It Is Getting Dark chapter 23

It Is Getting Dark 23

23 – Craving

Mateus seemed to be sitting on a cushion of thorns.

Kassius works at the library in place of the office being renovated.

He held the documents related to the knights in his hand, stiff as decoration.

I couldn’t point out that Cassius’s hand stopped signing the papers, and the work was back.

Predicting the reason, Matheus secretly looked at Cassius.

“Are you worried?”

Fortunately, Cassius responded.

After hearing Matheus’ words, Cassius must have come to his senses and read the document in his hand and signed it.

“You must be busy. I’m sorry.”

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“It’s okay. I know that His Excellency cares about many things.”

As Cassius handed over the papers to Matheus, he asked for his opinion.

“Are you okay?”

“Are you worried?”

“If you look at what he has done so far.”

Mateus couldn’t say anything to Cassius.

If you agree, you are cursing the owner’s blood relative, and you can’t object to the owner’s opinion.

The only thing Matheus could do was to look into Cassius’ intentions.

“I wonder why you didn’t object.”

At the same time, he asked cautiously, as if he were being taught not to go against his planting.

To be honest, if it were me, I would have locked myself in the house.

So Matheus thought to Cassius that he had some wisdom he didn’t know.

“I thought if I told you not to go, you would destroy the entire mansion this time.”

It was a little different from Matheus’ expectation.

“Is that why?”

“Of course that’s not all.”

Kassius said, leaning against the back of his chair.

“Because he’s going on a trip for a change of pace, he thinks I can get some rest while he’s gone, so that’s part of it.”

Matteus was a little disappointed because his something didn’t have a deeper meaning than he expected, but at the same time he understood.

After Cassius and Carl brought the man they were talking about, aren’t the women that Matheus can’t talk to break in?

Isn’t the man brought by Mateus beating down the princess’ escort knight?

The man even smashed his office.

I wondered how it could have been solved, but this time it broke all the way to the kitchen and disappeared.

That happened in less than a week.

I couldn’t help but understand what Cassius said.

“Still, isn’t it meaningless for His Excellency to worry like this? Please put your mind at ease.”

“But my worries don’t go away. I have a feeling that something will happen again.”

“The train must have already left. Do you believe That is the only way now.”

“… That’s right. Thank you.”

Even though Cassius understood Matheus’ words, that didn’t mean Cassius could rest.

Kassius returned to work.

Matheus bowed his head to Cassius and left quietly.

“It must be really good.”

“Did I send it for nothing?”

As he tried to divert his attention to work, Cassius’ worries continued.

Even if the sword was in front of him or not, Cassius kept getting worried.

* * *

The rumbling train entered the station.

We arrived at our destination as the train stopped.

We got off the train with our luggage.

Then Maria asked me.

“Where are we going now?”

“First of all, we should get an inn.”

That’s how we looked around.

There were shabby inns where workers stayed, others that seemed reasonably priced, and there were also splendid luxury inns that looked like nobles would stay.

I was worried about shabby inns because Maria was there too, so I thought about cost-effective inns and luxury inns.

I finally asked Maria.

“I don’t mind anywhere.”

That’s the hardest.

The pocket given by Cassius was quite heavy, so if he wanted to stay at a luxury inn, he had enough money to stay.

I ended up going to a luxury inn, paying money and getting a room.

There were almost no vacancies at other inns, but this one had quite a few rooms as it was expensive.

After asking Maria to wait at her inn, I headed straight to Judith’s store.

When I arrived at the shop, I went to the first receptionist and talked to him.

But for some reason, she looked at me blankly and then when I spoke to her, she finally came to her senses.

“I want to meet a person called Rayearth.”

“Did you make an appointment?”


“I’m sorry, but the vice president has a lot of work to do, so it will be difficult if you don’t have an appointment first.”

I know.

I wouldn’t have come to meet a dog or a cow like this.

“Okay. I will come back tomorrow.”

“Even if you say you will come tomorrow, it will be difficult if you are not the promised person. If you have something to tell me, please let me know and I will tell you. “

Perhaps that was the best favor she could do.

So I nodded and told her.

“I know the cure for the chronic disease you have been searching for.”

Her body trembled slightly as she was writing notes, but her hands never stopped.

I was about to go back when I was done talking, but I suddenly thought that he wouldn’t meet me with that, so I added a comment.

“Please also tell me that you know that it is not for you.”

I really got out of the store this time.

* * *

“So you mean a man said he knew a cure and said he would come back tomorrow?”

Reyes read the text on her note handed over by her receptionist and asked her back.


“And besides, you said that the treatment I was looking for wasn’t for me?”

This time, the receptionist could only nod his head.


Since she was just a receptionist in the first place, she didn’t know what she was talking about, so she had nothing to say except to convey the words Carl left.

Rayers thought about her words.

Then how much do you know about the man who left the words?

Could he be aware of his younger brother’s illness?

“How was your performance? Aren’t you mean?”

“If you didn’t make an appointment because you said you wanted to meet the Vice President, you tell me that it would be difficult. You walked away nicely. The clothes he wore, his appearance, and his behavior didn’t look like a dwarf, but he was like a nobleman.”

Eventually, Reyes realized that this was a problem that would not be resolved without meeting her.

‘I don’t know the purpose, but if you want to meet me, that purpose has succeeded.’

Rayers told the receptionist to bring the man to him if he came back tomorrow, and then let her go.

* * *

I returned to the inn.

And I found Maria first.

“Is everything okay, Maria?”

She spoke as she entered the room, but no answer was heard.

Then I saw Maria sleeping on the bed.

Her sleepy sleep She’s sleeping I decided not to wake her up.

As I rested on the other bed, I thought about what I would say if I met Reis tomorrow.

All I want is for Reyes to manage the territory, but I don’t know if he will agree.

Of course, you can use your Witch Hunt knowledge to solve his problem, but how he will accept it is another matter.

If Baren is a rampage who goes wild on his own, he hates being forced, so he bends down in front but sharpens his sword thoroughly from behind.

So, even within the Chamber of Commerce, his influence was the strongest, but he actually put his older brother in the position of chief executive.

If Baren’s stats are leaning toward strength, Layath is a character that is taken toward intelligence.

He was a guy who had a knack for intelligently feeding sh*t.

To compare that guy, he was like the court of the Three Kingdoms.

He paid back at all costs to those who shamed or harmed him.

However, on the contrary, he repaid those who gave him kindness in some way.

The difference with Baren is about the difference in faith.

Faith always followed the basis of the person who raised the family while holding the industry directly related to money, such as the business district or bank.

I am going to ask such a person to work for me in exchange for grace.

At the same time, we must not forget to be careful not to accept it as a compulsion.

Anyway, everything has to be discussed tomorrow.

The important thing is not to insult.

After clearing her thoughts, I saw Maria sleeping on the bed next to her.

After looking at him like that for a long time, a certain infatuation began to bloom inside him.

Of course, I wasn’t buried in those feelings.

As I tried to put my impulsive feelings to rest, another thought popped into my head this time.

I just thought for a while that it would be nice if the moment like now could continue without any problems.

And the conclusion always ends with that being impossible.

I got up and headed to the bathroom to wash up.

* * *

Maria got up while Carl went into the bathroom and washed up.

With some anticipation, she got up with her face flushed, took one look at her bathroom, and buried her head again.

When Carl was looking at Maria.

Maria was clearly awake.

When Maria told her that she was going on a trip, she told Levia the story.

She said that didn’t work, Maria thought to herself as she buried her head.

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