I’m the Only One With a Different Genre chapter 50

I'm the Only One With a Different Genre 50

50 – The Strongest Inspector

Having tasted the humor of a joke by capturing Lian and half losing her mind, Bianca suffered for a long time. Daily life became impossible.

As time is said to be a remedy, after more than a week, Bianca could finally regain her composure. However, she wasn’t completely recovered.

“Let’s just participate in one match. Just one, and then retire.”

For a slave who reached the uppermost level, various choices arise. One can stay on the top floor and enjoy power, join the military of Jisso as a subordinate, or completely erase the slave status and become free. But in return, everything must be given up.

Bianca chose to stay on the top, aiming for the champion’s position. As someone who constantly grew stronger, she believed that, given the right time and circumstances, she could easily seize the position of the champion.

If she could sit in the champion’s seat, she could be by Jisso’s side, whom she loved so much. The incident of swallowing Lian in one go, as shocking as it was, made her give up her long-standing goal.

She planned to escape from the arena where the terrifying presence of Lian lurked, collecting the remaining shreds of her sanity.

“How about it? Just participate in one match.”


Her value was incredibly high, and there were hardly any requests for her. Therefore, when she heard about the TotoGen’s request, she thought, ‘It’s an opportunity!’

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After retiring following her last match, she planned to strengthen herself by defeating one or two strong opponents outside before entering the underworld.

As she entertained hopeful thoughts, her mind raced even faster.

Until the moment before facing Lian on the arena… it was like that.

“What in the world is happening? Why is that monster here?”

Bianca felt her legs trembling, fearing she might lose strength in her body at any moment. She averted her gaze from Lian, who was smiling broadly with tears glistening.

Lian’s smile felt like the smile of a demon, sending shivers down her spine.

“Run, yes, let’s run. We can turn back now and enter through the passage.”

Bianca, sweating profusely, hesitated and stepped back. She wanted to dive into the exit passage immediately.

“Then we don’t have to face that monster. Yes, that’s right—”

The moment she hesitated once again, stepping back for survival.


“Why aren’t you fighting?”

“Scared of a rookie?”

As Bianca hesitated, indecisive about the fight, a barrage of curses rained down on her. Bianca was startled and reflexively looked up. It was the first time she received such jeers since the matches she participated in were always overwhelmingly victories.


Her gaze turned toward where Totojen was staying. The remarkably keen sense felt the piercing gaze directed at her.

“If I run away here, it’s over for me…”

Lian was strong, but not to the level of the top gladiators. Those residing in the upper echelons were gathered as an assembly of beings that the term “monster” alone couldn’t describe.

This fight was one she couldn’t afford to lose. If Bianca surrendered for no apparent reason in such a match, she would be marked in several places.

She would be associated with Totojen, the one who first requested the match, and the numerous spectators who bet on her would curse her. For Bianca, who planned to retire and operate externally, it was a horrendous penalty.

Moreover, some arrogant big shots might think she was too arrogant and might try to deal with her. She wouldn’t die, but a fate where she couldn’t live was looming in front of her.

“I can’t let this happen.”

As she gritted her teeth and retreated as much as she could, she advanced forward.

“I can’t keep being scared of that guy and backing down. I have to overcome this.”

Bianca recalled lines like a protagonist in an anime or novel, feeling a surge of determination.

If this were a boy’s comic, her actions might have worked quite well. However, this was a dark fantasy world with no dreams or hope.

Only despair in the form she least desired awaited her.


That was all she didn’t want.


I recoiled in confusion at Bianca’s attack, which tore through my body in an instant.

“I thought she would at least greet me before attacking.”

As I entertained this nonchalant thought, the sound of the demonic sword raging with anger reached my ears.

[ What are you doing, partner!? Why are you wasting precious blood?! Damn it, every drop of your blood belongs to me! ]

Listening to the eerie sound of the demonic sword fixating on a peculiar spot, I glanced down at my abdomen.


For some reason, only the leather was torn, and my organs remained unharmed. Given some time, it seemed the wound would heal quickly.


Before I could close the torn skin, a loud scream resonated sharply.


Bianca, sitting on the ground, had thrown the sword she held in her hand.

Drip, drip.

Her pants were stained with a slightly darker color.

“No way…”

I immediately averted my gaze. Staring intently at a scene where a beautiful woman felt embarrassed could result in a powerful punch flying my way.


Certainly, I was doing nothing, yet Bianca screamed. Wondering why, I sneakily stole a glance at her face.

She was looking at my abdomen with a pale face.

“Why is she shocked after creating her own wound?”

Moreover… Why did she suddenly freeze? I pondered as I looked down at my abdomen. I quickly understood the situation.

Twitch, twitch.

Through the cracked opening, my organ, the ‘liver,’ continuously winked at her. Every time the liver blinked, she let out a scream.

Persistently winking at the woman he liked, the liver stuck out its lips and made a small sound.

Um, chu -.

The liver pressed its lips, then pulled away, sending a wink. Shocked by the visually provocative scene, Bianca eventually…


Rolled her eyes and fainted.

“Uh…uh? What is… this situation…?”

The announcer, with lips pursed in disbelief, couldn’t continue speaking coherently due to the unimaginable outcome. Understandably so. The top-class investigator Bianca, who was attacking proficiently, suddenly screamed, went blank, and fainted because of a liver…

“Gargandoa, cover my wounds.”

[Grr… I haven’t even had a proper performance…]

Gargandoa grumbled as he covered my wounds. Although it was only effective in preventing further bleeding by wrapping bandages, there was no need for such emergency treatment since my body automatically healed.

“It’s fortunate I ordered clothes in advance; otherwise, it would have been a big problem.”

Thinking about the clothes I had ordered in advance, I turned away from Bianca. Then, the Dark Blade resounded.

[Are you really going to leave the blood on the floor? Are you just going to leave it? That precious blood?]

The Dark Blade, despite constantly absorbing a tremendous amount of blood, found it wasteful for the spilled blood on the floor.

“Let’s just go back; I’ll give you more later. It’s too noisy here.”


“Woo woo woo woo!”

“You’re not even fighting properly?!”

“Get lost!”

Those were the only insults I could tolerate. The rest were filled with curses that would probably rot my ears if I paid attention.

‘Not my fault anyway.’

The first blow was from Bianca, and her fainting was solely her own surprise. I felt no responsibility in this situation. I exited with light footsteps.


After the fight with Bianca, strange rumors began to circulate. Absurd rumors claiming that I was strong enough to handle invisible forces.

‘What nonsense is this -‘

Before the words in my head could be completed, the Dark Blade made a whining sound.

[When is the next match? I can’t show the upgraded version of Blood Wave!]

Gargandoa sucked on the blood, making a crying sound. It seemed disappointed that it couldn’t do much in the match against Bianca and left with regrets.

“It won’t take long to catch him. When you eat, eat quietly.”

[Do I look like a human? I don’t need to eat with my mouth!]

“Then why did you do that last time?”

When I brought it out from my palm after a long time, the Dark Blade made a slightly ridiculous sound, as if it were eating with its mouth. Definitely.

Remembering that moment, I asked, and the Dark Blade extended a duck foot.

[I-I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.]

Mumbling something about not knowing, the Dark Blade soon fell silent. I lay on the bed, thinking as usual, with the blade transformed into a thin saliva shape on my thigh.

‘By the way, I wonder how Noah is doing.’

Since life here was quite stable, thoughts of Noah suddenly came to mind.

“He’ll be fine. After all, he’s Noah.”

Yawning, Noah buried his head in the pillow.


“Huff, huff…”

“It’s okay. It’s okay now.”

With a pale face, Noah carefully wrapped a bandage around the child’s hand. The child’s ring finger was almost severed.


Thrown into the cruel land of the demon king once again, Noah struggled to hold onto his crumbling sanity, thinking of Lian.

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  1. Chaos Dwarf says:

    I would faint too if an organ with eyelashes winks at me xD

  2. Eliza says:

    Poor Noah, he is such a good kid.
    Or is Noah a girl?

    1. Rinrin says:

      Noah is a girl

      1. amogustimestwo says:

        nah i don’t think so. It said that noah was destined to make many girls cry one day.

        1. Shadow says:

          From mc reading the novel he hazily remembered that either Noah or Nero is a girl. So I’m 90% sure that Noah is cross dressing as a girl, as I believe females can suffer worse fates than males in some cases in dark fantasies. So it will be safer to act like a boy.

  3. Shu Chou Shu Chou says:

    Hahaha that liver is the MVP. What a Casanova 😂

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