I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 65

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 65

Liszt is a really good man.

He felt it was time for his name to change from Dark Lord to Good Lord.

This event had a relatively happy ending.

The Lord of Morning Light agreed to Liszt’s conditions and would not ask Bing’er to marry him again.

If the family pressured him, he would resist the pressure and try to find an opportunity to cancel the engagement.

All in all, Bing’er doesn’t need to marry the Lord of Morning Light anymore.

Sometimes, simply killing doesn’t solve the problem.

After killing the Lord of Morning Light, after the new successor comes to power, if you still have ideas about Bing’er, what should you do?

Liszt can’t always make such a big noise every time, it’s not realistic.

Appropriate compromises can actually gain more benefits.

After reaching a deal with the Lord of Morning Light, Liszt told him to get out.

“Oh, yes, there is something else.” Liszt stopped the Lord of Morning Light.

“What’s the matter?” The Lord of Morning Light turned around.

“My student is being pursued by the full server.” Liszt pointed to Ye Luo.

“Well, I’ll deal with it.” The Lord of Morning Light said.

Liszt nodded with satisfaction.

He somehow had the illusion of accepting a younger brother.

If there is a chance, let the younger brother come over to watch, and it is also very good to have a husband who is currently committing a series…

Liszt shook his head and quickly got those strange thoughts out of his mind.

Now, it’s time to really wrap up the event.

After the Lord of Morning Light left, only Liszt, Ye Luo and Binger were left in the King’s Landing Plain.

Ye Luo’s state is very poor, after all, he almost died in deathmatch mode.

Liszt’s magic hung his life for him, but it only hung his life.

Level 10 Magic Creation and Regeneration.

Forbidden magic, Maria’s favor.

Super Magic Lucifer’s bright morning star.

Liszt dropped three high-level healing magic in a row.

Even so, it took three minutes for Ye Luo to fully recover.

It is conceivable how serious Ye Luo’s injury is.

Ye Luo’s health was raised above the safety line, and the Lord of Morning Light had already left.

After the two conditions are met at the same time, the system determines that Ye Luo’s deathmatch is successful, allowing him to cancel the deathmatch mode.

Ye Luo was finally safe.

“I’m sorry, your little girlfriend was beaten by me too.” Liszt was obviously not a little embarrassed.

“Teacher, I understand, I like flowers blooming, it’s the least worthwhile thing I’ve ever done.” Ye Luo said.

“Oh?” Liszt raised his eyebrows with interest.

“I’m still too naive.” Ye Luo sighed, “Even at that time, she wasn’t on my side.”

He remembered the scene of the death fight, Binger pleaded for him, and Huakai wanted to take him back.

What did the flowers say at that time?

“Ye Luo, don’t be ashamed here, come back with me!” she said.

This is so hurtful.

At that time, he was very handsome. He fought hard to persevere in his heart, and his posture was dazzling.


But even with such a handsome Ye Luo, Hua Kai only felt ashamed of him.

Why is it like this?

Probably because he is used to licking dogs, and Huakai is used to him being her dog licking.

A licking dog, a princess.

After the status of the two parties is determined, no matter what licking the dog does, the princess will feel that licking the dog is useless.

This is definitely not possible.

Even Ye Luo knew that it would not work, so it seemed that it was really bad.

“There is no fragrant grass anywhere in the world,” Liszt said. “What you gave up is a tree, but what you get is the whole forest.”

“I will make Huahua better.” Ye Luo suddenly said firmly.

Liszt almost choked to death by Ye Luo.

“Huh? It’s all like this, are you still not giving up?” Liszt felt that his brain was aching badly.

“Like Huahua is the thing that I persisted the longest.” Ye Luo said, “I can’t just give up.”

“…” Liszt didn’t know what to say.

Ye Luo continued: “Even if I want to give up, it’s not now, I… have to make enough efforts.”

Liszt originally planned to give Ye Luo some rewards, but now he just wanted Ye Luo to get out of the way.

“Okay, okay, do whatever you want to do. Even if you are made a father by Huakaixi, I won’t bother.” Liszt said angrily.

After Ye Luo was sent away, only Liszt and Binger were left in the King’s Landing Plain.

Liszt walked over to Bing’er and took her hand freely.

“Unexpectedly, you really did it.” Bing’er said.

Her expression and tone were still cold, but her eyes were filled with joy that could not be hidden.

“I’ll keep my word, and I’ll definitely do what I promise.” Liszt laughed.

“Who the hell are you?” Bing’er looked at Liszt and asked.

“I’m a nobody, someone who shouldn’t exist,” Liszt said.

“It’s all like this, still won’t tell me?”

“No way, I also have difficulties.”

Bing’er nodded, Liszt refused to speak, so she didn’t ask any more.

“Let’s show you something nice,” Liszt said.

“Huh? What to watch?” Bing’er asked.

Standing in the center of King’s Landing Plain, Liszt raised his hands heavily and slowly.

Miracle Magic · The Dark City at the Far End of Time!

But in an instant, the vast King’s Landing Plain was shrouded in pure darkness.

King’s Landing didn’t exist before.

Liszt swept the city of King’s Landing with one sword, and only then did the Plain of King’s Landing.

King’s Landing was shaking violently.

If you have items or skills that can see through the dark, such as the Delusional Eye, you can clearly see the changes taking place in the King’s Landing Plain.

Those deep darkness are condensing into city walls, condensing into buildings, condensing into everything the city needs.

After about fifteen minutes, the darkness finally dissipated.

The magnificent King’s Landing reappeared in front of Bing’er.

The new King’s Landing is almost identical to the old King’s Landing.

But there is still a difference.

For example, this King’s Landing is black.

Sunlight can’t reach either.

This is King of Darkness.

“I want to change its name,” Lister said.

“Huh?” Bing’er was still shocked by Dark King’s Landing.

“Jun’s Landing is not very pleasant.” Liszt chuckled lightly, “From now on, this city will be called…”

He waved gently, and a huge black stone tablet fell from the sky and smashed into the center of the Dark King’s Landing Square.

There are three big characters engraved on the stone tablet:

Ice City!

“You, you really will please women.” A rare smile appeared on Bing’er’s face.

“Are you still satisfied?” Liszt said triumphantly.

“Take me to a more romantic place.” Bing’er said.

“Star Meadow, how is it?” Liszt snapped his fingers and activated the teleportation magic.

“it is good.”

Star Meadow.

Above is the stars, below is the grass.

The stars are dotted in the night sky, blinking with joy, dyeing the galaxy magnificent.

The grass is not green grass, but an endless field of purple grass.

The purple golden grass slowly swayed, flowing with a soft purple-gold luster.

Bing’er pulled the crony at her waist and gently pushed Liszt to the grass.

Then, she leaned down, leaned into Liszt’s ear, and said softly.

“Mr. Liszt, the reward you reserved has arrived, please check it.”

She covered Liszt’s eyes with the skirt.

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