I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 6

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 6

Lister coughed and crawled out of the crater.

At this time, in front of him was a mercenary group that appeared out of nowhere, and behind him were desperate Ye Luo and others.

“You…are you talking to me?”

Liszt looked at the mercenary group who were laughing and pointed to his nose.

“Nonsense, is there anyone else here? I’m not talking to you, who are you talking to?” The mercenary group responded rudely.

Liszt was a little uncomfortable with such a tone. As a dark lord, he was pampered. How could anyone talk to him like this.

You may not believe it, but when the mercenary group spoke to Liszt in such a tone, he felt… quite happy?

So Liszt said happily: “What’s the matter? Are you fighting?”

There are more than 20 people in the mercenary group, with the title of “scholar-level adventurer” on their heads.

Behind Liszt, the three Ye Luo were all “apprentice-level adventurers”.

The prejudice in people’s heart is a big mountain. For example, a scholar is definitely better than an apprentice. You can’t move it no matter what.

Obviously, just relying on the three of Ye Luo, running up to fight the mercenary group, can only be a one-sided gift.

“I advise you to go back where you come from, this lady can spare your life, otherwise don’t blame my ‘Sword of Thorns’ for not having eyes!”

A red-haired female swordsman dressed in hot clothes told Liszt that her armor only covered the places that had to be covered, and her slender waist and powerful long legs were exposed, looking tempting.

When she said the words “Sword of Thorns”, the surrounding mercenaries showed envious expressions. It seemed that this sword should be very powerful.

But well… the level is too low, Liszt has never heard of it.

“The sword of thorns, what is that? Does it have a damage bonus to dark creatures?” Liszt asked with interest.

“The Sword of Thorns ranks 86th in the Adventurer’s Weapon Ranking. The most important special effect is bleeding damage. As long as it is touched by this sword, it will take 1% of the maximum health value per second for bleeding real damage! “

After saying this, the red-haired female swordsman was stunned for a moment: “Why am I telling you this?”

“The real damage of bleeding at 1% of the maximum health per second?” Liszt was even more interested. He rubbed his hands expectantly and said, “Can you touch me?”

True damage ignores armor, ignores magic resistance, and ignores the increase effect of skills. How much damage will be caused.

If it’s really 1% bleeding real damage, doesn’t that mean that this sword can send him home in 100 seconds?

But Liszt’s “sincere” request was regarded as a hooligan.

“This lady is going to smash your corpse into ten thousand pieces!” The red-haired female swordsman said angrily, she waved forward, and everyone in the mercenary group approached Liszt.

? ? ? So many licking dogs? Liszt opened his eyes.

The ignorant Liszt obviously didn’t know that the word “touch” stabbed the hornet’s nest.

touch? Who knows if you want to touch the sword, or touch somewhere else?

“Wait, don’t worry!” Liszt raised his palm in front of him, made a “don’t come over” gesture, and said loudly, “So why are you fighting?”

“Now, do you think these are still important?” Someone from the mercenary group sneered.

“Of course it’s important,” Liszt replied, “We must distinguish between good and evil. If it is good, we must promote it; if it is bad, we must combat it!”

Those who didn’t know thought he was the big leader who came to the game world to inspect.

“We came first.” Ye Luo, who was behind, was finally willing to speak, his voice was a little cold, but a little soft, “We killed the scarlet spider first, and they wanted to rob it when they saw the good equipment. Walk!”

“Just the three of you apprentices, still want to kill the red spider? Maybe it’s someone who picked it up! We’re just doing things for the sky!”

Ye Luo’s cheeks were flushed with anger, and his lips were trembling: “You…you spit blood!”

Liszt can understand, this should be a classic case in the game world of “you exploded your good equipment, but I didn’t explode it, so I will kill you to get the equipment”.

The facts are clear and the evidence is conclusive.

“I see.” Liszt pointed at Ye Luo and the three behind him, “Today, I cover these three!”

“You are courting death!” The red-haired female swordsman finally gave an attack order, “Kill them!”

The battle broke out in an instant.

No, the carnage broke out in an instant.

Liszt raised his hand and subconsciously wanted to throw a dark forbidden spell out, but reason stopped him immediately.

It is not a wise choice to reveal his strength so early. He is only an apprentice-level magician now, and he has to do things that suit his identity.

Liszt was in a bit of trouble. He was thinking about which magic to use to kill the menacing mercenary group.

Since he became the dark lord, he has basically never touched the low-level magic below the fifth level. Now that he uses it suddenly, he really needs to have a good memory.

Before the attack of the mercenary group fell on him, he finally determined the magic to use.

“Activate! Fourth-level magic, mass fireball!”

On Liszt’s wand, a fireball condensed. The fireball flew out lightly, and suddenly split into more than 20. The target of each fireball was a member of a mercenary group.

One person per person, equally distributed.

“Haha!” A member of the mercenary group laughed again, “Group fireball technique? Can you be weaker?”

For scholar-level adventurers, the damage caused by the group fireball technique is really limited, and it doesn’t hurt to hit the body, and it can’t even break the defense.

The member was full of ridicule, and walked up to the “weak” fireball. He wanted to let the magician without long eyes know what is powerful and what is cruel!

Then, under the gaze of the members of the mercenary group, the “weak” fireball landed “weakly” on his breastplate.


With a soft sound, he didn’t even have time to hum, and it turned into a white light.

He stared at the big characters “Waiting for Resurrection” displayed on the interface, and hysterically shouted out four syllables: “This is a bug!”

Under the gaze of Ye Luo and the others, and in the anger of the red-haired female swordsman, the twenty-something mercenary group was turned into white light by Liszt’s mass fireball technique and sent back to their hometown.

“Sun and Moon”

What’s going on? This apprentice-level adventurer killed more than 20 scholar-level adventurers with the mass fireball technique? Ye Luo and the three felt that they were dreaming.

The red-haired female swordsman froze in place, feeling that she was watching some horror movie just now.

When she came back to her senses, Liszt had come to her, and she saw Liszt stretch out his sinful hands to her very vulgarly: “Come out and touch me…”

“Rogue!” The red-haired female swordsman screamed and slapped Liszt on the face.

Her palm just touched Liszt’s face, and before she had time to exert force, she did not complete the “slap” action at all, and then…

“Trigger, passive skill! The roar of the dark lord! When taking damage, return 200% of the damage to the opponent, and the skill’s effect on holy damage is halved.”


The red-haired female swordsman slapped herself away.

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