I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 55

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 55

“She’s not uncomfortable anyway, she just wants to be free! She doesn’t care about my feelings!

In the high-pitched and loud and tragic singing of the dog people, the adventurer legion is gathering towards Limbo City.

For a male CEO who lacks wealth, power, and status, it is absolutely unbearable shame that his fiancee is taken away.

The dog man sang “Premeditated” at the appointed place, which was an unbearable shame.

The male president decided to “save” the female president from the “enemy” immediately.

He summoned the adventurers under his command, hired elite adventurers, used the network in his hand, and assembled an army of adventurers with a scale of 100,000.

If he was given more time, he could find more adventurers.

But the two things about his fiancee being robbed and the dog man singing and mocking him really made him no longer have any patience.

After the assembly was completed, the army of adventurers marched towards Lingbo City.

The male president named this operation “War at Sea”!

It seems to be somewhat similar to the famous war in a certain thief king.

It doesn’t matter what your name is, what matters is that the male president will gain everything in this war.

First of all, he wants to take back his fiancee Binger.

Miracle World has a player protection mechanism. If you are kidnapped or insulted, as long as you apply for arbitration, the system will immediately punish the perpetrator.

But Binger didn’t do that, she let the young swordsman take her away.

This fully shows that Binger is testing him.

Bing’er wanted to take this opportunity to see if he was worth his life.

Of course, he had to perform well and show the strongest stance in this incident, making Bing’er fall under his black trousers.

In fact, he didn’t just want Bing’er, he wanted more.

For example, more wealth, more power, higher status.

This large-scale legion war will vividly show his power and become an excellent advertisement invisibly.

After the war at sea, his partners will trust him more and his potential partners will consider him more.

After calculation, the profit brought by this war to the male president can at least increase the company’s market value by 13%.

If you can get both the beauty and the country, why not do it?

This incident is humiliating, but as long as it is handled well, the humiliation will turn into an opportunity.

Sai Weng lost his horse, how do you know it is not a blessing? The dialectics of the male president is well learned.

However, the premise of the above benefits is that the male president wants to achieve an overall victory in the naval war.

Total victory? That is inevitable.

lose? nonexistent.

The male president never thought that he would lose, that young swordsman was just a master, and the master was vulnerable in front of the master.

The other party seems to have a helper, but no matter how powerful the helper is, can he still beat an army of 100,000 people?

The male president can’t wait to go to the Chanming Pavilion in Lingbo City immediately, kill the young swordsman and his helpers, peel the hot pot under the skin of the dog, and finally welcome Binger home.

Liszt, Binger and Ye Luo, standing on the rooftop of Chanming Pavilion, are waiting for the arrival of the male president.

The dog man is singing.

“What’s his name?” Liszt asked.

“Well?” Ye Luo was stunned.

“I didn’t ask you, I asked you, Sister Bing’er.” Liszt said.

“Song Chenguang.” Bing’er replied, “If you are asking the person in the sack.”

“Song Chenguang?” Liszt raised his eyebrows, “Why does this name sound so familiar?”

He thought about it carefully, and then asked, “What’s his game nickname?”

“Lord of the Morning Light.”

“Lord of the Morning Light?” Liszt murmured twice, and every corner of his memory was touched. He asked, “What is his relationship with the Sword Saint of the Morning Light?”

“His original nickname was the Sword Saint of the Morning Light, but after being defeated by the Dark Lord, he changed his nickname to Lord of the Morning Light.”

“Oh, it’s him.” Liszt nodded.

“Why, know him?” Bing’er asked.

“I’ve heard of it, but I don’t know it.” Liszt said solemnly.

He said in his heart that this is really a narrow road for the enemy. Back then, he ran to commit suicide, but the suicide was unsuccessful. Instead, he shot someone to death. The sword of light fell to the ground before it was hot.

He robbed others of the sword of light, and now he has stretched his claws to his fiancée, trying to snatch the woman away.

This is too much! Liszt felt a little guilty, but under the guilt, he was more excited.

Who doesn’t love the Tauren (NTR)? Who doesn’t like a husband’s current offense? Who doesn’t like to be a yellow-haired man who can do whatever he wants?

“In this warm room! Then I found out slowly! Even if our love has an expiration date, we don’t want to say goodbye! Woo-wang-wang-wang!”

The dog man is singing.

He hugged Limai and barked like a husky mixed in with wolves.

This guy is definitely a Maiba, he sang from morning to evening, he didn’t mean to stop at all, he was still full of energy and emotion.

Each of his songs is an overly hilarious love song, like “You Get Me Drunk” and “Preference”. All in all, the voice must be loud and the emotion must be in place.

I feel sorry for the adventurers in Lingbo City. They were forced away by the dog people’s singing. Compared with yesterday, no more than 5% of the adventurers were still here.

The song of the dog man is simply a biochemical weapon, or the kind of artifact level, which makes the huge Lingbo City look like a ghost town.

The passionate dog people saw that there was a dark cloud over the place where the sea and the sky communicated in the distance.

To be precise, it was not a dark cloud, but a large number of adventurers gathered like a dark cloud.

The dog-man was even more excited, he sang louder, more emotionally, and even more horribly.

have a look! My singing is really good! Attract so many adventurers! These people are my fans! fan! Wang!


The dog man is singing.

Thousands of squares of sunshine, blue waves, ten thousand feet of sunshine sprinkled on the blue waves of ten thousand feet, the entire Lingbo City was illuminated by the sparkling waves.

The dog man is singing.

Under the dark clouds, a large number of adventurers approached Lingbo City. They were well-trained and solemn, and there was a cold light in their eyes.

The dog man is singing.

Forbidden Magic, Darkness Comes.

Level 8 Magic Tristalo’s joke.

Liszt temporarily lifted the protection of Lingbo City’s safe area, making it a battle area.

But Tristalo’s joke distorted reality again, preventing the darkness that should have come.

He stood tall on the roof of Chanming Pavilion, looking down at the army of adventurers coming like a tide.

When the protection of the safety zone was lifted, the Adventurer Legion noticed it, and they did not hesitate, and quickly approached the Chanming Pavilion where Liszt was located.

The giant city is in the sky, and the soldiers are under the city.

Among the Adventurer Corps, ten samurai in golden armor appeared in a row, and finally, a tall and handsome paladin paced out under the guard of the golden samurai.

The paladin rode a sacred and flawless Pegasus, holding a shield in the left and a sword in the right, shining brightly all over his body, just like the morning light at the beginning of the dawn.

The Lord of Morning Light drew his sword, pointed towards Chanming Pavilion, and said coldly, “Kill!”

Ye Luo also pulled out his sword, his expression was stern, his sword pointed towards the sky.

The dog people are singing!

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