It Is Getting Dark chapter 19

It Is Getting Dark 19

19 – Upheaval

Shalis returned to the Church.

She and her mission failed, and at the same time she told Varen what she had said.

Even a declaration that if they don’t accept it, all members of the church will be killed.

At first, the bishops who were trying to say something about her while looking at Chalis with an ironic eye at the words of her failure, shut her mouth when the story of Baren came out.

And, of course, the church was overturned.

It was noticeable that the bishops were uncomfortable.

Still, no one could criticize Varen for his actions.

Until Bishop Seere broke it without even noticing.

“Have you seen such a cocky bastard? We need to hit him with a mace right now!”

“Good. Would you like to go then?”

Bishop Seere, who had just been screaming indifferently, fell silent.

A guy who gets into politics because he wants to take the initiative even though everyone knows it’s impossible.

The Archbishop felt sorry for him.

“Should I tell him that the bishop did it?”

All eyes focused on Bishop Seere.

In the midst of the gathering gaze, Bishop Seere was unable to say anything and eventually lowered his tail first.

“… Sorry. I think I’m excited.”

Baren was a real nuisance to the Church.

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* * *

The contact between the Church and Baren began in the Duchy of Loren.

He killed all the knights in the Duchy of Loren by decapitating them, as if he had collected their heads.

The Principality of Loren is in trouble because it can’t stop Baren.

It was not a bad situation for the church.

It was just a good opportunity to show off the power of the church.

But that was just the church’s idea.

Until Grucius, the 8th ranked knight like the knights who fought against Baren, returned with his throat torn.

Nothing changed after he tore Grosius to death.

Baren still found and killed the knights, and the Principality of Lauren insisted on taking responsibility, saying that Baren’s behavior had worsened after the Church’s intervention.

In the end, the Church had no choice but to send the 3rd and 5th Executioners, Rendolph and Keiren, at once.

But they both died and came back.

Even Baren came dragging the corpse himself.

That means doing it while doing it.

“Are they the ones you sent?”

A force strong enough to defeat both at the same time.

No one in the church could answer.

“These bastards insisted that they were knights too. So i killed it with ease I mean yes I’ve ripped to death hundreds of knights so far, but I haven’t touched any other civilians. But I think I’ll touch you for the first time today. So if you don’t want to be followed, don’t touch me anymore.”

Varen warns with haunted eyes.

In a situation where everyone was frozen and unable to say anything, only the leader was different.

“How are you so angry? I want to hear your story. I will listen, so please listen.”

The leader caught Baren as he tried to leave.

From Baren’s point of view, it would have been absurd.

Someone sent someone to kill him, so he must have been very angry.

Those who saw it were on the verge of getting impatient, but Baren surprisingly did not touch the cult leader.

Then the headmaster coaxed Baren away and took him away.

As if the two of them were talking about something, Baren entered the church.

After that, at the request of the religious leader, Baren subdued demons and monsters.

At the same time, strange things began to happen.

The executioner who went to hunt the witch came back saying that she was not there.

Despite everyone thinking it was strange, the headmaster just told me not to worry because it was fine.

I wonder if it’s just once. Repeated several times.

It didn’t happen often, but it happened little by little and steadily.

And the place where that happened was always near the place where the religious leader dispatched Baren.

I didn’t know if Varen was catching witches and stealing jewels or hiding witches.

Most of the people inside the church noticed that there was at least some kind of transaction between Baren and the leader.

Still, no one could say anything to the headmaster.

Anyway, Baren stopped killing knights, and at the same time, while Baren hunted monsters, the church’s standing rose.

Of course, there were still people who were dissatisfied.

That’s because the church looked like it was bowing down to Baren.

But even those with such complaints could not say anything more after seeing the battle in Varen.

A monster that the church failed to subdue.

A Behemoth that couldn’t be hit.

The sword Baren showed while fighting the beast.

The figure of Baren wielding his sword while screaming, as if he was so angry, was literally a ghost himself.

Someone admired.

Someone in awe.

It also became a goal for someone else.

* * *

They couldn’t help but be hostile at the words of Bishop Seere who was poking at the beehive.

“Anyway, let’s move on to this issue. It can’t be helped at the point where Varen intervened.”

Everyone agreed and moved on.

Everyone was of one mind that they did not want to turn that beast into an enemy.

“The next item is about a witch found in Angel Kingdom.”

“Hmm? Shouldn’t it just be hunting? Is it even necessary to come up on the agenda?”

“By the way, isn’t the Kingdom of Angel too far away? It might be better to ask the kingdom to deal with it directly.”

The words of the bishops were stopped by the words of the monk.

“That’s it, expected to be the owner of River Flower.”

Everyone became quiet as if they had been squeezed.

After that, the atmosphere in the church suddenly heated up.

“Then we have to catch it quickly!”

“By the way, in the Kingdom of Angel, it’s quite a distance. I can’t even kill them, so I have to catch them.”

“I can’t let that happen.”

“Is it time to talk like this!”

They chatted wildly.

“Actually, I have a problem right now.”

When the person who brought up the agenda said there was a problem, the attention of those who were talking was focused.

“They escaped while being delayed due to their parents not cooperating and interfering, and they are now being tracked within the kingdom.”

“Sometimes. Those who can’t accept being witches and help them.”

“I’m rather fortunate. If the kingdom bastards find out, it might be taken away.”

“I’m in a hurry, so I’ll ask. Is there anyone who opposes the dispatch of Angel Kingdom?”

No one objected.

“Then now we have to decide who to dispatch.”

“Right now, there are only two of us, Sir Enz in 4th place and Sir Rudra in 6th place.”

“Send them both. Any disagreements?”

It was the same this time.

Charlis watched the whole situation without saying anything.

I couldn’t say anything even though I watched and saw the greed in their eyes.

She was the place where she took her to Charlis, and at the same time, she couldn’t help it because she was the only place where she could stay.

I suddenly remembered what Baren said.

The word that he was just afraid of the church’s rebuke.

At that time, she tried to refute it, but Charlis knew that she was not wrong.

But. Because of that.

‘Not as good as going back to that back alley.’

She said that she was not too different from them, and she tried to control herself.

‘I just need to stick to the church somehow.’

Fortunately, thanks to Baren’s intervention, this incident went without any problems.

“How about the saintess stepping up and helping with this task?”

The bishops who shared her story soon included her in their story as well.

Charlis answered with a smile.

“If it’s for the church, I’m willing.”

It seems like asking for her opinion, but she didn’t have a choice anyway.

No matter what, she couldn’t go back to her gutter.

Charlis smiled as a saint today as usual.

* * *

Ariel came to see Serena again.

Serena smirked as she leaned back in her chair, unable to contain her laughter.

Seeing that, Ariel thought that her Serena look was unsightly.

“Serena, I told Leah what you said. Please say hello to Leah.”

“Really? Didn’t Leah say anything to tell you?”

“No, I didn’t.”

Even during her conversation, Serena’s face did not straighten.

Serena’s face was full of mischief.

“Anything good?”

Serena’s smirk made Ariel curious.

“I just heard an interesting story. Would you like to listen?”

“How interesting is that?”

“The Cult has found a witch holding her River Flower. Let us intercept in the middle.”

“Hmm…… It’s not very fun.”

Even Serena’s words didn’t interest Ariel much.

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But the next words were able to get her attention.

“Follow me. I’ll make you run wild. The opponent is the executioner.”

Ariel grinned at Serena’s words.

“What is the sequence?”

“4Th and 6th place.”

“Hmm… I want to fight a guy named Baren.”

“You and the madman who caught the Behemoth? Pooh.”

Serena laughed.

“Ariel, I know you’re proud, but at least look for a place to lie down and stretch out her legs. I’ll admit you’re strong, but not to that extent.”

“How do you know that?”

Ariel grumbled at Serena’s words.

“Because I saw it.”


“No more. Get Leah’s permission and then I’ll talk to you.”

“Okay. So aside from Baren, what about the 4th and 6th places?”

“What are those guys… “

Serena smiled at Ariel.

“It’s a toy.”

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