I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 53

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 53

In a sense, Miracle Continent has started the second life of human beings.

The miracle world has many advantages that the real world cannot.

Compared with reality, people are always keen on fantasy, and the miracle continent is a collection of countless fantasy.

The time flow ratio between the miracle world and the real world is 12:1, and every two hours in the real world elapses, one day has passed in the miracle world.

The lifespan of human beings is lengthened by the existence of the miracle world. Human beings can survive for 100 years in real life, but can survive for 1200 years in the miracle world.

12:1, such a ratio is really too scary.

The fantasy experience of not getting old in 1200 years and staying young forever is a temptation that not many people can refuse.

The existence of “Miracle” has long surpassed the game itself, and opened the second life era of mankind.

The strength, wealth and status in the miracle world can be directly converted into resources in the real society.

As the best virtual reality game in this era, miracles have already swept the world, as long as there is a network, there are miracles.

“Miracle” is really like a miracle of the gods, opening the shackles called “reality” for mankind.

In the process of continuous promotion of “Miracle”, the established rules of the real world are also being slowly broken.

For example, the status in the miracle world is equivalent to the status in the real world, but the status in the real world cannot be equal to the status in the miracle world.

In the real world, you are a billionaire, but in the world of miracles, you are a novice adventurer, so not many people will believe that you are really a billionaire.

Even if you are recognized as a billionaire in the world, if you do not perform well in the world of miracles, people will generally think that you are just an old capitalist behind the times.

“Miracle” has long been more than just a game.

Or, it could be just a game or not.

Like something Liszt has been planning all this time.

The protagonist of this matter is Bing’er. If Liszt doesn’t think of a way, she will soon marry someone she doesn’t like.

Of course not, the dark lord has become a green turtle, and it should not make people laugh out loud.

Liszt was thinking about what he should do to “save Bing’er from fire and water”.

He didn’t say it clearly, but it doesn’t mean he wasn’t thinking.

Bing’er is a domineering female president. Under the interference of her family, she had to marry a domineering male president.

It may not be domineering, but the male president is definitely a sure thing.

How should Liszt prevent this from happening, and how should he radiate his influence in the game world to the real world?

He thought about it, and it seemed that the most irritable way was the most effective way, so he decided to grab a kiss.

A domineering female president has to go on a date with a domineering male president, which is impossible.

Liszt, with Ye Luo, ambushed early on the only way for the two CEOs to go on a date.

They were sneaking behind a big blue-gold tree.

“Teacher, what are we doing here?” Ye Luo asked.

“Didn’t I tell you, I’m here to grab a relative,” Liszt said.

“Whose relatives are you robbing, and why are you robbing relatives?” Ye Luo asked again.

“Why do you talk so much? Can you keep your mouth shut and work hard?” Liszt said.

Ye Luo said, “But teacher, I really want to know what’s going on here.”

“Knowing the cause and effect, students can be more motivated!” he added.

“Have you seen your sister-in-law Bing’er?” Liszt asked.

Ye Luo shook his head and replied, “I haven’t seen it. Teacher, do I still have a wife?”

“Attention, it’s Bing’er, not a teacher. That is to say, there will be Huo’er and Feng’er. In fact, you do have countless teachers.”


“This… the teacher is joking.” Ye Luo said.

“Why lie to you? What’s the benefit of lying to you?” Liszt said, “Your sister-in-law Bing’er was forced to marry, and we have to rescue her.”

“Wait, isn’t she my sister-in-law? How could she be forced to marry?”

“The adult world is always complicated.” Liszt sighed, “You’ll understand when you grow up.”

“Teacher, I’m not good at getting involved in the adult world. I’m not very good at stealing a relative.”

“Shh!” Liszt made a gesture of silence and whispered, “Come here! Get ready to grab a kiss!”

The two presidents are slowly walking towards the blue-gold tree.

The female president is noble and glamorous, and the male president is tall and handsome.

At this distance, the content of their conversation can already be heard.

“You should know that this matter is a family arrangement.”

“I know.”

“I don’t like you, you don’t have to be diligent, all your attempts are meaningless.”

“Why are you always used to standing so high?” said the male president.

“Huh?” the female president responded.

The male president continued: “80% of your family’s business is in our hands.”

“what do you want to say in the end?”

“Do you really think that you married me, it’s just the marriage they said?” The male president shook his head, “It’s better to make it clear, it’s a marriage.”

“In the last round of trade competition, it was your father who lost, but we took into account the resource network and relationship network in your father’s hands, so that he survived in this industry.”

“Since then, your family has been under our control, and it was already decided for you to marry me.”

The male president said: “As a tool for marriage, you really don’t have any arrogant capital.”

“I advise you to be more interesting, so that everyone’s faces will not look good when you get it.”

Bing’er looked at him fixedly, her eyes were calm and calm, but under the silent iceberg, there was helplessness and anger hidden.

But with her character, it is impossible for her to argue with the other party at this moment, let alone the argument will not change anything.

“Hit… robbery!” A teenager dressed as a swordsman jumped out from behind the tree and stopped in front of the male president.

The teenager panicked and didn’t know where to put his hands and feet, so he didn’t seem to have much experience in robbery.

“Robbery?” The male president smiled, “Do you know who I am?”

“I robbed, what does it have to do with knowing who you are?” Ye Luo said.

“Master-level adventurer?” The male president looked at Ye Luo’s title and said in approval, “Such a young master has a bright future!”

“Can you stop being yin and yang, and just say whatever you want?” Ye Zhu couldn’t help it now.

He didn’t think about it at first, but Liszt kicked him here with one kick.

There is no other way, Ye Luo can only play the role of the robber dutifully. He was not used to it at first, but the male CEO’s yin and yang eccentricity successfully let him in.

“Do you know what will happen if you offend me? Or… do you really think you can beat me?” said the male president.

Ye Luoxin said that I care about you, I am now being pursued by the full service, and if I offend you again, where can I go? Can you crawl along the network cable and hack me to death?

“Master doesn’t rob money, he only robs sex.” Ye Luohengjian immediately said, “Leave this girl, you can get out.”

I have to say that Ye Luo, who is a bit ruffian, is still very handsome.

In front of Bing’er, the male president of course couldn’t lose face. He took two steps forward, the shield in his left hand and the one-handed sword in his right, confronting Ye Luo.

Ye Luo’s long sword was unsheathed, and the sunlight hung diagonally above the blade, gilding the three-foot green front with a beautiful gold edge.

Master Swordsman VS Grand Master Paladin!

The battle is imminent.

The male president was about to rub Ye Luo on the ground, so that Bing’er could see his power.

Suddenly, the world went dark.

Then came the random punches and kicks from all directions.

Yes, he quietly touched Liszt behind the male CEO, and a sack threw him to the ground.

“Hit me!” Liszt kicked the male CEO’s tall and handsome ass.

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