I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 49

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 49

Liszt put down the spear of darkness and terror in his hand.

Killing the Queen of Siren with the spear of darkness and terror is too cheap for the other party, and he wants to make the other party feel pain.


What’s more, he also needs to vent his anger.

Luna, Miss Luna, the charming and charming Miss Luna, is it also that you can move if you want?

Liszt is already on fire.

He was wrapped in endless extreme darkness, directly shattering the void, and appeared in front of the Queen of the Siren.


He couldn’t help but raise his right fist violently, sending the Queen of Siren to the sky again.

This is certainly not the end.

Liszt also leaped into the sky and followed the Queen of the Siren like a shadow.

Night Floating Kick!

The demon lotus kicks the air!

Wind Chasing Soul Strike!

The dark catch the heavy artillery!

Savage Clash of Night!

Grim Reaper Chain Hammer!

Hell Soul Refining Hot Wheels!

Dark Profound Truth·Continuous Serious Fist!

The Dark Profound Truth: Four Combo Attacks!

Dark Profound Truth: Unlimited Links under the Moon!

(Under special circumstances, ordinary martial arts are also eligible to have an exclamation mark, such as when Liszt is angry.)

The Queen of the Siren couldn’t keep up with Liszt’s movements, she couldn’t even see his figure clearly, and could only play the role of a sandbag who was unilaterally beaten.

In the face of Liszt’s stormy continuous attacks, she didn’t have the slightest resistance!

Of course she wanted to resist, who would be willing to accept such high-intensity “abuse”?

Perhaps Liszt’s harem ladies and sisters are particularly willing, but the Kraken Queen will definitely not be willing.

But there is always a discrepancy between ideas and reality.

For example, cats eat fish and dogs eat meat and Ultraman fights little monsters, but in reality, only cats eat fish and dogs and meat, and no Ultraman fights little monsters.

Another example is that the queen siren wants to resist, but in reality she does not have any conditions for resistance.

She can’t even see the figure of the other party, how can she resist?

What’s more, Liszt’s every attack carried extremely terrifying and vast power, which poured into her body and continuously melted the power she had accumulated.

The adventurers were still unable to move. They stood there like a group of wooden people, watching the Queen of the Siren being beaten higher and higher by Liszt.

It was hit from low to mid-air, from mid-air to high-altitude, then from high-altitude into the nebula, and from the nebula to the galaxy…

After Liszt and the Queen of Sirens disappeared at the end of their field of vision, the adventurers were finally able to move.

But they didn’t leave. Instead, they raised their heads collectively, their mouths opened into an “O” shape, and looked up at the sky.

It’s not that they can’t move, it’s that they don’t want to move, or they’re so surprised that they can’t move anymore.

what the hell?

Dark Lord?

The one who beat up the Queen of the Siren just now turned out to be the Dark Lord?

But why did he save us? Did you drink too much, fell out of love, or took the wrong medicine?

Everyone knows how notorious the dark lord is. This guy is brutal and bloody, and his favorite thing is to run over and torture adventurers.

That’s right, Liszt, who is most keen to die, is the one with the worst reputation among the four world bosses.

God is pitiful, he really didn’t do anything wrong, uh…except for the dark turmoil in revenge for the system.

You see, Liszt has tyrannical power, inexhaustible wealth, and supreme power.

He is such a person, but he doesn’t abuse his power, he doesn’t rob civilians, and he doesn’t lock up adventurers in a small dark room.

In the game world, is murder a crime? Not breaking the law. In the game world, does murder count as murder? Of course not.

As far as Liszt knew, compared with the bad behavior of the Chaos Heavenly Emperor and the Mysterious Underworld Lord, he and the Bright God King were simply three good students and five good citizens.

So Liszt was wronged. He obviously did nothing but suffered so much criticism. He was wronged.

All in all, the dark lord’s performance at the moment completely broke the “stereotype” of him by adventurers.

In the Castle of Horrors, Liszt never used naughty scrolls. He is now the dark lord, not the adventurer Hester.

So no one will link Liszt to that apprentice-level adventurer, and he is not afraid of revealing his identity.

About ten minutes later, a streamer of light fell from the sky shrouded in darkness.

As the streamer approached, a powerful hurricane whistled throughout the miracle world, and the ground shook!

In an instant, the streamer fell to the ground!


Centered on the place where the streamer fell, the splendid rays of light were wrapped into a bright hemisphere, and the hemisphere expanded rapidly and exploded at a certain critical point!

The adventurers who were relatively close were caught again. At this time, it was too late to run. At the same time when the streamer entered the line of sight, they turned into wooden people again.

But what’s interesting is that if they were given the chance to choose, most of the adventurers would not choose to leave.

How many times can you see such a shocking confrontation (diao) in this life? Definitely a lifetime series!

To be able to see such a super battle that is enough to be recorded in the history of miracles, what is the point of losing some money, some experience and some equipment?

Dark Lord, go! The adventurers shouted in their hearts.

Before long, the light fades and the smoke clears.

The incomparably noble Queen of the Siren fell to the dust, and the normal Liszt stood beside her, looking down from a condescending attitude.

“Submit, or die!” Liszt said indifferently.

The Queen of the Siren was in a state of embarrassment. Whether it was the armor, the scepter, or even the crown, they were all crushed by Liszt’s heavy punch.

She was covered in bruises and scars, and bright red blood dripped from the gaps in the scales, making her look poignant and beautiful.

Just now, under Liszt’s hands, she truly realized what humiliation is.

She was certain that no one could survive Liszt’s violent combo just now, and neither could she.

The only reason she was still alive was that Liszt was afraid that she would die too easily, so he raised the healing totem while attacking.

Otherwise, she has been dead for a long time, and it is impossible for her to live until now.

Facing Liszt’s ultimatum, the Kraken Queen was extremely stubborn, she resolutely said: “Never surrender!”

Liszt was still indifferent. He looked at the tsunami waves next to him and the sea-monster floating in it. He looked at the queen of the sea-monster again, and repeated: “Submit, or die!”

The siren queen bit her lips out of blood, of course she understood Liszt’s subtext.

Death, not only her death, but also the death of the entire Kraken tribe!

She can put her personal life and death aside, but can she put aside the life and death of the entire Kraken tribe?

She used all her strength, barely stood up, then knelt down on one knee, finally lowered her noble head, and said respectfully, “King.”

Liszt smiled with satisfaction, he picked up the Queen of the Siren by the waist, put it on the left shoulder, and then carried Luna on the right shoulder.

There is a beauty on the left, and a beauty on the right, Liszt feels very fulfilled.


Forbidden Magic Phase Zone Teleportation.

The huge magic circle rose, and Liszt’s figure disappeared on the spot. At the same time, the tsunami that was as high as 10,000 meters and the entire sea-monster group disappeared.

But for a moment, the world was quiet and the sky was high and cloudless.

After Liszt left, the adventurers froze in place for three minutes before finally reacting.

The knot…is it over? Is this the end?

They feel like they are dreaming.

“Dark Lord!” I don’t know who made the most high-pitched chicken cry in the entire miracle world.

“Dark Lord! Dark Lord! Dark Lord!”

Then, there was a thousand responses, and all the adventurers present shouted the name of the dark lord.

This is the cry of nearly a billion adventurers, and the sound is loud enough to resound through the universe, causing the Miracle Continent to shake because of it!

Today, the name of the Dark Lord, in another form, has spread throughout the entire world of miracles!

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