It Became a Time-Stop Slit-Eye chapter 49

49. One sword.

49. One sword.


The right arm flew up.

My limbs were cut off, an incomprehensible sight.

The brain that screamed at the pain it experienced for the first time in its life immediately recalled a sense of alertness.

‘…… At this rate, I will die!’

Even though one limb had already been cut off, the yaksa was not satisfied and was on the way to wielding the next sword strike.

Seichiro Kenju hurriedly threw himself backwards even while feeling excruciating pain.

Again, the shield…… I needed a puppet to die in place of my precious body.

The sorcerer made an imperfect hand sign with the other hand, which was not cut off.

“───Exodus, puppet liquor!”

Then, a puppet came out of the shadows under Seiichiro’s feet.

A fusion of chunks of meat that swelled up as if the whole body would explode at any moment.

It was a masterpiece fundamentally different from the chimeras he had encountered before.

─Oops! Eat it!!!

Five masterpieces out of countless works.

The huge chunk of meat named ‘Gluttony’ after the seven evils was a masterpiece that was very faithful to the role of trapping opponents.

It crushes the exorcist’s body with the innate strength of a beast-type youkai, and its swollen flesh and strong leather are a shield that can withstand any attack from the opponent.

‘…… Reorganize while binge eats the time.’

I miscalculated the White Yacha’s power. He thought about the possibility that he had mastered sorcery as long as he stayed in Shihei, but his skills were more sophisticated than expected.

‘…… It’s to the extent that I don’t notice.’

Because he is basically a swordsman and he only studied for a short time, there must be a limit to the types and number of spells he can use.

However, knowing even a little magic greatly improved the user’s combat power and ability to cope.

A general swordsman would vaguely grasp the means of attack of a shaman, and he would be able to deal with situations that could not be resolved with a sword alone.

‘Damn it, that’s getting tricky.’

Anyway, it seemed like it would take a little longer to understand the power of the White Yacha.

Seiichiro tried to get his feet out of the first workshop, feeling a thrill just imagining how many works and masterpieces would die.

Of course, I didn’t mean to run away completely.

He was discovered to be a shaman who conducted human experiments, and the location of the studio was also discovered.

Since he came this far, he had to somehow catch and kill him even if the damage increased.

‘Wakes up the guys from other workshops.’

It’s okay even if all the works are consumed.

If only the masterpiece survives, if only a new puppet can be created with the White Yacha…….

With that thought in mind, Seiichiro Kenju was about to pull his foot out.

Awesome…… !

A chunk of meat split with a single knife.

I couldn’t take a single step yet, but the tough leather and thick body of ‘Gluttony’ was cut in half.

By the time Seiichiro doubted his eyes, the man’s sinister face was revealed through his half-split torso.

“Where are you going in such a hurry?”

White Yacha (白夜叉), Ichimaru Shiki.

Her man stepped through the cracking flesh, and soon her body was engulfed in perm flames.

Flame! The Masterpiece’s spirit and body were burnt to ashes, even though they had resistance to the magical power of purification.

Black ashes fluttered in the air, darkening Seiichiro’s eyes.

‘…… Oh, what a fool!’

It was only then that the shaman realized the meaning of his nickname.

It was said to slaughter any yokai, hence the name ‘white yaksha’.

He tried to kill all his puppets and even butcher his own body.

It even seems like he wants to try his best once in a while.

The Shinigami named ‘White Yacha’ was working very leisurely while spinning the sword in his hand.

“…… You arrogant fellow, how dare you ignore me?!”

Something like a swordsman who relied on his insignificant body.

The sorcerer, Seiichiro Kenju, hurriedly signed a hand sign while crumpling his face.

If it works right away without a cool down time, the control won’t work well, but I couldn’t help it.

‘Awakens everything.’

Seichiro stirred all the threads of my soul connected to my heart.

It sets every heart and soul on fire.

The waves of magical power that spread widely from the heart reached the works of the studio that filled the area.

“───Come, my masterpieces!”

Kill my enemy, the White Yacha.

As I shouted that, a jet-black shadow spread across the ground in the workshop, and hundreds of puppets sprang up.

A method of storage and movement of works based on the way ghosts appear at night.

In an instant, the various puppets that filled the workshop stood up and glared at the enemy.

“hahahaha, can you stop me just this much?”

The White Yacha still looks relaxed.

Seichiro commanded, pointing at Ichimaru Shiki, who was gradually approaching me.

“Bite that bastard’s body!”

When the owner’s name fell, the army made up of strange creatures advanced all at once.

Some ran on all fours like beasts, while winged ones flew through the air and opened their mouths with hideous teeth to bite off the heads of their enemies.

Among them, there was an individual wearing a sword-like weapon in a form similar to a human.

Like ‘Gluttony’, 5 masterpieces.

The guardian spirits who punished the enemies of their masters were ‘Swordsman (劍豪)’ and ‘Changwang (槍王)’.


Even until the moment each puppet attacked my body, the White Yacha showed a relaxed attitude.

Ichi Marushiki touched his chin and praised the newly appeared puppets.

“Oh, people who can’t even talk anymore.”

I shook my head as if I was sorry, and put the sword in my hand flat on the ground.

A posture in which the sword is laid down and extended forward.

Flame! The flame of the blue soul rose up in an instant and burned the blade and Yaksha’s arm.

However, the casual appearance was as if the upper body of the White Yacha was wrapped in perm shoes.

As an armor, as a weapon to slaughter the enemy.

“There’s no way you can stop me with something like this, right?”

Now it was the only blade to slaughter monsters.

─One sword.

Ichimaru Shiki swung his sword.

The flame of the blue soul followed the trail of the sword.

In the West, this fragment of the soul called by those who have reached the extreme of the sword is called Aura, and people in the East call it this way.

─The skills and energy that reached the limit of the sword.

The so-called sword skill.

Such sword spirit filled the workshop.

For a moment, the world seemed to turn blue, and the enormous energy was soon concentrated on the blade.

Pajik, cowardice disappeared.

In just a moment, the flames of the soul that swayed with the wind became blades that killed monsters.

Its anticipation and brilliance were as if it had been forged from pieces of a star.

Thus, ancient people praised those who put stars in their swords and said:

─Geomgi Seonggang (劍氣成罡).

The sword contains the energy of the stars.

A star that bloomed above me.

It was called Geomgang for short.

The stars illuminated the world, and the light split the world mercilessly.

Follow the trail of the sword.

─The world split in half.

‘…… What?’

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Kenju Seiichiro suddenly realized that he was falling to the ground incomprehensible.

I barely looked back and saw the master swordsman and spear king’s necks flying in the sky.

Not only that, but the puppet army that attacked White Yacha was in the process of being split in half and crumbling without a single exception.

Kikiiik…… By the time the puppets fell, the walls of the workshop collapsed obliquely following the sword scars.

It wasn’t until after checking all of that that Seiichiro felt a sharp pain rising from his lower body.

‘…… Ah, the legs-‘

It was cut.

So I couldn’t keep my balance.

Suddenly, Seiichiro Kenju fell on the studio floor like a bug.

“…… Whoops!”

Belatedly, the pain of having both legs cut off hit me.

The moment Seiichiro struggled in pain and tried to raise his body somehow.

The wind was blowing hard.


It was the wind that lit the fire of perm.

The puppets that became corpses and the whole area of the workshop were engulfed in fear.

The goblin’s blue flame filled Seiichiro’s world.

As the remnants of blue flames swaying here and there dazzled my gaze, I soon lost my mind.

“…… Uhhhhh!”

Seiichiro Kenju laughed.

I didn’t even have the energy to calculate anything, just a sloppy laugh leaked out.

Fuheu, Seiichiro, who struggled without his one arm and two legs, soon found himself on the floor with difficulty.

He shouted with a face stained with madness.

“───White night tea!!!”

The echo of the soul that the sorcerer cried out almost reached the last remaining hope.

Wood deuk-! The roof of the workshop, which was left incomplete after being cut by the sword, was completely torn off.

It was a gigantic hand that did it.

Ichimaru Shiki lifted his head with a flustered expression.

Then what I see is a blue sky.


It was a giant who could crush the roof of the workshop with his hands clenched.

It was said that it was several times bigger than the ghosts in the museum that I met during the Night of the Baekgwi.

Among the monsters I’ve ever encountered, it’s the second largest in size after Baek Kyung.

“───Go, Bango! I’m going to kill him!”

Bango (盤古).

He is a god who appears in Western Chinese creation myths and is the first giant.

It was Seichiro’s greatest masterpiece, named after the existence of a giant who died while holding up the sky.

─That’s it.

Puppets are visible to ordinary people as much as humans and monsters are combined.

In the midst of that, the appearance of Bango, which is bigger than any skyscraper, will surely get the press, but there was no other way to kill the White Night Tea.

“───Go aaa!”

Seiichiro shouted with bloodshot eyes in his eyes.

Now, whatever the material is, it’s fine.

Crush that cheeky bastard, Ichimaru Shiki, like a bug.


Connected by the thread of the soul, Pango reached out to humans on the ground at the behest of his master.

On the other hand, Ichimarushiki, who had been watching the giant, raised his sword above his head.

The moment Seiichiro saw that, an uneasy feeling sprouted in his heart.

The White Yacha slowly lowered her sword.

A star has fallen.


With a single accord, the primordial giant split.

From the outstretched hand to the head and torso, everything was divided in half and destroyed.

The only thing that can be seen between the six pieces is the blue light.

The starlight that had risen from daylight illuminated the fallen shaman on the floor.

The sky where the stars rose was blue.

“…… Ah.”

It was the moment when Seiichiro Kenju’s world collapsed.

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