I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 5

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 5

Different from the Palace of Darkness, the Temple of Darkness is the place where Liszt spends most of his time apart from sleeping and resting.

At this time, he was holding the mischievous scroll of the God of Mischief, spinning around in the Dark Temple.

He knew who wrote the scroll—of course he wasn’t referring to Loki in the scroll description, but the designer who made the scroll.

This kind of nonsensical design style, such a mischievous effect, shows that Liszt is too familiar with it.

Although it was five years later, he could still call out each other’s name – Song Mingliang from the prop design team, who was his best friend.

The two of them were bunks in the university. Later, they obtained a master’s degree from the same school. When they graduated, they joined the “Miracle” development team as designers at the same time.

When they were in school, the two of them were very poor. When they were really poor, they would make a meal and eat together.

Later, when Liszt’s mother fell ill, Song Mingliang lent all his savings to Liszt without saying a word.

The two are not brothers, but they are closer than brothers.

This scroll was obviously made specially for him by Song Mingliang.

Because in this game world, there are only four world bosses, which are played by real humans, which means that only these four NPCs have human minds.

Other NPCs may be smart enough, but at the end of the day, they can’t escape the “set” the system gave them.

Just like Liszt’s harem, of course he could order them not to call them “Master”, but every time they used other names, there was timidity and panic in their eyes.

Because in their setting, Liszt is supreme. Liszt can order them, but he cannot change their settings.

So later, Liszt stopped forcing them. He didn’t like the deep panic and fear.

Under the constraints of these settings, even if other NPCs use the scroll, they will only continue to act according to the system settings, but they are just more players.

But for the four world bosses, the situation is completely different. Apart from the identity of the world bosses, the system does not give them any settings.

That is to say, Liszt can completely pass this scroll, possess the identity of an adventurer, and become a “fake” adventurer that can no longer be truly true!

The value of this scroll to Liszt is self-evident!

What Liszt wants to know now is when Song Mingliang designed this scroll, and why did he design this scroll?

Just want to have some fun for Liszt? Or maybe something happened in the real world, Song Mingliang wanted him to go back as soon as possible?

Did something go wrong with the game, did the mother’s condition worsen? Liszt did not know, and this unknowing made him feel terrified.

If there is a problem in the real world, when did this scroll appear? If it takes too long, will it be too late?

The more Liszt thought about it, the more chaotic it became. In the five years since he became the Dark Lord, he had never been so worried.

He shook his head, and he decided not to think too much, and to do the things in front of him first.

“Yuelan, what do you think my name should be?” he asked, and beside him was an oriental fox demon with a beautiful and charming face.

“Master, Yuelan doesn’t dare.” The fox demon hurriedly bowed.

“Tell me about it,” Liszt said.

The fox demon named Yuelan thought about it carefully, and said carefully: “The master’s real name is Liszt, and he is also a great dark lord. Why don’t you take a part of each, let’s call Hester…”

“Hester.” Liszt couldn’t help laughing.

The little fox demon said in a panic, “Master forgive me!”

“This name is not bad, it’s very interesting, let’s call it Hester.” Liszt’s mind moved, and the words “Name: Hester” appeared on the scroll.

“Occupation…let’s still be a magician, it is convenient to work.” Among the three major occupations of swordsman, priest, and magician, Liszt chose magician.

“The full level is 100, and it should be good to set it to 38.”

“Apprentice-level adventurer, keep a low profile.”

“The growth value should not be too dazzling, 67 is quite suitable.”

Liszt used the mischievous scroll of the God of Mischief to set various attributes. After entering the adventurer’s continent, when interacting with other adventurers, the other party will see the data set by him.

However, Liszt’s strength will not be affected in any way, the skills that can be cast can still be cast, and the passive that should be triggered will still be triggered.

Next, he set the equipment and appearance. After the setting was completed, he became a twenty-year-old male magician with a wand.

His appearance is not tall and handsome, his appearance is relatively ordinary, but he is very friendly, belonging to the kind of image that is harmless to humans and animals.

The equipment on his body is the same, neither too good nor too bad. It is excellent at this level, but it definitely cannot enter the “excellent” sequence.

“How?” Liszt asked, waving his wand.

“The owner seems to be a little cuter than before…” said the little fox demon.

Of course she dared not say that Liszt became ugly.

“It seems to have achieved the effect.” Liszt is also very satisfied with the current image. The dark lord’s aura is too full, even if he uses shape-shifting magic, he will become the focus wherever he goes.

“I’ll go first,” Liszt said.

After saying goodbye to the little fox demon, Liszt came to the center of the temple and raised his wand.

Of course, the dark lord does not need to sing or raise his wand to activate magic, but since he has a wand in his hand, it always feels weird not to raise it.

“Activate! The call of the ninth-level magic, Atropos! Based on the memory image, locate the player or NPC within the range, and the effective range is related to the magic value of the caster!”

“Activate! Tenth-level magic, phase teleportation! Instantly teleport the target unit (including but not limited to players, props, NPCs, etc.) to the designated location. This teleportation method ignores distance!”

“Activate! Eighth-level magic, Tristalo’s joke! Distorting reality, disguising the means of casting, the process of casting, and the residue of casting, the degree of distortion is related to skill proficiency!”

This is the card face of the dark lord, which seems to be a simple teleportation, and the lowest level of magic is also level 8!

Levels 1 to 3 belong to low-level magic, levels 4 to 6 belong to intermediate magic, levels 7 to 9 belong to high-level magic, levels 10 to 12 belong to forbidden magic, and levels 12 and above enter the realm of super magic.

The first magic is to locate the target adventurer; the second magic is to teleport to the designated adventurer.

As a tenth-level magic, the movement of phase teleportation is too large, Liszt does not want to fall from the sky and fall into the super-large magic teleportation array.

Therefore, a third magic is needed to disguise the transmission process.

The result of camouflage is…

Liszt fell from the sky and hit the ground heavily, like a meteorite impact, the ground shook violently, and a deep pit was smashed into the poor sandy ground.

For a while, the dust was filled with dust, and nothing could be seen clearly. Liszt raised his wand, coughed and climbed out of the huge pit with a depth of ten meters.

“Sword Comes”

When the smoke cleared, Liszt raised his eyes and looked around. In front of him, about 20 meters away, stood more than 20 adventurers, who seemed to belong to a certain mercenary group.

Behind him, also about 20 meters away, there are three adventurers. They look very embarrassed. They should have just experienced a battle, and there is a cliff behind them. They are obviously desperate.

There are three adventurers, two males and one female. One male adventurer, whose game name is “Ye Luo”, is a handsome oriental boy with black hair and black pupils.

Growth value: 524.

This is the man Liszt is looking for!

Everyone’s eyes widened, and a Liszt fell from the sky just now, which really scared them.

“Apprentice-level adventurer?” Someone in the mercenary group said, “Boy? Is this your rescuer?”

After seeing Liszt’s rating, the mercenary group laughed so hard that their stomachs were about to burst from laughter: “It’s really laughing to death, do you want to laugh at us to death, so that you can be saved?”

Only Liszt stood there innocently.

what’s the situation?

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