I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 58

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 58

Liszt was staring at the security door.

The security door he accidentally discovered suddenly changed.

Liszt had left his perception magic here long ago, so he rushed over as soon as the security door changed.

This door always made Liszt feel uncomfortable.

It seemed that there was something behind it that could threaten him.

It sounds incredible, but Liszt does feel that way.

As the dark lord, he is the most powerful ultimate existence in the world of miracles, and he is invincible in this world.

But what if this door does not belong to the world of miracles, but to other worlds?

Can Liszt overcome the ultimate existence of other worlds?

As a former programmer of Miracle World, Liszt understands the design principles and design style of the development team very well.

The security door in front of me, both in terms of design principle and design style, is incompatible with the world of miracles.

He has an intuition that security doors do not belong to the world of miracles.

Liszt didn’t know why this security door appeared.

It’s like he didn’t know why the security door suddenly opened the crack.

It was pitch black inside the crack of the door, Liszt leaned in to look, but couldn’t see anything.

He is very concerned about the change of this security door, otherwise he would never be able to postpone the spring night dream with Binger.

He confronted the anti-theft door for a long time, but the anti-theft door may have been cowardly, and it has not changed for a long time.

Liszt could only sigh, lost a higher level of perception magic, and returned to the Castle of Horrors.

There are so many young ladies and sisters in the harem waiting for him to comfort him, but he has no time to spend endlessly with the security door.

He went to the silent place of Ye Mie and woke the Blazing Sword Demon from its slumber.

The strength of the Blazing Sword Demon is extremely powerful, second only to the four world bosses, even Liszt, it would take some effort to kill it.

In the background story, the Blazing Sword Demon used to be the dark lord’s most powerful enemy, and the dark lord’s old enemy.


The dark lord rose in the darkness of infinite sinking, and finally defeated the former ruler, the Blazing Sword Demon, thus becoming the new dark lord.

Of course, this is just a background story, Liszt has not experienced that “bloody and hard” history.

After he entered the world of miracles, he became a high-ranking dark lord.

struggle? Rise? nonexistent. Only pleasure and enjoyment are in his dictionary.

The Blazing Sword Demon woke up from its slumber, its blood-colored eyes shone like stars, its huge wings covered the sky, and its ancient body burned with black flames.

“My enemy, my master.” Blazing Sword Demon’s voice seemed to have come from eternity, causing the space to vibrate.

In front of the Blazing Sword Demon, Liszt was as small as an ant.

“There is a task for you,” Liszt said. “There is a door at the end of the void. I want you to keep an eye on this door.”

He continued: “Kill everything that comes out of that door!”

“As ordered.” The figure of the Blazing Sword Demon disappeared in the darkness.

Liszt was a little relieved to let the Blazing Sword Demon be the goalkeeper, after all, this is his most powerful subordinate.

If the Blazing Sword Demon can’t deal with that door, then he can only do it himself.

Now, Liszt has to deal with Bing’er’s affairs.

At least it seems that the state of the door is relatively stable, but Binger’s matter is a top priority.

Of course Liszt would not tolerate his wife marrying another man.

There can never be a shred of green on a dark lord’s head.

Liszt’s plan is not complicated, he just wants to force the Lord of the Morning Light to retreat.

This time, the halberd will definitely make the Lord of Morning Light jump over the wall, and he will be very eager to regain his face.

But how to get face back?

It’s definitely impossible to beat him. An army of 100,000 people has been chased around the world by the dog people. If he wins, Ye Luo can’t beat the dog people. It’s no use.

But he urgently needs to regain his face, otherwise not only him, but the interests of the entire company will be damaged because of this.

He can become a grandmaster and rank among the top three in the rankings, not by virtue of his personal talent and hard work, but by the resources of the entire family and company.

In the world of miracles, he is the face of the family and the company.

If his spokesperson’s prestige is demolished, the family will most likely abandon him directly and train a new spokesperson instead.

Redoing is always easier than repairing.

The Lord of the Morning Light is eager to turn the tables, but there are not many choices left to him.

Immediately marrying Binger was the best one among his many choices.

He can use the resources in reality to force Binger to marry him as soon as possible.

Bing’er is the root of everything, and getting Bing’er is equivalent to getting everything.

If it operates well, it can also help him establish a positive image of being resourceful, responsible and responsible.

And these were all within Liszt’s expectations.


The world of miracles is getting weirder.

Most adventurers think so.

Too many strange things have happened recently.

For example, the dark lord inexplicably unleashed a dark turmoil.

After the dark turmoil, some apprentices used the low-level fireball technique to kill three masters.

Then the version was updated, and the new professional swordsman was launched, which was once recognized as the weakest profession.

Then a young swordsman named Ye Luo was born, and in the indiscriminate duel competition, the two swords took the previous champion by a second.

Up to this point, things have been within reason, and at best a little strange.

But what happened next was unbelievable.

Everyone should eat, sleep, fight monsters, flirt with girls, and enjoy the game. Suddenly, the super-supreme Siren Invasion World dungeon was opened.

In the end, the infamous Dark Lord stepped in and ended the cataclysm that would destroy the entire world of adventurers.

The weird things aren’t over yet.

The top three super bosses in the combat power rankings, the fiancee of the Lord of Morning Light was robbed.

It was none other than Ye Luo, a young swordsman who rose to fame some time ago.

It is said that the Lord of Morning Light was also beaten up in a sack, but of course this is only a rumor.

The Lord of Morning Light took a 100,000-strong army to the Chanming Pavilion in Lingbo City, wanting to get his fiancee back.

The final result was that the Lord of Morning Light was instantly killed by a young swordsman, and an army of 100,000 people was chased by a strange dog and bit his butt.

It seems that the hunt is not over until now.

Recently, the forums are full of posts about these things, and everyone is arguing.

The world of miracles seems to be moving in strange directions.

Just as everyone rejoiced at the encounter of the Lord of Morning Light, the Lord of Morning Light himself released news at night that he and his fiancee would get married the next day.

Tomorrow, he will hold a banquet in King’s Landing City to entertain the heroes of the world. Any adventurer, regardless of level or strength, can come to participate!

He will marry his fiancee at the feast tomorrow!

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