It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains chapter 215

215. Welcome!

215. Welcome!

Baron Armin Campbell’s day has been a very rewarding routine lately.

The first time your son gave you the administrative authority of Viscount Goldick, saying that from now on you are Viscount, but I wanted something like this.

Recently, he has managed to adapt to the increased work, and has just begun to build bonds with the new territories, so his dissatisfaction has already faded in the past.

“The Goldic Manor has been famous for its mining of high-quality magic stones for generations.”

Next to Armin, who was stretching after work, his exclusive butler, Hermann, put down a cup of tea and said,

“Since the unification under the Campbell Territory, all the villagers are satisfied because they can generally obtain high-quality magic stones at a low price.”

“Yes. It’s a good thing.”

Armin agreed while laughing.

Although his expression immediately darkened.

“…Other than that, everything would have been fine.”

“…You mean that.”

Hermann agreed in a melancholic voice.

Hermann agrees that they are living a pretty good life these days.

If you leave out ‘that’ that comes around this time.

“Are you inside, Viscount Campbell?”

Herman and Armin flinched simultaneously at the voice coming from outside the office.

It was the voice of a very nervous attendant.

Originally, I would have asked them to come in with a casual, friendly smile, but now, after hearing that, the two men’s faces were dripping with cold sweat at the same time.

“This time too, is that it?”

“…I am sure it is, Viscount.”

At Armin’s words, the attendant also answered with dry saliva.

“This is the Duke of Tristan and the Marshal of Kendride.”

“…Come in.”

Befitting the nervous voice, several attendants entered the room nervously pulling a cart.

Two large boxes.

Enclosed are two letters each handwritten by a different person.

“What’s in it this time?”

As Armin pointed to the box and asked, the attendant closed his eyes and answered.

“…Collection made by the most famous jewelry workshop on the continent, and supplementary medicines sent directly from the Mage Tower. Both are items that are regularly delivered to the imperial family.”


While Armin’s expression rapidly became gloomy, Herman, who was standing next to him, also opened his mouth gloomily.

“Even if we sell just one of the components, it will cost us several months to run our estate.”

Armin groaned and cupped his head.

It was an inevitable choice to alleviate the dizziness.

“…What is written in the letter?”

“As usual, nothing special.”

Fortunately, compared to such an enormous gift, what is written is a simple hello.

How are you? Personal affairs that can often be shared among close friends.

The problem.

Both of them are great aristocrats who can blow this level of viscounts with just a snort.


People like that.

It’s like saying hello every time, as if you were treating your boss.

Including all these amazing gifts.

Without expecting anything in return, they keep stuffing these things into their sleeves, free of charge, as if to just accept it.

On the contrary, as if Armin was desperate to score points against him when it would not be enough to do that to the people concerned.


Honestly, it’s burdensome.

It’s more than burdensome, it’s scary.

I can’t wait to give it back.

“Is it because of your son?”

“Is there anything else besides the young master?”

As Armin said while glaring at the two letters, Herman agreed as if he had been waiting.

Since Armin himself, no one other than Daud could have guessed who would elicit such a reaction from the other side.

“…Set it aside.”

Armin waved his hand and said.

At this, the attendant replied with a firm expression.

“…Lord, the warehouses and empty rooms are already full.”


“Especially, the set of 20 petrified monsters for security that I received last time is quite large-“

“-Let’s stop talking about that. I’ll ask you to know.”

Seeing Armin shaking his hands as if stimulated by trauma, Herman restrained the attendant with a soft voice.

It hasn’t been long since Armin fainted after seeing life-size statues of monsters that people can tear like cardboard that flew to the front yard of the manor as a gift.

With that level, it is enough to destroy the count’s family with fairly strong military power as soon as the petrification is released. These aren’t things that could be found in the front yard of a farming viscount.

As Armin remembered that memory and was calming his trembling heart, another word suddenly came to him.

“…By the way, lord?”


“From the side of the Tristan duchy, I have enclosed one more document aside from the usual ones.”

His heart sank.

The attendant continued to speak with a look of pity when he saw Armin in contemplation.

“This is an invitation.”


“The Duke of Tristan said they had an important announcement to make and would like you to attend.”


“…The young master and his close friends said that many of them would come.”


My son is coming, Princess Tristan is there, and I’m going to make a big announcement, and I want you to ‘make sure’ to attend.


It feels like something is coming.

“…I must have had an accident?”

“Isn’t that highly likely?”


Armin touched her face with trembling hands.

Forget the body tube and wash your face dry with both hands.


Hey son.

What did you do this time?

I felt it before, but in fact, well-made wagons are very comfortable to ride.

It is quite encouraging that such an evaluation is possible even as a modern person who has ridden all sorts of vehicles before being possessed.

In other words, the carriage of the Duke of Tristan, one of the most famous nobles on the continent, makes for a very comfortable trip.

[Are you comfortable now?]


In the original way, it means that it should have been.

“…So, Mr. Bella.”

“This is Bella Myers.”

The words that cut off the words I had to say came back from the other side.

A suit that meticulously covers the entire body, including the white gloves. White hair neatly tied up. Monocular glasses.

She is a beautiful woman who exudes the feeling of being a competent office worker.

This is the person who will take care of me during my stay in the Duchy of Tristan.

“Unlike Lord Dowd, I am a commoner who has not received any formal titles. Please refrain from using honorifics.”


This tough guy’s name is Bella Myers.

Did you say she was El Nore’s exclusive handmaid?

From that point on, what should I say?

The intention is scary.

I heard that sharing an exclusive attendant is a very reluctant thing to do unless it is a ‘family’ unit, according to rumors in the aristocratic society…



‘This is the beginning of the night, what I’m trying to do is almost…’

[It feels like a meeting, right?]


[I heard your father called you too?]


Thank you for pointing out exactly what I was thinking.

It looks like he’s just trying to get rid of everything he’s been thinking about since he has an excuse to call me to the manor.

“By the way, I hope you will take a look at this.”

While I was thinking ominous thoughts and increasing my stress level, Bella suddenly held something in front of my eyes.

“…Is this?”

“Let’s take a quick look.”

At that, I tilted my head and looked over the documents that were presented to me.

It was a document with information about the territories around Viscount Campbell’s territory.

A meticulously written and well-organized appearance is, of course, a servant serving a great nobleman.


Actually, it is written in too much detail.

Including the territory’s security system, military facilities, and even the deepest personal history of the lord.

Everything the ruler of the territory would have to know was top-secret.

“Of these, I would like you to decide which territory to merge next, Sir Daud.”


What crazy sounds, this again.

“…Mr. Bella.”

Bella’s brow furrowed finely.

“This is Bella. I beg you, so please treat me well.”


“It doesn’t matter if you use abusive language, curse words, or insults at me. Please refrain from honorific names. I am in trouble.”


If you don’t yield, I think there will be no end, so I match the rhythm.

“All territories must eventually be appointed by His Majesty, but can they be merged?”

Previously, Goldic estates were a bit unusual, and receiving someone else’s estate was not something that would happen so easily.

There is a decent head of state called the emperor, but to do things as he pleases-

“This is a matter that His Majesty has already permitted.”


“If you choose one, we will incorporate it into the territory of the Viscounty.”

Are you crazy, really?

As I stared at Bella, feeling my mouth dry up, a flat answer came flying in the complete opposite of my expression.

“The House of Viscount Campbell is a family that will later be entangled with the Duke of Tristan through direct blood ties. Rather, Lord Dowd will be in trouble if he doesn’t pay more.”


“This is what the Princess, the Duke, and Her Majesty all agreed on-“

“-By the way.”

I feel like I’m going to get really dizzy if I talk more about this, so I somehow turn my back.

“Why do you keep calling me Kyung from earlier…?”

Strictly speaking, it is my father who has the title. Officially, I am the eldest son of an aristocrat who has neither the title of knight nor the title of nobility.

However, Bella answered this question with her eyes wide open.

“…Didn’t you know?”



At my words, Bella looked at me for a moment in silence.

Soon, a shallow sigh escaped her mouth.

“…If you don’t know right now, that’s fine. There must be a reason others haven’t told you.”

“What is that-“

“You’ll find out soon anyway.”

With those words, the sentence was cut off.

An awkward silence was about to follow when Bella opened the window and looked outside.

“Rather than that, let’s see.”

The carriage was about to go downhill over the slope of a high hill.

The altitude is quite high, so it is a location where you can see the surrounding scenery very well.

“The Duchy of Tristan.”

Following Bella’s eyes as she said that, in front of my eyes looking out the window.

The vast city unfolded like a panorama.



It’s so wide that it’s really crazy.

I’ve been to the Imperial Palace, too, but I’m impressed with the grandeur and magnificence of the building there. I couldn’t bring this overwhelming level of ‘broadness’.

A gigantic, endless city that covers the entire horizon. Even in terms of area, it is said to be the largest on the continent among single noble territories.

The first base of the empire, which is called the second heart of the empire along with the imperial palace. Duchy of Tristan.

The hometown of Elnor.

‘That’s ridiculous.’

A size of this size was unheard of even in the pre-possession world.

It’s not for nothing that they say that they are the greatest nobles in the empire.

Only those feelings came to my mind.

Should I say that it is a scene where I can feel once again what level of honor the white-haired young lady who always hung out with me is.


While admiring it like that, a strange thing suddenly passes out of sight.

At the end of the slope, at the checkpoint into the Duchy of Tristan.

People are huddled together.


I don’t know if I should describe them as people.

At first glance, they are a well-trained ‘army’. Nearly several hundred people lined up there with solemn expressions on their faces.

In that atmosphere, I would have been nervous, wondering if there was something wrong.

There is something different in that hand instead of a weapon.

[ The Duchy of Tristan welcomes Sir Doud Campbell’s visit! ]

[ I sincerely wish you a sincere reconciliation with Princess Tristan! ]


As soon as I see the knights with solemn expressions holding up signs with such letters written on them, my expression hardens.

Aside from that, photos, paintings, and statues of me and Elnor attached side by side…


A statue?

When did you prepare something like that again?

I don’t know who ordered that, but it’s a video.

‘Elnor, please.’

Don’t overdo it.

Really, I’m dying of shame…!

“Go away. I will be late for the parade.”

“…A parade?”

“Inside the Duchy, several events are being planned to celebrate the visit of the Lord. It’s an event that marks the beginning.”


A cold sweat broke out at Bella’s words.

It’s not easy from the start.


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