actually despised the system.

Cut corners and cut corners to save trouble, cheat and play slippery instead of working! (confrontation)

If the system can solve things in three or two strokes, he has to be thrown here. Isn’t this laziness?

While he was sleeping, it was just… a sin! Do not! Can! amnesty!

If the system had an entity, Liszt would have to pull it out and beat it into a pig’s head.

The Queen of the Siren reappeared in Liszt’s field of vision. She fell from a very high place in the sky, with an unparalleled acceleration of gravity, falling to Liszt like a meteor!

Liszt didn’t intend to dodge. As a dark lord, dodging during a confrontation was a great shame, and he couldn’t afford to lose this person.

He looked at the Kraken Queen casually, ready to punch the right punch at the right time, and then send the Kraken Queen back into the sky.

From now on, the sky is your home! Liszt said maliciously in his heart.

With the sharp sound of breaking the air, the Queen of the Kraken came to Liszt in an instant. At the same time as she punched, Liszt also punched!

“Master, be careful!”

At the moment when the two sides were about to collide, a red figure rushed over from the side and forcibly took Liszt’s heavy punch from the Queen of the Siren!

Fortunately, Liszt’s eyes and hands were quick, and he released the power from his fist in time, and then spread his arms to catch the red figure that suffered a heavy blow.


The powerful force was transmitted to Liszt, his legs sank suddenly, and he stepped out of the crater nearly a thousand meters in place.

Fortunately, the cannon fodder adventurer has been sent away by the previous shock wave, otherwise he will suffer heavy casualties at this moment.

But even so, many relatively powerful adventurers managed to survive the shock wave in the first round, but they were not able to escape the disaster in the end.

Liszt couldn’t care about what would happen to the adventurer. He looked at Luna in his arms and felt bad.

Luna’s heavy sword was broken into two pieces, and the scarlet armor was smashed into pieces, like a porcelain full of cracks. Blood was constantly seeping from her nose and mouth, and the vitality in her body was rapidly draining.

She is the housekeeper of the Castle of Terror, and the setting is not biased towards combat. At this time, she was seriously injured and dying when she took the rage blow of the Queen of the Siren.

“Lord…Master, I’m sorry, Luna failed to protect the master well, and even broke the epee…and the armor given by the master.” Luna said with guilt full of anger.

“It’s okay, I’ll make you a new one when I go back.” Liszt grinned, “It seems that the artifacts are not enough.”

“You have a good rest, I’ll go get the little mermaid, and then take you back to the castle.” Liszt said.

Forbidden Magic Night Nova.

Level 4 magic · forced sleep.

Liszt used healing magic to restore Luna, and then used sleep magic to force her into a deep sleep.

Putting Luna to sleep was to protect her, so that she would not run over desperately to block the sword for Liszt.

Moreover, the next scene is bound to be full of all kinds of blood and violence, and he wants to protect Luna’s pure and young heart.

The adventurers felt a chill in their hearts. Liszt beat the Kraken Queen to the sky just now. They thought they had come to the savior, but it seemed that the savior couldn’t beat the Kraken Queen…

You look at the savior’s female companion who has been beaten up like that, how can the savior be stronger than the female companion?

Sure enough, the Queen of the Kraken was underestimated just now, the final boss of the super-supremacy level, who can be her opponent seriously?

It’s over, it’s over, it’s definitely dead today, all their hard work is about to be destroyed, and their miraculous journey will be over…

Liszt still doesn’t know that the Queen of the Siren is a super-supreme boss.

If he knew in advance, he would definitely not be as careless as he was just now, and he would have to be prepared.

After all… he has never seen a super-supreme-level BOSS.

But the difference is not big. At this moment, Liszt is really serious.

Because the Kraken Queen hit his woman, even if the Kraken Queen was also a beautiful woman, that would not work.

After Luna fell asleep, Liszt turned around, his expression suddenly changed from doting to gloomy.

“Even if you beg for mercy now, it’s too late,” Liszt said.

“Now, there is only one last question left.” He stared at the Queen of the Siren, with a cruel smile on the corner of his mouth, “What method should I use to kill you?”

“Heh, why did you kill me?” Queen Siren sneered.

As a super-supreme-level BOSS, the Kraken Queen has a keen intuition. She can faintly feel that Liszt is not simple, so she will take action in person.

But it’s just “not easy”, she doesn’t think Liszt can beat her.

Liszt didn’t answer, he just waved his right hand casually.

Miracle Magic Darkness at the End of Dawn!

(Miracle magic is only eligible for an exclamation point.)

The world was suddenly illuminated by the glorious dawn, entering a dawn full of infinite vitality, but the next moment, the dawn was completely swallowed by the sudden deep darkness!

In the darkness, full of all negative emotions such as anger, greed, lust, etc., even the strongest guru-level adventurer at present will immediately get lost in this darkness.

“The Guard is Here”

In the very center of this deep darkness, there is a mass of the most extreme darkness.

There is darkness within the darkness, and as incredible as it may sound, anyone can clearly distinguish this darkness.

This group of darkness is Liszt.

At this time, Liszt is wearing the armor of swallowing light, the helmet of the end of the galaxy, and the spear of darkness and terror. Behind him are a pair of dark wings that cover almost the entire sky!

This is the true form of the dark lord, a fighting form that Liszt has never shown to the world of miracles!

“I am the Lord of Darkness.” A majestic and terrifying voice resounded throughout the universe engulfed by darkness, “Why, isn’t it enough?”

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