I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 60

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 60

Time passed by minute by minute.

There is not much time left before the good time and the auspicious time.

But Liszt never came back, Ye Luo could only sit there and wait anxiously.

He kept activating the scroll that Liszt gave him, trying to call Liszt back.

But all his calls were like sinking into the sea, and he didn’t get any response.

Ye Luo could only grit his teeth and continue to wait.

The city of King’s Landing was overcrowded, with adventurers coming to the wedding banquet everywhere. The huge King’s Landing Plaza was full of people, and there was not even a place to stay.

The adventurers didn’t even spare the tree tops, but wherever people could stand, they were filled with people.

When the wedding officially begins, red envelopes will rain on the square, and all the adventurers present have a share.

Everyone is looking forward to the final arrival of the wedding.

Except Ye Luo and Bing’er.

It should come, it will come after all.


The thunderous sound of gongs and drums sounded abruptly, and countless exquisite red envelopes engraved with golden patterns fell from the sky, making the entire Junlin Square instantly boil!

“The auspicious time has come!” With the blessing of magic, the voice of the master of ceremonies reverberated in the King’s Landing Square, “Please enter the bride and groom!”

The Lord of Morning Light and Bing’er stood up at the same time and walked towards the center of the square from the left and right sides.

Bing’er was wearing a red hijab, so she could only see her feet clearly. She quietly pulled the hijab away to a corner and peeked out.

Maybe there were too many people, maybe there was too little time for her, and she couldn’t find Liszt in the crowd.

Will he come? Will he keep his promise?

She walked nervously to the central platform of King’s Landing Plaza, where she stood at a loss.

She heard the Lord of Morning Light say loudly, “Today, my fiancee, Bing’er and I, got married in Jun’s Landing Plaza! Thank you all for joining us!”

He continued to ask: “Everyone should know that some time ago, because of the villain’s troubles, there were some twists and turns in my marriage with Bing’er.”

“But that’s just a little boy who hides his head and shows his tail. This kind of plot will not only not hurt the relationship between Bing’er and I, but will make us trust each other more!”

“Today, can anyone object to this marriage?”

Binger was extremely nervous, she subconsciously clenched her fists, her fingernails were deeply embedded in her palms without realizing it, and fine beads of sweat ooze out from her forehead.

Help me… help me… She begged in her heart, and her mind was full of Liszt’s appearance.

But she only waited for a dead silence.

“Since there is no objection, then we will have the wedding.” She heard the Lord of Morning Light say so.

The emcee asked loudly, “Would you like to marry this woman beside you and become her husband?”

“Yes!” The Lord of Morning Light said without hesitation.

The master of ceremonies asked Bing’er again, “Would you like to marry this man and become his wife?”

Binger’s mood suddenly collapsed.

Tears welled up in her eyes, she wiped it with both hands, but she couldn’t wipe it clean, instead she wiped more and more.

She couldn’t stop sobbing softly, her shoulders shaking involuntarily.

She is a strong woman, or rather, she has to be a strong woman.

Bing’er’s biggest mistake in her life might be that she was born into this declining family.

Growing up, she has never disappointed anyone, and she has done everything impeccably.

She pulled the weakening family back from the quagmire, put everything back on track, and made the family thriving again.

However, she has never let others down, but others have been letting her down.

The people she trusted unconditionally, in the end, disappointed her immensely.

Father, mother, family, they kept letting her down.

She had to be strong, because only then could she not be crushed by those disappointments.

At this moment, she finally could no longer pretend to be strong, and the grievances and anger that had been accumulated in her heart burst out.

Why can’t she be the most ordinary girl and live an ordinary life with ordinary people?

Why is she carrying so much weight? Why is she always disappointed?

The family disappointed her and asked her to marry a man she didn’t like at all.

Liszt also disappointed her by failing to keep his promise and not being there when she needed him most.

She doesn’t want to marry the Lord of Morning Light, she wants to marry someone she likes.

But then again, what’s the use?

She has never lived for herself in her life.

She thought of Liszt, of those absurd things.

In those days, she didn’t have to worry about anything, all she could feel was happiness.

Those days with Liszt became the happiest moments in her life.

But in the end, Liszt also let her down.

She had to promise the Lord of the Morning Light and had to be his wife.

Bing’er finally trembled and said, “I…”

As long as… just say the remaining two words, she will be free.

But why, those two words are as heavy as lead, why can’t they say it?

She took a deep breath, tried to calm down, and wanted to say those two words as freely as possible.

The emcee smiled and said, “It seems that our bride is very excited. It doesn’t matter. I’ll ask again.”

“Would you like to marry this man and be his wife?”

“I…” Bing’er finally made up her mind to say those two words.

“She doesn’t want to.”

These simple four words made the originally noisy Junlin Square instantly silent!

Under the watchful eyes of countless adventurers, a bald man stood up in the front row. He dropped a black stone and his appearance suddenly changed.

It was a young swordsman in white shirt hunting. His face was delicate and immature, and his eyes flashed with inextinguishable stubbornness and determination.

He was carrying a sharp long sword made of jade, with the warm moonlight surging on the sword.

It is the Cang Yue Sword.

It was the young swordsman named Ye Luo!

Ye Luo stood up, carrying the Cang Yue Sword on his back, jumped onto the central platform, and walked towards the Lord of Morning Light.

He stood about ten meters away from the Lord of Morning Light and said, “She is my wife, she will not marry you.”

The Lord of Morning Light was not angry, but was extremely pleasantly surprised: “Haha! It’s here! Sure enough, it’s here!”

His expression and tone immediately darkened: “Since you are here, don’t even think about leaving!”

“I didn’t want to leave.” Ye Luo shook his head, “I advise you to cancel the wedding, otherwise you will be miserable when the teacher comes.”

“Who is your teacher?” The Lord of Morning Light asked, “Is that the apprentice-level adventurer?”

“Yes, it’s the apprentice-level adventurer.” Ye Luo replied one by one.

“Hahahaha!” The crowd burst into laughter, and everyone thought Ye Luo must be crazy.

He is also a master, but he volunteered to be the student of the apprentice, and he also hoped that the apprentice would come over and defeat the grandmaster.

It’s not crazy what is it?

“What about your teacher?” The Lord of Morning Light laughed, “Why didn’t I see him?”

“Teacher has more important things to do.” Ye Luo replied, “He will be here soon!”

“You’re so pitiful.” The Lord of Morning Light shook his head sarcastically, “Your teacher probably escaped long ago, but you ran over to die.”

“But since you’re here, don’t even think about leaving.”

Before he finished speaking, the Lord of Morning Light rose into the air and floated in the air.

Immediately afterwards, the sky suddenly cracked, and a sacred and bright light fell from the crack, shining on the Lord of Morning Light like a spotlight.


Under the illumination of the Holy Light, a pair of holy white broad wings bloomed from the back of the Lord of Morning Light!

At this time, the Lord of Morning Light seemed to be transformed into an angel who came to the mortal world.

Ritual Magic Angels Descend.

Ritual magic doesn’t just give the Lord of Morning Light a pair of beautiful wings.

What’s even more amazing is that after the wings bloom, the title of the Lord of Morning Light has changed from “Grandmaster Adventurer” to “Dominant Adventurer”!

The Lord of Morning Light took out his trump card, and with the help of ritual magic, he became a ruling-level adventurer!

“Die.” The Lord of Morning Light looked down at Ye Luo and said sympathetically.


Cang Yue Sword unsheathed.

This is a fight to the death.

But Ye Luo can never escape!

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