I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 62

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 62

Humans always have something to hold on to.

Today, Mistress Binger is Ye Luo’s persistence.

Everything he has now is given by Liszt.

If it weren’t for Liszt, he would still be that weak apprentice-level adventurer, and it would be impossible for him to become a swordsman, much less a master.

Although it was a bit humiliating to say, Liszt really made him feel the splendid and colorful life.

Before, he was just a little licking dog of Huakai, and he liked what Huakai liked.

Whatever the flowers tell him to do, he will do it.

What Huahua likes, he will fight for.

He rarely does anything for himself.

It was Liszt who let him know that he would live a more wonderful life without flowers.

Although he is still a little licking dog until now, Liszt really made him understand that he has a more exciting life to choose from.

Who doesn’t yearn for a high-spirited young swordsman?

Who doesn’t look forward to the firm and persistent pursuit of swordsmanship?

After changing career to become a swordsman, Ye Luo clearly felt that the sword in his hand seemed to have a soul, not a cold dead object.

He only believed in his own sword.

This is Ye Luo’s sword!

And this sword was given by Liszt.

Therefore, Ye Luo will also unconditionally believe in Liszt.

There is fire in his heart and light in his eyes.

He lifted the broken sword, rose into the sky again, and charged towards the aloof morning Lord!

At this time, there is no sword technique.

What is a sword flying immortal, what is the sword that opens the gate of heaven, all of them are not required, not all of them.

What Ye Luoluo was thinking and doing was to smash this broken sword on the disgusting face of the Lord of Morning Light!

“I don’t know whether to live or die!” The Lord of Morning Light sneered coldly.

He raised the Sword of Judgment and slashed directly on Ye Luo’s Broken Sword!


Ye Luo fell under the attack of the Lord of Morning Light, smashing the hard ground below.

But in the next instant, Ye Luo was covered in blood and charged towards the Lord of Morning Light again!

That tragic aura infected even the adventurers present.

Ye Luo at this time was like Don Quixote who charged at the windmill with a spear.

A battle to die, a battle to lose.

Ye Luo was tireless and pain-free, and rushed to the Lord of Morning Light again and again.

Bing’er couldn’t take it any longer and tore off the brightly red hijab.

There were still tears on her cheeks, but her face was still cold and had a strange beauty.

“Enough.” She said to Ye Luo, “You can’t beat him, stop making unnecessary sacrifices.”

“You are a genius, an amazing genius, you will make more achievements, there is no need to destroy your future for me.”

She looked at the Lord of Morning Light again and said, “Song Chenguang, if you are still an upright man, then let him go.”

“He’s just a teenager, you don’t need to kill him.”

The Lord of Morning Light stared at Bing’er, nodded slowly and said, “Since you plead for him, then I will let him go.”

Ye Luo tightly held the broken sword in his hand, stubbornly looking at the Lord of Morning Light, but there was obviously more hesitation in his eyes.

“Why don’t you go quickly?” The Lord of Morning Light scolded.

“Ye Luo, go back with me! Don’t be ashamed here!” Ye Luo’s very familiar voice came from not far away.

Ye Luo looked at the sound, and I didn’t know when, Hua Kai came to the front row and was shouting to him.

He was more hesitant, more confused, and he didn’t know what to do.

He seemed to have lost his reason to keep fighting.

Binger is begging for him, and Huakai wants to take him back.

What reason does he have to keep fighting?

He turned around involuntarily and walked towards the flowers subconsciously.

But just after he took two steps, the broken sword trembled violently, and kept making a sharp sword sound, pointing at the Lord of Morning Light!

His sword didn’t want to escape, and the Cang Yue sword was obviously broken, but he still wanted to fight to the end.

Ye Luo remembered what Liszt had told him.

“What you should think about is your own sword, not someone else’s sword.”

“If you don’t trust your own sword, why should it help you fight and kill the enemy?”

Ye Luo understood.

He stopped, turned around, and looked at the Lord of the Morning Light.

“My sword doesn’t want me to go.” Ye Luo said word by word, “And I believe in my sword.”

He had a reason to keep fighting.

His sword didn’t want to go, that was enough.

“Since you insist on seeking death, I have no choice.” The Lord of Morning Light sighed.

He raised the Sword of Judgment, his wings spread out, the blade pierced the air, and there was a thunderous sound of breaking through the air.

The Lord of Morning Light guided the Holy Light and poured it into the Sword of Judgment. He seemed to hold a bright scorching sun and slammed it down at Ye Luo.

“Death!” The voice of the Lord of Morning Light seemed to carry the will of the world.

“Kill!” Ye Luo soared into the sky for the last time, he exhausted all his sword intent, Sheng Lie’s sword intent condensed into substance, and filled the broken Cang Yue Sword!

He rose into the sky like a comet and rushed towards the bright scorching sun!


In an instant, in mid-air, the comet collided with the scorching sun!

The light was overwhelming, drowning all the sights for a while.

Binger don’t look away, she can’t bear to look anymore.

Ye Luo is a genius, but the gap between his strength and the Lord of Morning Light is too great, and his talent cannot make up for this gap.


He can’t win.

That’s true.

Ye Luo’s body fell like fallen leaves, his third life finally came to an end, and he was really going to die.

Mingming is about to die, and he is about to bid farewell to the world of miracles, but he feels very fulfilled in his heart.

He held on to his sword to the end.

Otherwise, what kind of swordsman could he be?

But it is a pity that he failed to defeat the Lord of Morning Light, and failed to save Bing’er sister.

He never saw Liszt again.

“Teacher, I tried my best.” He sighed softly.

Ye Luo’s consciousness is rapidly dissipating, and the journey of the young swordsman has finally come to an end.

In a trance, something seemed to catch him.

That’s a pair of hands.

There was a vast amount of vitality coming from those hands, condensing his consciousness that was about to dissipate, and instantly lighting the candle of life that was about to go out!

Ye Luo opened his eyes.

He saw a face.

Although there was still blood on the face, Ye Luo recognized it immediately.

That was Liszt’s face.

He is finally here.

“You’ve done a great job.”

He heard Liszt speaking to him.

“The next thing is left to me.”

Liszt took the broken sword from Ye Luo’s hand.

The Cang Yue Sword is a legendary weapon. Even if it breaks into two pieces, it is quite heavy, but in Liszt’s hands, it is as light as a feather.

He put the broken sword around his fingertips twice, looked around and said, “Ye Luo is my student. If you want to kill him, are you worthy?”

“That’s all.” Liszt shook his head, “I don’t want to hear your explanation.”

“Go to hell.”

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