I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 61

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 61

Cang Yue Sword.

Sword of Angel’s Judgment.

Young swordsman.

Lord of the Morning Light.

Master Adventurer.

Dominant adventurer.

This time, Ye Luo did not enchant him with Liszt.

Moreover, the opponent used his trump card and used ritual magic to become a dominant adventurer.

In the world of miracles, there are always some means that can make adventurers temporarily break through the existing realm.

Ritual magic happens to be the most extravagant and effective method among them.

Today’s Lord of Morning Light is already the most powerful adventurer in the world of miracles.

It is impossible for a master-level adventurer to defeat a master-level adventurer, much less a dominant-level adventurer.

However, in the face of a formidable opponent that was impossible to defeat, Ye Luo resolutely pulled out his Cang Yue Sword!

As a swordsman, the only way to face death is to draw a sword!

Just draw the sword!

The Lord of Morning Light was condescending, and with a sympathetic attitude, he drew out the sword of judgment in his hand.

“In the name of heaven, I will judge this heresy!” The Lord of Morning Light said solemnly.

“Kill!” Ye Luo shouted coldly.

The moment the Cang Yue sword was unsheathed, he seemed to be insane, and his whole body was filled with a violent killing aura.

It’s like, as long as it’s in front of him, even if it’s a god, he can kill it for you!

Break the cauldron and sink the boat, keep moving forward!

The adventurers present were all infected by Ye Luo’s emotions.

Ye Luo rose into the sky, the Cang Yue Sword in his hand drew a strange trajectory, and the sword’s sword light turned into an immortal, slashing towards the Lord of Morning Light.

One Sword Flying Immortal!

The Lord of Morning Light stared at Ye Luo indifferently. He was not in a hurry until Ye Luo’s sword was in front of him, and he finally shot.


The two swords intersected and collided with a thunderous sound of Jin Ge symphony!

The Sword of Judgment cut off the Cang Yue Sword in half, leaving terrifying scars on Ye Luo’s body.

Ye Luo’s swordsmanship was mysterious, but the difference in strength between the two sides was simply too great.

The Sword of Judgment is a temporary artifact brought by ritual magic, and it has not existed for a long time.

But in terms of strength, the attributes of the Sword of Judgment far surpass the “Confession of Protis” that was cut off by Ye Luo before!

The Cang Yue Sword was just a legendary weapon, and it was naturally overwhelmed when it collided with the divine weapon.

Ye Luo… can’t beat the Lord of Morning Light.

From the left waist to the right shoulder, he was slashed with terrifying wounds, and blood kept pouring out.

But Ye Luo was not afraid at all, there was no hesitation in his eyes, only unyielding and firmness.

He gripped the broken Cang Yue Sword tightly, and the broken sword rose sharply.

The sword light and sword intent intertwined, and a door was opened in the sky, and the fairy light in the door fell, instantly pressing down on the Lord of Morning Light!

The sword opens the gate of heaven!


Immortal light pressed down, forcibly dragging the Lord of Morning Light in mid-air towards the ground.

Ye Luo didn’t miss this opportunity, he soared up, came to the Lord of Morning Light in an instant, used the broken sword to carry the fairy light, and stabbed straight to the heart!

However, the Lord of Morning Light reacted equally quickly. He crossed the Sword of Judgment and used the body of the sword to resist Broken Sword.


The broken sword bounced high, and the extremely strong judgment sword broke out of the gap.

The Sword of Judgment is an artifact. With the strength of a master adventurer, Ye Luo broke the artifact out of the gap, which is enough to make him proud.

But that’s all, the Lord of Morning Light did not give Ye Luo another chance.

He raised the sword of judgment and stood fiercely on Ye Luo’s head!

Ye Luo fell towards the ground and fell into the dust.

The attack of the Lord of Morning Light just now completely emptied his HP.

He lost.

All the adventurers present sighed, Ye Luo’s performance surprised them, but their final defeat also made them feel relieved.

Yes, a master adventurer, how could it be possible to defeat a dominant adventurer?

Ye Luo’s duel against the Lord of Morning Light was nothing more than hitting a stone with an egg.

The smoke gradually dissipated.

No one could have imagined that they would be able to see Ye Luo again.

Ye Luo, who should have been beheaded by the Lord of Morning Light and returned to the resurrection interface, still stood there stubbornly.

Ye Luo stared at the Lord of Morning Light, a crimson flame was burning on his body!

“Death…death fight?”

An adventurer exclaimed.

The world of miracles is very human, and it can basically satisfy all the demands of adventurers.

It perfectly portrays a bizarre world of adventurers where everything is very real.

In the Western fantasy world and the fantasy world, there are never less scenes of the rage of the crown.

Because of the conflict of ideas, or what they want to protect and take away, the two sides face each other with swords, and in the end only one can stand in the end.

Similar scenes are restored in the world of miracles, and it seems that something is missing.

After all, “Miracle” is just a game. If you die, you will die, and you can still be resurrected anyway.

It is this resurrection mechanism that makes the showdown in the miracle world always lack the kind of blood and passion.

The kind of confrontation where you die and there is no way out is the real confrontation.

In order to restore such a duel as much as possible, Miracle World has added a deathmatch mode to the duel system.

After the adventurer turns on the deathmatch mode, all attributes will be fixed at the current constant value.

Its equipment, props, and money will all be converted into HP in proportion.

For example, if you have 4w points of HP, and the money of equipment items can be converted into 6w points of HP, then you will have 10w points of HP in deathmatch mode.

“Invincible begins with the sacrifice of ancestors”

10w points of HP will be converted into five lives according to the ratio of 2w:1, that is, five chances of being killed.

That is to say, after entering deathmatch mode, your equipment and props will be invalid, and even the health bar will disappear.

All you have is character attributes and life after HP conversion.

After the conversion, Ye Luo has three lives, and he has three chances to be killed.

If you lose in deathmatch mode, you will receive a heavy death penalty.

The character will be deleted, all data will be cleared, and players cannot create new characters within one year.

It’s the year of the real world.

Twelve Years in the Miracle World.

So, this is a true deathmatch!

Win or die, there is no third way!

The adventurers present were stunned by Ye Luo’s actions.

“He… is he crazy? He actually chose to fight to the death?”

“If you lost so badly before, what can you do if you start a death fight?”

“Yeah, there is no bonus to combat power in deathmatch, he is simply seeking death!”

There was also a look of surprise in the eyes of the Lord of Morning Light, and he asked, “Is it worth it?”

“Is it worth your so-called teacher to escape for the sake of that?”

“The teacher won’t run away, he said he will come, then he will definitely come!” Ye Luo said.

He stood there stubbornly, with red flames burning on his body and boiling fighting intent in his eyes.

He said to the Lord of Morning Light: “I want to understand, I should insist on something.”

“Today, before the teacher comes back, it is my insistence to protect Mrs. Bing’er!”

“Want to marry her? Ask my sword first!”

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