I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 9

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 9

The full-level god-suit boss pretended to be a trumpet and took the trumpet to madly sweep in the Scarlet Flame Swamp.

Liszt fought monsters in front, and Ye Luo followed behind to pick up things.

“Level 5 magic, moving fireball! Generate a fireball that follows the target unit and automatically attacks all enemies within a range of 500 meters.”

Liszt was wearing a large fireball and slaughtered (guang) killed (jie) in the Red Flame Swamp. The fireball continued to split into more fireballs, instantly killing monsters within a range of 500 meters.

“Mr. Hester, why are you so powerful? I think your title is only an apprentice-level adventurer?” Ye Luo asked.

This is a good question. Everyone is an apprentice-level adventurer. Why are your apprentice and my apprentice not the same species at all?

Liszt replied confidently: “I have the magic scroll that the boss gave me.”

He also specially took out the scroll from the space ring to show Ye Luo, even though the scroll was an unidentified scroll at all.

He said: “I said, I came with the mission of the boss.”

He continued: “The boss didn’t have time to do these monster-killing tasks, so he gave me the magic scroll and entrusted me to do it for him.”

“So it is.” Ye Luo suddenly realized.

The core feature of “Miracle” is the extremely high degree of game freedom. In this game world, what kind of people and what kind of tasks are available, only you can’t think of it, without “Miracle”.

For example, it is entirely possible for the super boss to receive the task of killing monsters in the Red Flame Swamp.

“Mr. Hester, we obviously didn’t form a team, but why can I pick up everything that falls?” Ye Luo asked again.

Liszt is just an adventurer in disguise. He has the appearance of an adventurer and the attributes of an adventurer, but he does not have the relevant authority of an adventurer.

Of course he couldn’t team up with Ye Luo.

“Because these monsters were not killed by me, but by the magic scroll, the ownership should belong to the boss, but the boss is far away from here, beyond the scope of the ownership…”

“So it is.” Ye Luo suddenly realized again.

Liszt smiled evilly. He said in his heart that I was a game designer before, so I can’t fool you like that?

“Do you want to experience the experience?” Liszt said.

“What?” Ye Luo said blankly.

“Take this fireball buff and go to the depths of the swamp to kill the Quartet!” Liszt said.

“I… can I too?” Ye Luo said, pointing to his nose.

“Of course.” Liszt took out the unidentified scroll, muttered something in his mouth, and then pointed at Ye Luo.


It’s not like casting magic, it’s like dancing a god.

“Level 5 magic, moving fireball!”

The same fireball appeared on Ye Luo’s head.

“Now, you can also dominate the Scarlet Flame Swamp.” Liszt patted Ye Luo on the shoulder.

“But…but I don’t have enough space in my backpack.” Ye Luo hesitated, “It’s too wasteful to just drop things on the ground.”

Liszt threw the space ring to him just as he wanted to, when the red-haired man who finally found an opportunity behind him took the lead: “Let me come, let me come! I have a big backpack, let me pick up things.”

“Aren’t you looking at the scenery?” Liszt wondered.

“Just looking at the scenery is a bit boring, I can pick up things and look at the scenery.” The redhead replied.

The red-haired man followed behind the two of them, and he gradually understood it. For some reason, the boss seemed to be very interested in this young adventurer named Ye Luo.

Liszt can deceive Ye Luo, but he can’t deceive her. It is a legendary space ring. If Liszt is not a boss, will he just throw it to her?

She was very sure that Liszt was not the little guy of the big boss, he was definitely the boss himself.

The red hair is quite good. She saw Liszt acting here, so she also began to show her superb acting skills.

She also winked at Liszt, which meant I was cooperating alright.

Liszt also blinked, which means that I know that you are not only a landscape party or a garbage party.

He watched Ye Luo, who was wearing a fireball, and the redhead who was picking up garbage, and left.

As the name suggests, the Red Flame Swamp is a swamp burning with flames. There are many dangers here. Except for the monsters that are eyeing, the flames and swamps will bring danger to adventurers.

The flames will cause continuous burning damage to adventurers. If they accidentally fall into the swamp and fail to escape, they will even turn into white light and return to the resurrection interface.

The periphery of Chiyan Swamp is relatively safe. There are no flames here, and the swamp area is not very large. Adventurers do not need to worry too much about the surrounding environment, but going deeper is different.

Liszt is not worried that the two will have an accident because they are too deep. There are at least five safe routes in the Scarlet Flame Swamp, and there are no flames and swamps on the safe route.

With the fireball body protection, as long as the two walk on a safe route, they will not encounter danger.

“The guardian of the eighth-level magic goddess of wisdom! Create an invisible guardian that follows the target unit. When the target unit is in danger, the guardian will warn the caster!”

Just in case, Liszt threw another guardian magic out, so that when Ye Luo encountered danger, he could react as soon as possible.

After doing this, he found a relatively flat spot, modified it a little with environmental magic, and then lay down.

After becoming a dark lord, he was used to being lazy, and suddenly he felt a little tired from working at such a “high intensity”.

But he was still quite happy, he disguised as an adventurer and could interact with real adventurers instead of only interacting with AI controlled by artificial intelligence.

He has a wonderful feeling of being back in human society.

What he is doing is to cultivate Ye Luo, stimulate the terrifying talent of “growth value of 524”, make Ye Luo the strongest adventurer, and then kill him.

So he can go home.

At present, Ye Luo’s mind is not on the game, but on the big loli named “Flower Blossom”.

Regarding this matter, Liszt still has some headaches. His current idea is to stuff as many resources as possible to Ye Luo.

Using data to quantify, if the amount of resources Huakai asks for is 10, and the amount of resources Liszt gives to Yeluo is 100, then theoretically Yeluo can use the remaining 90 for himself.

Of course, this is only the ideal situation. But even if Ye Luo can digest 50 of them, it will be a huge improvement for him.

He thought about it, the red hair seemed good, and he seemed to be very interested in Ye Luo. If she could take Ye Luo off, then he wouldn’t have to worry about the flowers blooming.

Of course Liszt didn’t know that the redhead was interested in Ye Luo because he was interested in him.

He had long forgotten about the space ring, and he took it for granted that the red hair followed because she had a crush on Ye Luo.

Thinking so, he slowly closed his eyes and fell asleep over there.

On the other side, Ye Luo and Red Hair embarked on a journey to conquer the Scarlet Flame Swamp!

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